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Magic Resistance

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Deathin, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Deathin

    Deathin Guest

    I am currently creating a warrior character and am not sure if I would need magic resist.
    My template is:

    100 Anatomy
    100 Bushido
    100 Chivalry
    90 Healing
    110 Parry
    120 Swords
    110 Tactics

    Have around 37 points to spare, which I may put onto focus, or pass around.

    Now, with Magic Resist usually a give'un, it seems an obvious choice, but it is my armour suit that makes me question it.

    I have high resist on the suit, at:

    Physical: 70
    Fire: 70
    Cold: 51
    Poison: 70
    Energy: 41

    Should I take it up in sacrifice for another skill? Is it worth it?
  2. Deathin

    Deathin Guest

    At the mo, I use him for PvM, but would be interested in going into PvP!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    PvM - Handy, but not essential

    PvP - Most will say essential... para-explo-fs-para-explo-fs......
  4. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    First, just to make sure its clear to you because the following quote doesnt make me think you understand the difference...


    with Magic Resist usually a give'un, it seems an obvious choice, but it is my armour suit that makes me question it.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The damage you take is based on your suit, and while Gm/Leg resist provides a baseline in all resistances, it does not affect how much damage you will take. It helps you avoid poison/para, decrease the effectiveness of curse/clumsy/para/blood oath.

    As for the suit itself, PvP or PvM, if you are fighting magic casters, you will get torn apart with ebolts, need to get energy resistance up more.

    As for is it required....i run both my warrior PvP and PvM characters w/o resist and do fine. Others swear by it. Also, keep focus in units of 10/20 (10 for stamina and 20 for med regen.....37 focus=30 focus for stam regen purposes and 20 focus for mana regen......ie you want 30 or 40)
  5. Deathin

    Deathin Guest

    Explain how your characters work without resist?
  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Alot of the time in a PvP setting youll find the mage "thinks" you have resist and you dont. Now for dueling its a whole different ball game but in the typical PvP setting they dont feel they have the time to "test" the resist. It is still a question of luck but mostly sided with the ones having an extra skill in damage or whatever. Test the players for resist youll see more and more its geting droped again for lack of being paraed at all! shard to shard i guess but anyhow thats my findings!!
  7. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:

    ...Also, keep focus in units of 10/20 (10 for stamina and 20 for med regen.....37 focus=30 focus for stam regen purposes and 20 focus for mana regen......ie you want 30 or 40)...

    [/ QUOTE ]I thought they changed Focus so it didn't round down, but I can't find the publish notes on it.
  8. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    Like another poster said, i just wasnt getting cast poison or para'd much any more.....it really is/was an assumption that everyone had resist. Secondly, at least who/where I fight, its 90% archers, 5% dexxers and just a few mages.....sinking 100+ points for maybe 5% of my foe wasnt worthwhile in the PvP aspect.

    For PvM - I didnt like it, i put it on, decided I liked bushido better and there just wasnt space for it any more. If i get poisoned I chug pots or use chiv or heal, if i get para'd, I almost enjoy that as its a few free seconds to heal/chug. Sure occasionally as Im getting low on Hp i run off only to get para ganked by a para balron or something, but those uncommon deaths again dont warrant 100+ points.......if i need to runaway, I normally do/can.

    For me the PvP aspect is straight forward, for the PvM i do a lot of jewelry/talisman swithcing as required to buff up.........EP for str/dex pots, Necro for vamp depending on what im fighting, DI/HCI/DCI for damage and regular fighting. W/ 50EP chugging dex/str pots puts me at 150 each, so even w/ a curse with no resist im still over 120 dex for heal speed.

    Only reason for PvM that I would put it(resist) back on is for the changes w/ resist regarding Blood Oath (so if im going to doom or other necro). Stone off healing I guess, but I havnt messed w/ it yet.

    Setnaffa---Dunno, ill look around for a link on that info, havnt/hadnt even heard they were changing that.....be nice if thats true though; please post it if you find it.
  9. Deathin

    Deathin Guest

    Right, I'm close to finishing my template, have decided:
    100.0 Anat
    90.0 Bushido
    80.0 Chilavry
    30.0 Focus
    90.0 Healing
    110.0 Parry (100.0 real)
    120.0 Swords
    110.0 Tactics (100.0 real)

    That will be my skillset.
    Now the question I have is armour, my resists in both cold and energy are dangerously low, cold is 51, while energy is 41!

    Im thnking of putting together a new suit, but do you have any advice, I currently wear:
    Ancient Samurai Helm
    Ancient Samurai Do (+ 10 parry)
    Arms of Tactical Excellence (+12 Tactics)
    Gaunlets of Nobility
    Royal Leggings of Ember
    Jackal's Collar
    Soul Seeker
    Quiver of Infinity
    Bracelet of Health
    Talisman of the Cu Sidhe
    Ring (HCI 9%, DI 17%)

    I was going to buy a virtue suit, would that help though?
  10. Virtue set would take you to all 70s. However you will lose your gains in tactics and parry. Also the suit has no DCI. You cant wear a quiver either. If I was you I would change your ring and bracelet. Something with DCI, the max is 45. (Not being hit is great!) Also change your gloves for maybe a barbed set with high resists. The other two you could change are Ancient Samurai Do and Arms of Tactical Excellence pieces, I know you get gains from them but, if you wore heart of the lion and some nice barbed kit arms. You should see your resists rise. You may need a ring of the vile for this suit, for poison resists. This is just a maybe, but you could swap the Ancient Samurai helm for kasa of the ra-jin. If you really want resists that is. A very easy mistake to make, is wearing to many arties, when a barbed kit (or even runic, with the new buffs) are all you really need, and will benefit you more.

    To be honest, an all 70s suit with high parry and 45dci, is amazing. Its so hard to be hit. PVP wise. PVM wise it makes you a great tank! You will really see a difference between DCI and no DCI.
  11. Deathin

    Deathin Guest

    45 DCI, that'll be a toughy to find, but thanks for the advice, very difficult to decide a suit. I had my doubts about the virtue suit to be honest, also had a look at the darkwood suit, whats your view on that?
  12. Darkwood suit is pretty nice. Some nice touches on it. including DCI! Heh! Yeh getting 45DCI is tough, just don't forget about the quiver of infinity which can give you 5%. The thing about darkwood suit is, apart from being quite expensive to make/buy, is that it will leave you at all 60s, however, you could use one of the new shields, sentinels guard or lord blackthorns shield(i think its called that). They have massive resists and quite cheap, the only negative about this is that a shield is a very quick way of getting 15DCI. Heh, they don't like to make the choices easy for us!
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Also, I didn't see a shield on there (perhaps you just didn't include it) and soul seeker is a one handed weapon. My steadfast shield has always been AEgis, although recently have been messing around with sentinel's guard, you just can't beat the resists on it for a shield (and it's reasonably cheap, too), although it doesn't give you the DCI or reflect physical that AEgis does. I would just mess around with it, may have to replace some body pieces. Also, I would do some calculations and see if you're wasting any resists on the resists you already have 70 in. When my suit started coming together, I realized that I had almost 85 resists in physical, 15 wasted points! It took me 4 years to get the perfect all 70s suit for my swordswoman, with all the extras I wanted. 'Tis a slow but rewarding process. Good luck.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Its not wasted resist, if it goes over 70. Someone lowers your resist and it still stays at cap, i cant see it as bad thing.

    In PVP Magic resistance is very necessary. You can play without it, but prepare for explo, eb,para gank