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(RP) Magincian Inquiries

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by LynneOfMagincia, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Crisp and languid the morning air lingered in her lungs. Every moment she could cherish the Magincian day was one more than the gardener, Rhiwallon had. Her thoughts drifting to the body currently being kept above within the healing center at the south end of the island, Lynne turned and made her way to the retreat house belonging to those of Berg. The house which housed yet another Magincian Widow.

    Per communications between the two Amber Witch had been expecting her and quietly fetched the woman known as Hilda. A mixture of grey and black adorned her body as was customary for grieving. The only spark of color aside from that, including her hair, was the deep red and puffy face. Tear streaks marred her cheeks in cascading lines to her throat.

    Polite introductions were brief as Lynne preferred to get down to business. Quietly she informed the woman that not only did the Magincian Council have her husband's body, but that a full scale investigation had already turned up a suspect.



    Lynne watched as the woman gave way to relief. Handing her a handkerchief she waited a moment for Hilda to gather herself before going on. Quietly, Lynne explained she needed a few questions answered. Hilda, more than eager to oblige, gave every answer without hesitation.

    The topics ranged from her husbands normal routine to those who may have wanted to harm him. No real threats had been made however Hilda did inform her of his deviation in schedule that day.


    Not only was he in the wrong place.. but he was less than a foot away from Amber.. who regularly tended those gardens and whose schedule was well known. The fact that the suspect was Britannian was one thing.. the fact that this particular family had chosen Magincia as residence was second. If one were going to commit a hate crime... that would be one way to do it.

    Letting the woman get her tears out.. she informed her that her husbands body was available at any time for delivery or retrieval.


    Excusing herself.. She made her way to the new Prison. Closing the door behind her she stood in front of the Jail cell, observing her guest with a clear conscience.

    Why is it, we always end up finishing what Britannia starts? Shaking her head at the thought, she turned the key in the cell lock.