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Make it more fun

Discussion in 'UHall' started by J. E. Tamer, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. J. E. Tamer

    J. E. Tamer Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 9, 2013
    Likes Received:
    1. Start mage merchants with more than 20 of each reagent. How about 100, which is a day's adventuring for ONE person?
    2. Double right click to remove spell icons from the playing area. As it is now, it is too easy to "lose" an icon when you want to run, especially when playing 640x480 full screen/full screen.
    3. The mage vendors in Luna "blink" very often. This makes buying from them very difficult -- in the middle of a sale, they "blink" and the buying menu disappears. Just lock them down.
    4. Make small blackrock pieces stackable. Do the same for fire ant goo, slug slime, fish food, tasty treats.
    5. The "mini-boss" of an Abyss mini-spawn should always have at least one of the Essence for his area.
    6. Get rid of monsters looting player corpses. That's not fun at all -- especially in a spawn area, where a monster's body decays so quickly a player is unlikely to recover his items. Or perhaps they could be limited to looting only food and gold.
    7. Useful items need to be made available. It sucks to be a new player, finding out that useful things like the lucky Conjurer's Garb or Conjurer's Trinket can't be had at any price.
    8. Enemy Of One does not appear to add a damage bonus to someone wielding a slayer weapon. Please fix.
    9. Allow characters to instantly log out in their homes or at an inn. You're half a world away from that combat you just escaped from.
    10. When you buy something, put it in the same spot in the backpack all the time. This will save time afterwards looking for it, especially for things that are the same color as the bottom of the backpack. Do the same for trades.
    11. Allow grandmaster or above smiths, tailors, and tinkers to "repair without weakening" (it used to be this way).
    12. Get rid of "cannot be repaired" and "brittle" and "cursed" properties. Those aren't fun. Someone on the Dev Team doesn't play the game at all and is himself a wet blanket.
    13. Allow Fey Slayer property to be imbued.
    14. Consistently use Elizabethan English ("thees" and "thous") and fix all existing text
    15. Have gargoyles use infinitive verbs and fix all existing text
    16. On the classic client, save the state of the menu being closed
    17. Boots of rapid quicksand walking
    18. Arcane talons for gargoyles
    19. Ability to alter aprons back and forth between gargoyle and human (sheesh, reality would be just tying the strings a little tighter for humans; who can't do that?)
    20. Ability to alter elf clothing for human. Alternatively, have some human-only craftable armor that's equivalent to the elf darkwood set.
    21. Ability to use interior decorator to "turn" weapons that have two different facing graphics
    22. The "Guilty" quest. Make a story about how or why Gregorio can't be harmed, and have the Lady of Skara Brae give an item which overcomes it.
    23. Have Incognito toggle
    24. When you kill an NPC under Trammel you get a "You cannot loot that corpse" message. Just let me loot it.
    25. Use the same (Necromancy) wraith form graphic for both sexes. As it is now, males have a tremendous advantage in PvP -- hard to see, hard to target.
    26. Mouseover of a vendor backpack should show the number of items. As it is now, there's no quick way to tell how many items a vendor has.
    27. Shared storage that can be accessed by all characters on an account regardless of which shard
    28. Quest for human/elf->gargoyle and gargoyle->human/elf
    29. Allow pets to be resurrected by a town vet without the "That creature's spirit lacks cohesion" delay
    30. Gloves that will allow humans and elves to use throwing weapons (make them good gloves equivalent to Stormgrip)
    31. Allow Honoring an opponent without doing the path find. The path find is defective. You never find a path to something that is flying, even if it's right next to you and you can hit it with a melee weapon.
    32. Upon login, write the date, time, and character name into the journal, e.g. Woke up: David 10-March-2012 5:54 a.m.
    33. Make it easier to change the journal file used
    34. We'd like a gazer slayer weapon property
    35. Give a message only when Perfection changes. Seeing "you have achieved perfection" messages each time you swing a weapon isn't useful. Better yet, make an icon for the "buff box" that graphically shows your amount of perfection.
    36. A set of talon armor for gargoyles that has the same damage absorbing properties as swamp dragon armor for humans and elves
    37. Wider flying areas for gargoyles. Why can birds fly over water and gargoyles can't?
    38. When you recall across a server boundary, the contents of the backpack get z-ordered the opposite way. Stop doing that. It's annoying.
    39. On the classic client, have the Options save to hard drive when you click OKAY on the dialog box. The way it is now, it doesn't get saved if there's a client crash later, or if you lose connection.
    40. Double the amount of arrows a quiver can carry, to 1000.
    41. Make quests for Spirituality and Humility virtues, and make an alternate path for Justice that does not require PvP.
    42. An equivalent of mining gloves for gargoyles
    43. Allow recalling out of Heartwood
    44. Allow checks greater than 1 million. Have checks combine by dropping one atop another inside a bank box.
    45. Have additional acid popper quests that can be done more than once.
    46. Reduce skree to two control slots, or beef up their melee attack damage, or allow them to learn higher level mysticism spells. As it is now, a nightmare is a better pet.
    47. Have Animal Lore display a pet's mysticism skill where relevant
    48. Reduce bonding time for pets. Perhaps using tasty treats or deliciously tasty treats would reduce the time.
    49. Some monsters when carved produce "Cut of Raw Ribs" that does not stack. Fix that to be the stackable kind, then ask yourself, "why are there objects that look and are tagged identically, yet some stack and some don't?"
    50. Allow adding charges to arcane clothing without first using them up completely
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  2. Theo_GL

    Theo_GL Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Whoa there fella - stop asking for useful things. The Devs are busy trying to nerf leather armor so we all have to wear plate mail....

    Ok carry on....
  3. Eärendil

    Eärendil Legendary Mall Santa
    Stratics Veteran Supporter The Squirrel Empire

    Nov 3, 2011
    Likes Received:

    ...is the most important point! ;)
  4. silent

    silent Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
  5. cdavbar

    cdavbar Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 11, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Need more resources? Use faction vendors in Fel. No faction vendors? Join a faction, work and place your own.

    *FIXED* Play the Enhanced Client.

    Never had this issue, maybe submit a bug report?

    Read the Ask & Answers. From this weeks Ask & Answer 15:
    No he shouldn't. He already has precious gems and/or other ingredients/quest items etc.

    I would agree that inside champ spawns monsters cannot loot corpses. Other than that, it needs to stay as is.

    Get over it, I have played damn near since the start, I still don't have a lucky Conjurer's Garb, and you don't see me whining.

    Submit a bug report.

    You can instantly log out in your home or inn. As long as its two minutes after combat. This DOES NOT need changed. This is so players can't cycle through characters endlessly when doing spawn or PvP.

    Again use the EC, many tools available for this.

    No, No, No. This would ensure that [REPLICA]'s never lose durability.

    Again do you EVER read any Ask & Answers or ANY Letters From The Dev's? Recently, we were asked for feedback on how to implement a balanced system to let players remove cursed/brittle/cannot be repaired. I'm not even going to link or quote because your inability in reading the Developers communication's is starting to irk me.

    Would be nice but not a necessity. At the very least ensure that every class has at least one Fey Slayer property item available to them.

    Cannot be done. Would be nice but alas, thee is fighting a losing battle.

    See number 14.

    *FIXED* Use the Enhanced Client.


    Yes, this is a no-brainer.

    No, there are more important things to worry about. If you don't want it altered, don't alter it. Some mistakes are expensive but that's life.

    There needs to be some individuality between the races clothing.

    No response, not really an issue.

    Have nothing here.

    We have an incognito spell already. There is no reason to "toggle it". If you want to be incognito, cast the spell. After the timer runs out you are back to normal again. Simple as that.

    "Under Trammel"? You mean in Trammel? If so, if you want to murder innocent people and loot them, go to Fel.

    Judging by your profile this should be an advantage to you so why are you complaining again?

    This we could use.

    So you want to be able to bypass Shard Shields and Transfers? I do agree there needs to be a shared bank on each shard for all char on that shard, but NEVER a shared storage accessable by all char on an account regardless of shard. There are plenty of ways to get items from one shard to another. For instance, Learn who the Merchants are, they are usually able to transfer your items for minimal costs or for free.

    Race Change Tokens. Although I can see that if there is a quest to do one, either make all the quests, or get rid of current quests.

    I might be wrong, but I think that is for your own pet's protection.

    Sure, make them gloves that ONLY allow you to throw. No other mods, no resists. Again if you have READ the Publish Notes for the Test Center, you would see that they are planning on nerfing gargoyles. How would it be fair to nerf the gargoyle then give the humans and elves the ability to throw without the nerf?

    Maybe submit a bug report? I've never seen an issue with Honoring an opponent weather they were flying, swimming, crawling, walking, dancing etc.

    To each his own. Although not really needed.

    EC is pretty good for this kind of stuff.

    Correction *You* would like a gazer slayer weapon property.

    Need I say it again? Start usign the Enhanced Client, maybe toss in PincoUI? I never see the "You have achieved perfection" and my buff icon shows what % of perfection I currently have. Furhtermore, it can be changed in the user settings to act how you want really.

    Become a human or an elf then. Gargoyles already have the advantage of flying with 5 full pet slots. Others cannot even ride an ethy with a Greater Dragon. People must remember each race HAS to have their own specials that make them unique.

    I've never understood this either. Probably along the lines of they would have to re code every tile of the map?


    *EASY FIX* Simply log out and back in using your house or inn. Also as a reminder, this is also the same for the EC, its not like EC users have an advantage here.

    There is no need to double the amount you can carry. If an archer needs 1000k+ arrows, a true warrior can make it happen.

    We all agree that the virtues need finished. However, leave Justice alone.

    Yes, this would be fair.

    Are you that lazy? Or, do you not know how to set up the complicated scripts so you need the dev's to make it even easier to script the quests?\

    Again, read every letter from devs! This is something that they would like to address while still attempting to maintain integrity in teh gold system (I just made my self laugh). Anyways it is on their radar. They suggested doing away with gold and checks and making a system similar to WoW, however that didn't go over to well with players.

    Yes, some quests its only smart that they can be repeated, even if they have a timer on them.

    So use a nightmare.

    This was also something discussed recently by the Dev's (Not mysticism specifically) but in general the things missing from a lored animals display. It is on the list of things to do.

    They did. Buy an instant bond potion.

    Yes sometimes there are issues with items, they just don't want to stack. But are you that worried about ribs? The dev's need to focus on more important things that need fixing/addressed than ribs that didnt stack properly.

    So players can waste all of their arcane gems when they hit the wrong macro on accident? Soon your just going to ask for it to auto-recharge if you have an arcane gem in your pack?

    IF some of my responses seem rude, well, its been a long day and to come to UHall and repeatedly see people post their complaints when a good portion of them have already been addressed recently by the devs and it then becomes apparent that the poster was too lazy to read communication from the dev's, then yes, I'm being rude. Why would you expect them to read your post when you so clearly don't read theirs?