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making a profit on ML craftables! NOT

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by imported_feath, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. okay, a discussion with someone on prices of goods started this whole thing for me. I knew my crafted items were getting expensive to make, and i even knew that i wasn't making much gold - what i DIDN'T realize, was that I wasn't MAKING gold, i was losing it, and HUGE amounts.
    I'm rather pissed.
    i chose this forum to have this discussion, it could actually fit in several.
    I mainly make ML craftables - pendants, britches, scrappers, ect. These are the nice stuff people actually use. it's why i made a legendary crafter, to make these things.
    Today, i shopped around and got high-low prices for all the ingredients on my ML stuff. Here's a lovely list, with costs, and selling prices.
    This is on europa, btw.

    eye - 375k-325k
    pearl 5 - 350k (5)
    star safires 50 6.250
    cost: 731,250 - 681,250
    selling at: 675k-575k
    me; 575k
    Gain/Loss; 100k - break even

    resillient bracer
    captured essence 500k
    blue diamond 45k - 20k(5)
    diamonds 50 10k
    cost; 555,500 - 530k
    selling at; 450k - 595k
    me; 450k
    Gain/loss: 105,500 - 145k

    essence of battle
    captured essence 500k
    fire ruby (5) 30k-20k(5)
    rubies 50 3.750
    cost: 533,750 - 523,750
    selling at: 500k-600k
    me: 525k
    Gain/Loss: (possible gain) 1,250 (possible loss) 8,750

    spell woven britches
    eye - 375k-325k
    putrefaction 10 300k (10)
    scourge 10 300k - 275k (10)
    cost; 950k - 925k
    selling at: 600k
    me; 600k
    Gain/loss: 350k - 325k

    song woven mantle
    eye - 375k-325k
    muculent 10 60k-25k (10)
    blight 10 75k-50k (10)
    cost; 510k - 400k
    selling at: 500k-600k
    me; 450k
    Gain/loss: 50k - 100k

    my two mind blowing favorites:

    stitcher's mittens
    captured essence 500k
    corruption 10 360k-250k (10)
    taint 10 2m - 1.5m (10)
    cost: 2.860m - 2.250m
    selling at: 1.8m
    me: 1.8
    Gain/Loss: 1.060m - 450k

    blank scrolls 100 500
    dread horn mane 300k-250k
    taint 10 2m - 1.5m
    corruption 10 360k-250k
    cost: 2.660,500 - 2.000.500
    selling at; 275k - 300k
    Me; 275kk
    Gain/loss: 2.385,500m - 1.725,500m

    I blame the prices on ingredients, of course. Captured essence at the number one spot at 500k a bottle. That is, of course, if you find any for sale. I've had to go cross shard to find them. our next suspect, taint. 10 for 2 mil. Sounds cheaper than cap. ess, but i need 10 of them to make anything. Yeah, you can sometimes find it less than that, but you have to hunt, and if you're lucky, you might find 10 whole pieces for under 2 m. More likely, not.
    Third in place is corruption, at the low end, 10 for 250k. I used to not complain about it, figuring it was an okay price - then I took a look at what I'm (not!) making on the products....
    350k for an eye....Oh, and lets not forget the price of the vendor at 125k a day....

    *throws in the towel*

    That's it for me. With the prices the way they are, I will not craft another item. I might as well trip merrily through brit bank, throwing 1 mil checks... at least that way, someone will have some fun.

    I'm sure someone will say 'raise the prices', but the two items i'm actually positive income on, don't sell. The other items, I've attempted to raise the price - to hear that the prices were to high for the shard (see the first words I said on how this thing started)

    I'm done losing money! no more crafting! As more people wise up, the crafting will stop altogether. What few remaining ML items there are left, will sky rocket in price. It's the start of a crafting crash, imo.
  2. That's about right for everything except scrappers. Although a basic scrappers will lose money, a 3 mod with give tens of millions in profit. Even a LRC scrappers will give several million in profit.
  3. from all the scrappers i've made, i've never made one that had anything special. and at that price, i'm not going to gamble trying.
  4. Setnaffa

    Setnaffa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    The ML Craftable Artifacts are only profitable for the folks who do the Peerless. I believe that's the way it should be.

    I've never purchased the ingredients and never will.
  5. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    Are you making them with 120 Magery, or less? Magery adds to the chance, and there were hints that Eval might as well, when the craftable books were first introduced.
  6. my scrappers maker:
    120 mage, 100 inscription and 120 EI

    my 'crafter';
    120 down the board too, including arms lore
  7. jelake

    jelake Guest

    I found some Taint; 10 for 70k this weekend, cheapest I've ever seen. Needless to say I scooped them up right away. Also a dreadhorn mane for 50k. Prices are definitely going down on my server.

    I've noticed some insane prices for the eyes, essense and such on other servers.
  8. you lucky!
    I'll be checking prices every couple of weeks, but until the prices become reasonable, i'll either stone my crafter skills, or just simply not log into her.