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Making Faction alive again with these simple changes:

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by anavelgato, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. anavelgato

    anavelgato Guest

    I think everyone wanna have such thing happens....making faction alive again and the dev team sounds like working on this too...

    I have got a few ideas to make it alive and more peoples are interested to join faction.
    First of all we have to make the FEL side more faction related which is not entirely about town control. But we can balance out in Tram also.
    Changes can be done as follow:
    1/ I believe that many peoples are suffering from this situation " Why am I joining faction when I don't have to worry about skill lost and I can keep killing ppls?" . To solve this, I strongly recommend the changes can be done like this:
    All characters that are NOT in faction would automatically having a 12% skill lost (not the base skill) in FEL facet.
    So whoever wanna turn red or having any pvp act in fel, they have to join a faction.
    This also wouldn't affect Hunting in Fel with non-faction players too much with 12% loss.

    Conclusion : 12% surface skill penalty for non-faction characters.

    2/ To balance out the faction vs non faction players in TRAM side, working on faction artis is not enough.
    Faction players in TRAM side would receive a bonus of 20% damage increase cap(a total of 120%) , Mana Regen bonus cap for 2 (a total of MR 20) and 1000 luck.
    BUT!! Their corspe would turn Criminal once they're dead and LOOT-ABLE by ANYONE.

    Conclusion :
    A/ Bonus of 20% DI cap, MR cap increase by 2, +1000luck
    B/Corspe turns criminal and loot-able by anyone.

    In this way, we can balance out the advantage vs disadvantage between both facet for both faction/non-faction players.

    3/ CHAOS/ORDER system can come back to the game with adding CHAOS/ORDER to your faction guild would be able to NULLIFY all bonus & criminal death penalty of Faction characters in Tram.

    Conclusion : Joining Chaos/Order can NULLIFY all faction tram bonus & penalty.

    Guys lets share your thoughts together to make this game PVP be more reasonable for faction system. This is very sick to see non-faction pvpers in Fel has total advantage over the real fighting guys.

    Hope we can dig deep and make a better balance together.
  2. Berethrain

    Berethrain Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    No. Just....no. I don't even feel like explaining why.
    Anorexorcist likes this.
  3. DankNuggets

    DankNuggets Adventurer

    Sep 25, 2012
    Likes Received:
    I personally do not think attempting to use the same faction system again is a good idea. The best "surge" in players that has ever happened with faction was the armor changes. Chaos/Order would be preferable to me. And faction should not even be allowed in Tram. It's a Fel facet thing, it has no place in Tram at all and I believe is part of the reason that the faction armor was changed. Faction should be for Fel only, PvP and Thief related. I personally found stealing sigils to be the most horrid experience in UO, but thieves have almost no purpose anymore, so they have to have something.

    I really do believe faction hurts pvp tho. But I never cared about winning or being the last one standing. It was always about chaos and huge battles that lasted hours. Faction would turn those style of fights into 20 minute contests. Once people go stat loss they do not typically want to keep fighting. And for the record I was usually that guy who had 2 or 3 others with him. So i wasn't running in 20 deep and complaining about stat. I really don't see how it improves anything.. death turns into 8-10 people synching on someone, half the time with spell triggers. So IDK, I've always been a non faction style player, stat loss is kinda stupid to me. I don't want the fight to stop.. I want it to get crazier.

    But I get the idea that people like a conclusion to a fight.

    And non faction vs faction has nothing to do with real pvpers. Often I consider faction players to be wimps because they run instead of fighting. Yah 8 vs 1 isn't good odds, but isn't it more fun to go out with a bang and try to take at least one with you? Death is irrelevant to me tho.

    Good or Evil is how it should be, Chaos/Order what ever you want to call it. And it should have no impact on anything that isn't on fel or pvp related.
  4. Domestic Packrat

    Jan 3, 2013
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  5. weins201

    weins201 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
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    This is't digginf deep it is just plainly Deep &%*%%