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Making gold as an Archer

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello all

    So far my Archer is coming on well and I am enjoying him immensely. Whilst I am new to UO and still "low level", I have been running around various vendors looking at some of the items that can be purchased.

    Oh my god! How expensive!? [​IMG]

    It is obvious that I am going to need gold and lots of it. So I was sat in Despise earlier wondering how the veteran Archers go about making thier millions and millions of gold? I am not asking for any secrets, nor am I looking for "Ebay" remarks, I am simply wondering whether you guys run Doom for your gold, or hunt elsewhere. What / where is good for a decent amount of gold to be made?

    Any suggestions / help is appreciated. I am simply curious! Thanks.
  2. EB_Arcbolt

    EB_Arcbolt Guest

    Hi old fella, what level is your archer at and what type of monsters can you handle. Equipment can also be a factor to determine what type of monsters you can take on.
  3. Selling Doom artifacts is a great way to make a lot of gold. So is selling Peerless ingredients if you can find a group to run them with you. If you want to do some farming, Daemons, Ice Fiends and even Jukas are great for that. There are a ton of creatures out there you could kill for gold. You might try going to the Hunter's Guide here Hunter's Guide and take a look at what's out there. Different people like to hunt different things, and it's always good to have several things you like to hunt to mix it up a bit.
  4. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    When I first started playing UO way back.... oh well thats another story. [​IMG]

    Anywho making gold in UO as a beginner can be very tuff. If your archer can stand up to centaurs they are a great way to rais skill and get gold and arrows. You gain skill, gain gold, gain arrows (to use or even to sell)

    If your in a guild or with a group of friends that likes to hunt together Doom is a very good place to hunt. You'll get artifacts to use or sell for good gold.

    Lastly alot of older players make crafter characters. This way you can make your own weapons and armor to use or sell, not to mention repairs and enhancements. These characters do take a while to build up but there are many good crafting guides to follow on Stratics that can make it easier to get to GM or even Legendary.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Start with Earth Ele's. You will get good gains off them, they are slow so that you can keep ahead of them. Each one nets you ~300 gold, a gem, 1 mandrake root. Best of all, you will rarely get hit. Even better if you have a slayer weapon.
  6. Just go to shame and make rounds on the 1st level there killing earth ele's and scorpions,and then after you get comfortable with the first level go down to the 2nd level and tackle the elmentals down there.Also I would like to add a comment about using a slayer that nusair mentioned,unless you are already at you skill cap I wouldn't take a slayer there because with a slayer you get less hits per tele and with a non slayer you hit the ele more so the more you hit the more you gain in skill because you need gains more than a fast kill if you are below gm.

    I did this with my swordsman and he hit gm in 5 nights of 2 hour fighting setions,I havent done this method with my archer but it should work for all melee skills including archer too.

    What shard are you on?I may be ale to help you out and take you to few hunting places and mark runes for you,possibly even get some decent armor to you too.
  7. Nordon

    Nordon Guest

    I find solen quite easy to kill and they give nice loot. Earth eles are a good alternative too.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Frankly for a good archer the sky is the limit.
    with a good suit and spell resist i can take down any pvm beast and their paragons. so set yer sights high
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Untill the addition of the super dragons I was makin a good profit in destard lvl 1. Now im forced to play on Lvl 2 or 3, cuzz trust me, ancient wyverns are a good deal easier then super dragons and with a fair amount of luck decent enough items can be obtained from ancients and shadow wyrms. your netting 1700 gold from shadow wyrms 5 jewells 20 barbed hides in tram(oh the barbed hides is where more then half the profit is, keep that in mind)and some decent weapons and jewels to resale or enhance. For the Ancients youll get a bit more gold, slightly better items and 40 barbed hides tram side, but the ancients spawn slow and erratically. Thats where my money comes from, your getting about 100k+ per hour if you hit it hard enough.
  10. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    I find Miamasa is a very underated gold machine for Archers...

    I rake in lots of Golds, occasional Marties (great when its Boomstick, Seeker....etc) and the Set Armor pieces can fetch a ton.

    Got a Assassin Gloves month ago...sold them for 30 million...

    Get a Fast Scorp slayer bow and just run around killing it....Labrynth is dead for the most part here on Atlantic...so I guarantee most shards are dead there....

    Also, it seems every 8th or 9th Miamasa is bugged and comes out with like 300 health...lol
  11. "Got a Assassin Gloves month ago."

    These don't drop on Miasma. Only the Peerless bosses and the Dark Father.
  12. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    Well, I got one...

    I guess it could have been from one of my Lady Mels runs...but I thought it was from the Miamasa..