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[General] Making Money crafting

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Grash, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Grash

    Grash Guest

    I am building a crafter - mine, smith, lumber,carp, tailor, tink, mage (to get around, so will be dropping for chiv and then scrolls) and eventually imbuer.

    This will be incredibly expensive, or so i have been told. So, how does one actually make money in this game. The prices seem outragously high for most items - even mediocre ones...and materials you can forget about...unless your a UO millionaire. So how do i become a millionaire? i don't want the big castle, or the fancy dragon, I just want to be able to buy materials to experiment with my crafter and not be completely broke.

    Is there a good crafting cycle to gain cash, should I shelve the crafter and go farm leather, run certain dungeons a million or so times, get a vendor and sell xxx at yyygp per? you get the idea. Not complaining, just setting the stage and asking for advice.
  2. Jermosh

    Jermosh Guest

    The only one that is going to cost gold is the Imbuer. All other skills can be resourced by mining, lumber, or picking cotton. It will be slower of course. You can make gold by selling the items you make to NPCs or raw resources to other players. Mining is still a great way to make gold on most shards, you will have to compete with scripters though, but I still see ingots at 20gp, or 10 per board, or make them into arrows at 15per. I am not sure what rate you can mine or chop these days with the introduction of beetles, but back in the day I used to get about 100k in a hour or 2 of hardcore mining.

    With imbuing, while you can accumulate jewels through hunting, MIB/T-Hunt, and mining/lumber. You will go through far more then you could actively get though. I have most likely spent 500k on jewels and I just hit 95.2 today(yay no more 500k relics!). Although save all your oak for making residue.

    The real money comes from bod systems though, with POFs and runics going for a premium because of Imbuing. I remember buying DC hammers for 1g each on fire sales, and had 100 shadows for 400k before Imbuing, now they go for far more.

    Good luck!
  3. mrawdtsi

    mrawdtsi Guest

    I spent over 2 million on jewels getting to 120. if that tells you anything... probably roughly 40k gems.
  4. shawnee6d

    shawnee6d Guest

    For what's it's worth, I've just reached the level where I can effectively lumberjack and now can get at allot of the resources that are so highly priced. It takes a bit of effort to get to that level. But you need gold to function as a crafter and to get that I've found it's far more effective to have at least one combat character. Once you can hack chars like ogre lords, Undead Gaurdians (Stygian Abyss), etc it is not too difficult to come up with a million or so with some effort. For gem's for imbuing, as well as magic junk to unravel, I like repeatedly doing the Farmer's quest. It's also a nice training quest to get your combat char up to par. And fun.

    I don't know about scripter's, never met anyone that uses that sort of junk. But I have learned that if you can mark the location of tree's or ore spots that are spawning what you want, you can be very effective. They do change what they spawn, randomly, but the change isn't so bad that marking locations isn't worth the while, if you devote the sesion to mining or lumber jacking. But I wouldn't trust the locations after more than a couple days for either skill. I usually keep a bag of rune's and start out by visiting each one. As the resource for which it was marked shifts I move it to a different bag and commence looking from there till I find something worth marking the location for again. That sounds like it wouldn't net much, but actually I've pulled in a boat load of yew and ash, both of which I had very little of prior to this practice, especially yew. In general, I think it's important to be systematic in how you appraoch it. If you randomly spend a bit of time on one or another skill, you'll be at it for quite a while and sitll not advancing in any particular one.

    Best to aquire a soul stone or three, then focus you char one a single skill untl it's at the level you want. Having a low overall skill point count will actually help you gain faster in a particular skill. It's not so bad for combat stuff, but for trade skill's gaining past 80 or so can become a real drudgery.

    SElling stuff to NPC's, I've found isn't gunna net you much for time spent. Selling stuff via venders can, but just like in the real world, that's a skill all in itself. Location, potential market, competitive pricing, etc all come in to play. LOL, I detest that sort of stuff (marketing is a vulger word in my dictionary, however, neccessary it might be), but they are necessary skills if you want to sell to other players. Having a vender in the Luna shoppin mall, where SearchUO can then add what your selling to it's database would proably make sense. Having what people want is of equal importance. Low level craftables are not terrible marketable because it's easy to have a low level crafter. Selling collored ingots or boards can be very profitable (ever notice those venders are usually empty or only have regular or oak boards available?). Artificats are neccessary and extremely popular, but again, you need a combat char to aquire those. And usually a group to fight with since DOOM and peerless runs are really not for solo chars. Imbuing isn't really the answer here, either, because Even with A high or GM level Imbuer/blacksmith/crafting god char, you can't imbue weapons that are equal to a few of the articacts, though I'm finding that can really customize armor/weapons to fit a particual fighter and then the whole combination becomes much better than trying to peice together a marty fighter. In the end, success at getting Arties is really about having a successfull war party, with few exceptions. Anyways, that's what I think:)
  5. Sarsmi

    Sarsmi Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 25, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I do a bit of it all except actual crafting, which I only do for my own characters very rarely. I pretty much harvest materials and sell them, fill bods and sell rewards, and unravel items to sell the bits I get.

    Doing bods is lucrative, but it's time consuming. You have to have a good sized number of bods to where you can start filling the larges you get. And it takes time and resources to fill junk bods and turn them in for more bods, if you go that route. Just sorting them is very time consuming. However you can make quite a bit of money after a while, and thanks to imbuing you can even sell those dinky DC runic hammers/spined kits for quite a bit now.

    Harvesting and selling resources is a bit more relaxing I think, there is less effort involved. Farming leather can mean you are also getting gold and items to unravel as well. Mining is great for making money, especially if you are smart with your time. I spent a few days mining every cave (they give more returns than the side of a mountain) in fel on Baja. I wanted to find spots that give both a high percentage return of colored ore versus iron, and also give a lot overall. Then I organized the runes I got into four runebooks, and now I have the best spots for mining the most amount of colored versus regular ore at my disposal.

    Lumberjacking is not as good as mining. Wood is not as needed as ingots are, unless you're doing some kind of library/museum turn in. It is also extremely difficult to find anything better than yew, so much that I consider it a waste of time to LJ. I will probably not chop wood untill they give LJs some kind of tool that will either upgrade a resource tile or will let us know what kind of wood we can get (mining has both).

    I always had such a hard time pricing runic made armor and weapons, so the system I use is pretty basic - I keep everything that looks really good (high resists, high LRC/mana regen) and everything that looks good-ish i sell on vendors for 5k apiece. It's not a money maker, I wouldn't recommend this system for other people. :p