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Making new characters with pre-established templates or not

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Guest, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When creating a new character players have an option of choosing one of the pre-established templates or "advanced".
    Advanced means you can choose any 3 skills (with a few exceptions) up to total of 100 skill point and maximum of 50 points in one skill. You can also choose your starting stats (max 60 points in one stat, total of 80). You may choose the starting town. Equipment depends on chosen skills, you always get 1000gp, basic clothing, book, dagger and candle.

    Pre-established templates are the following:

    Template 1 - Paladin

    Chivalry 51.0
    Swordsmanship 49.0
    Focus 30.0
    Tactics 30.0

    Str 45
    Dex 20
    Int 25

    Equipment: NPC quality metal armour, broadsword, cape, body shash, tigh boots, 1000gp, book of chivalry. In bank: shoes, skirt/pants, shirt, dagger, book, candle.
    Appears in Haven.

    Template 2 - Necromancer

    Necromancy 50.0
    Focus 30.0
    Spirit Speak 30.0
    Swordsmanship 30.0
    Tactics 20.0

    Str 25
    Dex 20
    Int 45

    Equipment: NPC quality bluish leather armour, bone helm, long skirt, sandals, bone harvester, Book of Necromancy with 5 spells, 50 each necro regs, 1000gp. In bank: robe, 50 each necro regs, dagger, book, candle.
    Appears in Umbra.

    Template 3 - Warrior

    Tactics 50.0
    Healing 45.0
    Swordsmanship 35.0
    Anatomy 30.0

    Str 45
    Dex 35
    Int 10

    Equipment: NPC quality studded armour and metal helm, NPC quality katana, scissors, 50 bandages, 1000gp. In bank: shoes, skirt/pants, shirt, dagger, book, candle.
    Appears in Moonglow**.

    Template 4 - Mage

    Magery 50.0
    Meditation 50.0
    Evaluating Intelligence 30.0
    Wrestling 30.0

    Str 25
    Dex 20
    Int 45

    Equipment: Spell book with 12 spells + 3 scrolls, 50 each mage reagents, pants/skirt, shoes, shirt, robe, wizard's hat. In bank: 50 each mage regs, dagger, book, candle.
    Appears in Minoc**.

    Template 5 - Smith

    Blacksmithing 50.0
    Tinkering 50.0
    Armslore 30.0
    Mining 30.0

    Str 60
    Dex 10
    Int 10

    Equipment: Smithy hammer, half apron, pickaxe, tinker's tools, 50 iron ingots, pants/skirt, shirt, shoes, 1000gp. In bank: Smithy hammer, pickaxe, tinker's tools, 50 iron ingots, dagger, book, candle.
    Appears in Skara Brae**.

    ** I believe that for templates 3-5 the city where character is created is random, but no option is given to choose a different town. All towns are in Trammel, except Umbra (Malas).

    All characters made with pre-established template may engage in a quest, which apart from giving some idea of the profession and UO in general, help earning some starting money and more equipment.

    Only players with AoS enabled accounts are offered the choice of creating a Paladin or a Necromancer (or to choose necromancy or chivalry as starting skills in "advanced" option).

    Edited: Advanced stat info.
  2. Chimera99

    Chimera99 Guest

    So we tradestats for addidional skills and a quest. Is there actually a quest for blacksmiths?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No, sorry, it's 80 stats in advanced to, i will edit this.
    Yes, there is a blacksmith quest.
  4. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    I only think the smiths quest is for youngs Mags ? but the pally quest is for any newmade pally no matter what account age. I'll go try later as I have just made a newbie account, and with my own on a spare shard slot to see,a s also not sure as to Necro quest whether thats for all or just for youngs.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not sure... nothing appeared for Mage, Warrior or Smith, while Necro ans Paladin were immediately invited to take the quest. (I made 5 characters on Pacific using my usual account, far from [young]). I think it's natural that on non-young account there would only be "new profession" quest, even if those new professions are a year old already.

    Anyway the quests could be the second part of this "study". I only did the Paladin quest once and i would like to see posted here a brief description of all quests.

    Any volunteers?
  6. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    What sort of info would you want for the profession quests ? I don't mind doing it as I have some time off this week. I have access to both young and vet accounts if you need both.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For the new player's sake i hope quests are self explanatory.
    So it would be cool to know if there are any "holes" - something that is not explained conveniently.
    And basic stuff about the results - what do you get from completing the quest in skills, gold, items.
    I might dig up friend's young account (if he still has it) and experiment some myself.

    BTW, i found a stupid "hole" in Paladin quest on Siege/Mugen shards. It says to use Sacred Jorney from a rune to cemetery, only Sacred Journey does not work in Siege ruleset ... one has to run around looking for the cemetery on foot.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Only Nero and Paladin need not be young to be offered the new player quest....is that right?
    Paladins that do the quest get an undead slayer.... err... right?

    What do the other 4 classes get...something equally nice???
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. No.

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For new accounts, not familiar with the game mechanics, certainly the Blacksmith template is a good one to start with. If using advanced, this is what I would do (and why) ...

    Skills: - Blacksmithing 50.0; Tinkering 50.0
    Stats: - Str 60; Int 10; Dex 10

    Make sure Tinkering is 50. Forget Arms Lore and Mining. I like to start in Britain for the large protected mining area and most (if not all) shards have a public forge around the fields somewhere.

    Now, spend some of that gold on 2 added shovels, 2 added tinker sets and train Mining on the way out of West Brit ... I believe the Smiths at the Guildhall can train you. Head for the hills and start mining.

    Smelt as much as you can, build ingot stock. Break a shovel, try to tinker another - ingots will get used for a bit. Hit 51 Tinkering and you start making shovels or picks. Until you can make the tools reasonably well, expect to need to purchase them. Also, you can make your own tinker kits as well ... all you need is ingots.

    Now, you are reasonably self-sufficient. Until/unless Arms Lore is made a viable skill again, use the points elsewhere ... perhaps carpentry and lumberjacking so you can tinker up kegs and stuff.
  11. There is a quest for young status smiths. You are instructed to make yourself some tools, then given a bulk order deed or two, instructed on how to fill them and turn them in, and sent to a teleport plate that will send you to the mining area just east of Minoc. For new smiths on a non-young account, the nearest thing to a quest is to go to the nearest arms shop and get a bulk order deed from the NPC smith.

    By the way, using the char in a can selection gives you some 10 or 20 more skill points than using the advanced mode and building an ala cart char. On the other hand, if you intend to have a char that needs a lot of spell resist, the advanced char is the way to go, and dial up 50 resist. Especially now that gaining resist by running through fire fields is broken, that will save you a lot of time.