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Mana regen formula?

Discussion in 'Ask The Devs' started by Splup, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. Splup

    Splup Guest


    Seems that no one know's how mana regen/sek is calculated correctly nowdays, after the item MR changes etc.

    Would be nice to see the formula, thanks.
  2. Phoenix_Mythic

    Phoenix_Mythic UO Legend
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    Aug 25, 2009
    Likes Received:
    This one's a bit involved:

    1> Base Mana Regen Rate is 0.2 mana per second
    2> Focus Bonus is Focus / 200 mana per second
    3A> Let Meditation Bonus be 0.0075 * Meditation Skill + 0.0025 * Intelligence Attribute
    3B> If your Meditation Skill is GM or above, multiple Meditation Bonus by 1.1
    3C> If you are actively meditating, multiply Meditation Bonus by 2
    4A> Let Base Item Bonus be (Meditation Skill / 2 + Focus Skill / 4) / 90
    4B> Multiply Base Item Bonus by 0.65, then add 2.35
    4C> Let Intensity Bonus be the square root of the sum of your Mana Regen intensities, capped at 5.5 (30 total intensity).
    4D> Let Final Item Bonus be ((Base Item Bonus * Intensity Bonus) - (Base Item Bonus - 1)) / 10. This is mana per second.
    5> Add the Base Mana Regen Rate, Focus Bonus, and Item Bonus. Add your Meditation Bonus only if you're not wearing non-meddable armor. The result is your total mana regeneration per second.

    Here is an example:

    120 Med, 100 Focus, 110 Int, +25 Mana Regen from Items, wearing meddable armor.

    Base is 0.2
    Focus Bonus is 0.5
    Med Bonus is 0.9 from Skill + 0.275 from Int, multiplied by 1.1 from > GM Med = 1.2925 (or 2.585 if actively meditating)
    Base Item Bonus is 2.35 + 0.65 * (85 / 90) = 2.964
    Intensity Bonus is the square root of 25 = 5
    Item Bonus is ((5 * 2.964) - (2.964 - 1)) / 10 = 1.2856

    So my total regen rates are:
    1> Meddable armor, not meditating: 0.2 + 0.5 + 1.2925 + 1.2856 = 3.2781 per second
    2> Meddable armor, meditating: 0.2 + 0.5 + 2.585 + 1.2856 = 4.5706
    3> Non-meddable armor: 0.2 + 0.5 + 1.2856 = 1.9856

    (Hopefully I didn't mess up the number crunching here)
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