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(Player Event) [Mar 16, 2018] The Governor of Britain presents: The Boss Fight Grand Tour (Luna (to start))

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Basara, Feb 25, 2018.

The Governor of Britain presents: The Boss Fight Grand Tour
Posted By Basara

Luna (to start)
Friday, March 16, 2018 - 06:00 PM
(ends Monday, March 19, 2018 - 01:00 AM)
Timezone: America/New_York


Upcoming Occurrences

All times have been adjusted for the timezone: America/New_York

This event does not have any/other upcoming occurrences...
  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Mylene, the Governor of the Great City of Britain, announces the Grand Tour.

    This event will start Friday, March 16, at whatever point the hunt leader(s) log in. It will run until sometime the night of Sunday, March 18 - probably to 1 AM or later Monday morning.

    The object of the hunts will be to attempt to complete all the potential Boss Fights (champions especially, butt also peerless) in the non-Fel-ruleset areas. Possibly, some of the Fel spawns may be attempted as well, but that decision will be made by the group present, and without announcing the intent globally.

    If an EM event or Global event is held that weekend, no Chanp will be started within 90 minutes of the event, and no peerless within 30 minutes of the event. Hunts will resume 15-30 minutes after the EM departs.

    Hunts will be led by Mylene of MHC, Mylene of THB, Basara of HH, Armbrust of MHC, or possibly other representatives. Which hunts are done in what order, will be voted on by the attendees.

    Obviously, certain bosses will be done better by one class over another, and participants will be asked to adhere to the requests of the leaders (for example, Tamers are a bad idea for Paroxymus, males for Semidar, and Bards with Provocation are banned from trips to Travesty, to name a few).

    Bosses that will be attempted for sure:

    Champ Spawns:
    Oaks (Ilshenar)
    We will attempt to repeatedly do the Valor and Humility spawns to get in at least one each of
    -Semidar, and
    Serado (Tokuno)
    Ilhenir (Malas)
    Meratkus (Malas)
    Dragon Turtle (Eodon)
    Twualo (Ilshenar)

    Peerless & related (provided keys are collected):
    Monstrous Interred Grizzle
    Slasher of Veils
    Shimmering Effusion
    Leviathan (I.E. This event will include white net tosses)
    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    The Great Ape
    Stygian Dragon
    Shadowlord (Graveyard Lake)

    Other possible hunts:
    A trip to the Gauntlet to fight Dark Fathers is very likely.
    We might attempt some minions of Scelestus
    Attempts to get a Corgul and a Scalis will also be made (well, we're almost sure to get Scalis from the nets)
    If we get enough eligible people, both Zipactriotl and the Myrmidex Queen will be attempted.
    Similarly, with enough people and keys we may attempt Exodus
    If there is interest, we may attempt Blackthorn Dungeon
    Groups may attempt Abyssal Infernal, Primeval Lich or even a Harrower, in Fel, but those are not officially on the schedule.

    If I've forgot any boss monster type, let me know.
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