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Mark Jacobs of Mythic tells gold sellers where to go. :)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by monnie101, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. monnie101

    monnie101 Guest

    I meant to post this when it came out a few days ago as I thought some of you UO players would be interested in reading it since Mythic is with EA. By the way, I guess they dropped the EA-Mythic thing? In UO they still call the team EA-Mythic though, am I right? In Warhammer they just call it Mythic again.

    Anyway, I must say I was happy to see that Mark Jacobs (CEO of Mythic) hates gold sellers and ingame gold ad spammers as much as I do. For you all that haven't been following or playing Warhammer... It has been VERY successful and EA released a couple articles on the records. They have a half million subs after less then 2 weeks, which makes it the fastest growing mmog ever! This, is obviously much attributed to the success of WoW who brought in newbies to the genre. Warhammer is a perfect game for Ex-WoW players.

    Mark Jacobs seems to be a great guy. He posts a lot and has helped out fans a lot on the VN boards and other boards. Paul Barnett, the Creative Director is hilarious and has fans of his funny videos such as the tours of Mythic Offices videos. The only thing so far that they did bad was changing the headstart code end dates due to thousands of codes having been stolen by store employees who sold them on Ebay.

    The game is a lot of fun so far. For a mmog launch it is doing awesome. They cloned our characters for us for free to move to a server without cues but I like a packed full server so I just keep waiting out the cue.

    I think some of you UO PvP people who are open minded to try other games might like it. They even have a RvR server if you want to be always unflagged. The RvR is fun. Hundreds of people fighting claiming keeps. You can fire cannons and other siege weapons. You can also join fun scenarios which are instanced games that put you into teams. And you can also play public quests which are areas you just run into and play with other people around you. You don't even have to join a party. The quests are hilarious. If you watch the NPCs around you, they can often be overheard talking about something funny or going somewhere to do something funny such as take a naked dwarf prisoner to the wolves.

    You get the funniest titles. I had a full pack so I left loot on a lot of corpses and got, "The Litter Bug" some guy was naked with the title "The Exhibitionist"

    It's a lot of fun. I have a feeling though that some angry bitter players might hate on it. I didn't say it was Gods gift, just saying it's fun. EQ2 is still my favorite game. Over 3 years subbed. The game I permanently left UO for. I still revisit UO every year or 2. I still tell peopel of all the kool deep fun stuff UI has like the stables and how you can feed and train your pets which has people owning them for years and having love for them. I love my UO pets and miss them.

    P/S Here is my Greenskin Gobbie I am sculpting. This pic is just after sculpting over the wire frame. I just started it in this pic so I know it doesn't look like my char yet but it will when I'm done! :D I was thinking of sending it to Mark or Paul but it's so much work that I might keep it and make them another.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]