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Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by UOFree, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. UOFree

    UOFree Guest



    The Europa Traders Market is held just at the East exit of Umbra, this market will be held once a month for a whole weekend. Second Market will be held 14-17th January. Whole weekend there will be vendors filled with items at a cheaper price than normal. Gates will be made from Brit West Bank only, while traders will either be at the plot or at Brit bank if you want to try and get some bulk bargains or have any questions you can catch them there.
    At the end of last day (Sunday) the prices will be dropped on some items and there will also be held a small auction.​

    Just a little update with some of the items that will be up on vendors at the Market.​

    Yellow Flowerpot
    Clothing Bless Deeds
    Golden Skulls
    Hooded Umbra Robes
    Library talisman
    old Pigments of tokuno dyes
    Soulforge deeds
    Normal Scrappers
    120 Imbuing PS
    Ladder Deeds
    Soulstone Fragment Token
    Attendant Token
    Heritage tokens
    CURSED Arties
    Wind's Edge
    Pigment Tokens
    120 Fencing PS
    +20 Stats Scrolls
    Yellow Crystals
    Doom Arties
    And much much more ​

    These are just some of the items that will be up for sale or bidding at the marketand there wont just be one of each item, also there will be fun and games at Brit West Bank along the weekend of the market with a lot of giveaways.
    Players can attend our events in Brit the whole week up to the Market will be able to collect "cards" for Pokerhands and some free items that will be handed out.
    There will be handed out a total of 1 deck of Cards where you need to make the best hand out of 5 cards. You need atleast 1 pair to qualify for a prize. If you only get 2 cards and its a pair you can still hand them in for a prize. You will not be able to make a pair if you get two of the same cards like Two Aces of Spades. Same goes for flush, three/four of a kind and two pairs. You can trade among the other players to try and get some great hands.
    Also on the cards will be codes so we know wich ones are ours so dont bring your own :please:

    Poker hands:
    Royal Flush = Ten - Jack - Queen - King - Ace from the same suit
    Straight Flush = Five cards in consecutive order from the same suit
    Four of a Kind = Four cards from different suits of the same rank
    Full House = Three of a kind and a pair
    Flush = Five cards of same suit
    Straight = Five cards in consecutive order, any combination of suits
    Three of a Kind = Three cards from different suits displaying the same number or picture
    Two Pair = Two groups of two cards showing the same number (or picture)
    One Pair = One pair of identically ranked cards

    Hide and Seek an Europa Trader in Brit Event


    From 11th jan to 16th jan. people can attend the Hide and Seek Event in Britain.
    Europa Traders Chars (Members of the Europa Trader Market Guild and named Europa Traders) will be standing around randomly picked spots in Britain. First 3 to find one of them can claim a prize from them. Could be a Poker card or some other items. When one has handed out 3 prizes he will recall to his next radom location all over brit.

    This is just to show some of the places where an Europa Trader could be, they will always be in a House or on top of a house so you might need to use teleport to get to some of them. They can also be standing on the walls around Lord British Castle or in the stables or at the Archery Training Grounds there.

    From Monday-Saturday at 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) the Hide And Seek Europa Traders Event starts in Brit. One of the Europa Traders will start it at Brit Bank.

    Hope to see you all there if anyone wants to be a part of the Traders assosiation please leave your ICQ on this post here on stratics and you will be contacted.

    Any donations for auction or for the assosiation can be put in the mailbox at the plot or paid onto the vendor.

    1st market Already Held
    2nd market 15-17/1-2010 (Thursday 14th soft opening at the evening)
    3rd market 19-21/2-2010

  2. UOFree

    UOFree Guest


    New codes on cards.