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Markets of Britannia : a Calendar

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Bel***, Jul 22, 2001.

  1. Bel***

    Bel*** Guest

    <a target="_blank" href=mailto:[email protected]>Sara Blackhand</a>, of UBB, sent us the following announcement : <blockquote>On behalf of the Council of Trinsic, the Council of Yew and the United Blacksmiths of Britannia, it is hereby my pleasure to inform all that lives in our fair land about some of the ongoing markets on the Drachenfels Shard. <ul> [*]Trinsic (Trammel) - each Thusday from 8pm to 10pm CET (starting at 2pm EDT, 7pm BST)
    Trinsic Meeting Hall - next to the Royal Bank of Trinsic. Buying, selling or trading whatever your heart desires.
    There will in most cases be some sort of entertainment.
    [*]Yew (Trammel) - at Empath Abbey on Sundays from 8pm CET to 10pm CET.
    First week of the month : Raw Materials market.
    Second week of the month : Crafters Market - especially blacksmithing - hosted by UBB.
    Third week of the month : Magic market - Trading all sort of magic items, as well as crafts.
    Fourth week of the month : Raw Materials market.[/list]
    Such markets will be ongoing events, and we hope to expand them in the near future. It is the occasion for everybody to meet or join some of our shard's roleplaying guilds.

    Best reards
    Sara Blackhand
    Shardmaster for Drachenfels
    United Blacksmiths of Britannia</blockquote> Thanks a lot Sara ! I'm sure many will be interested by these events.

    Bel*** - Wanderer
    UO Drachenfels - SW Galaxies
  2. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    What happened to the Vesper Market? Is it still around, havent been to Vesper in ages?
  3. Bel***

    Bel*** Guest

    The Vesper market ? You mean the one created by the Seers OSI/EA fired a few months ago ?

    <center>Bel*** - Wanderer
    UO Drachenfels - SW Galaxies</center>
  4. Artraides

    Artraides Guest

    <font color=red> *sighs* </font color=red>
    still living in the past?
    it's hard coming to terms with the loss but you will get over it <font color=blue> *nods sympathetically* </font color=blue>