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Marksman Set Questions

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by greatpumpkinator, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. OK...so, the marksman set has 2 "special" properties on it:

    Damage Modifier 10%
    Increased Weapon Damage 20%

    From what I understand, Damage Modifier behaves just like Damage Increase when calculating your weapon damage.

    ...but what does Increased Weapon Damage do? It sound like it should add 20% to the base minimum and maximum damages...but I don't know.

    Furthermore...something seems strange with the damage modifications. Logging into Test Center, I created a character with these stats:

    STR 100
    DEX 100
    INT 55

    Anatomy 100
    Tactics 100

    Putting on just the bow gave me a damage of 44-56 (which from my calculations are correct).

    Now, adding the quiver gave me a damage of 47-60...which from my calculations seem incorrect. While not accounting for the Increased Weapon Damage, with just the damage modifier, the damage I'm calculating out would be 46-58...which is only a difference of 1-2 damage by adding in the Increased Weapon Damage........

    I'm following the damage formula that was posted here on stractics at some point, and verified that it works using other weapon scenarios.....

    What gives????
  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
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    Jul 16, 2003
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    Damage Modifier is only found on certain quivers. It adds outside the normal DI totals, according to the devs.

    Also, the change that the increased weapon damage does is applied to the weapon, before DI comes into play.

    The damage you see on your weapon is the base damage. The damage on your status bar (2D) or paperdoll (KR) is that base damage * (100%+STR modifier+tactics modifier+anatomy modifier(+lumberjacking bonus, if applicable).

    That's why a weapon might say 14-16 on its display, but your status bar says something like 38-44. It is that amount that is then modified by your DI.

    IF I read it correctly, the Increased weapon damage is a bonus added to the modifier in the pre-DI step, and affects the display. The Damage Modifier is a bonus added at some other point (either before or after DI) that is not reflected in your status bar display.

    Not sure if I'm 100% correct, but this is my best guess based on earlier mentions of the properties by Devs (which, of course, are lost to us until the old boards are restored)
  3. OK, so, let me explain exactly how I am doing the calculation.

    First, I get the values of all the following skills, adding in any equipment that has skill modifiers:

    Anatomy, Tactics, Lumberjacking

    Next, I get the Strength stat, adding in any equipment that has stat modifiers.

    Next, I get the total amount of each of these modifiers on equipment:

    Damage Increase
    Weapon Minimum Damage
    Weapon Maximum Damage
    Increased Weapon Damage

    Next, if there is an increased weapon damage modifier, I apply it to the Weapon Minimum/Maximum Damages (that is, on a bow that has 15 - 18 damage, it would change them to 18 to 21 (I round down on these values).

    If the Lumberjacking skill is > 100, I reset it to 100.
    If the Strength total > 125, I reset it to 125.
    If the Damage increase total > 100, I reset it to 100.

    Then, I calculate the following modifier pieces:

    Anatomy = (Anatomy / 2) + 5
    Lumberjacking = (Lumberjacking / 5) + [(Lumberjacking * 0.1), if they are GM lumberjacks]...also, if the weapon in question is NOT an axe, this is set to 0
    Tactics = (Tactics / 1.6) + [(Tactics * 0.0625), if they are GM or better]
    Strength = (Strength * 0.3) + [(Strength * 0.05), if Strength >= 100]

    Then, I add up all of those modifiers, add in the Damage Increase total, and then divide the entire thing by 100.

    Then, to get the minimum damage, I take the minimum damage (modified if the Increased Weapon Damage is in effect) and add (minimum damage * the calculated modifier from above).

    I do the same with maximum damage.

    Oh, and I round these values DOWN.

    Doing this with 100 Anat, 100 Tactics, 100 Str with the marksmen set active...the DISPLAY value calculates to be 53-65....so why is it only 47-60 on test center?

    If you think about it...the difference from having the full set and not does not seem to show the full damage effects:

    Damage with just the bow: 44-56
    Damage with the set: 47-60

    The difference does not seem to correlate with an increase of 20% in the "Increased Weapon Damage" modifier....no matter how you look at it.

  4. Anyone have any other input?