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Mary Flint

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EMCrysania, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Mary sat in her favorite place, atop the wall of Serpents Hold. The sea
    breeze lifting her long dark hair and the smell of salty brine filled
    the air.
    She watched as the sea vessels sailed to port,unloading their
    cargo,and picking up needed supplies for other towns. She sat gazing
    out over the sea,watching the waves crash into the wall barricade and thinking
    of her future. She had a decision to make, for it would effect her
    very being. She had the sea in her blood, a birth heritage from
    her father, a notorious pirate,and it was on that
    fact, that her decision would be made. As she sat looking out to sea,
    she thought back on her life ...
    She had been born in this sea faring town in a small cottage built
    near the ocean. Her mother had worked in the local tavern,
    her father it was said, one of many pirates that had passed
    through Serps' Hold. Her mother,Elizabeth,once had been a great beauty,catching
    the eye of many a sailor who brought her wondrous trinkets from
    other lands in hopes of earning a place in her heart. Elizabeth had accepted
    the trinkets, gave them a small kiss, and sent them on their way with
    their dreams dashed to the rocks like the waves on the shore.
    It was said, by the town gossips, that Elizabeth had only one true
    love, it being for a Swashbuckling pirate by the name of Tom Flint.
    When she became with child and delivered a dark haired infant girl,
    it was said that the baby was fathered by Tom. He would frequent the port
    and bring gifts to Elizabeth and the child she named Mary. Tom would sit
    Mary on his knee and mesmerize her with tales of sea life and the
    life of a pirate. Mary would listen with wide eyes,fascinated by his stories.
    When Mary was 10 years of age, Elizabeth became ill ,her heart broken in grief
    from the news that Tom's ship, the "Crimson Rose", had been seen downed at sea,
    after a raging battle with other pirates. There were no survivors.
    Elizabeth took to sitting at her window, staring out at sea
    for hours at a time. Through the years, Mary watched her mother go
    insane. Elizabeth would ramble on about the tavern and
    the folk that frequented it. She would speak to Tom as though he
    was still alive about his adventures at sea. Mary would stop what
    ever she was doing and listen for she learned about the local fishing and sailing route,
    the legends of the seas, and most importantly the stories of her father
    and his buried treasure.
    When Mary turned 18, Elizabeth passed away. It was said that her broken
    heart could bear no more. Mary was now alone. Tears coursed down her
    cheeks as she went through her mother's belongings. She found a small chest
    that held the numerous trinkets from sailors past, and the larger
    chest that held a small fortune in jewels and coins pillaged by her
    father and given to her mother.
    Running her fingers through the treasures, Mary thought about selling
    the jewels, and taking the coin and purchasing her own ship. She could
    make a modest wage with a cargo or fishing vessel.
    She sat, counting out the coin in the chest, and coming to the bottom,
    her fingers hit a small latch. A small door popped open, reaching inside
    Mary took out several bits of paper..paper that had the faint outlines
    of shores, of markers at sea, and the mark of a "X" upon them.
    Treasure maps! It had to be! Her father's buried treasures!
    So as Mary sat upon the wall, she made her decision, she would take the
    jewels and the coin from the chest given her mother, and the trinkets
    from the smaller chest and purchase her ship. But it was not to be as
    a cargo vessel, Mary would take to the sea's as her father did, search
    for his buried treasures, become his scion. Taking the one piece of
    jewelry that had belonged to her father, a medallion bearing the pirates
    cross, she placed it around her neck and set out ...
    A month later..standing aboard her ship, the "Crimson Rose II", a new
    Captain called for her flag to be hoisted..a rose blood red set on a black
    back ground, flew proudly in the air. As she stood at the helm, looking
    out to sea, she caressed the medallion,thinking of her father and mother.
    She gave orders to her crew to set the sails towards Britain. Towards new lands
    and adventures. Looking up at her flag, she smiled...and a new legend
    was born.