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Maximizing Damage Output...

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Keno, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Keno

    Keno Guest

    I'm looking at replacing a couple of skills on my PvM mage and would like some feedback/ideas that might work to maximize his damage output.
    Currently he runs Magery/Eval/Med (will top out at 110 or 115), GM Inscription/Alchemy (which I'd like to keep together) and has GM Mining and the rest in Focus. (700 skill cap / human)
    I'm thinking of moving Mining to another character and replacing Focus; which would leave between 155-170 points to reallocate.
    What combo might work best?
    Weaving and Wrestling? I've never tried SW and am hearing mixed reviews. Weaving and some Resist? Resist and some Focus?
    Low levels of: Music and Provo/Disco or Taming/Lore? Too low to make a difference perhaps and just a waste of time/points.
    Archery and Anatomy? Not really enough points to make a weapon skill viable either but it would give the Anat/Eval equation a push...
    He'll go with 120 skills later but I want him to earn the scrolls himself as the prices are just insane.
    Like I said; he's for PvM but I'd like to maximize his damage output and survivability. Who doesn't want that though right?
    Thoughts? Ideas? Concepts? All comments and input are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for the help and feedback
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    You sound conflicted. Do you want to max out survivability or damage potential?

    Since your template is for PVM I'd go with Spellweaving. You can get extremely good PVM damage as long as you have some friends you can cast a circle with. If you play mostly solo... not so much.

    I play a mage with 115 magery, 110 eval, 115 wrestle, 115 resist, 115 med, 80 stealth, 100 hiding. To achieve this total I have some nice items with about +60 in skills. This template deals good damage and has a high survivability. If I can't kill it I hide from it!

    If your looking for max magery damage potential go with 100 inscribe, and always try to use the correct slayer spell book. Also look for items with spell damage increase in them. You can max out SDI at 100 for pvm.
  3. Keno

    Keno Guest

    Thanks GFY. You're right: there is conflict in this, but the conflict is internal. I've not used or played a Mage before and I'm not very familiar with the characteristics or strategies - much less the most beneficial supplementary skills.
    Maximum damage is what I was looking for but if he can't survive what's the point? There's a balance somewhere I believe.
    I'd like to keep Alchemy on him since it both seems "right" to me plus I simply don't really have another character to put it on and don't have a spare soulstone to store it on either.
    I'll try the Spellweaving route with some Resist thrown in. If it just doesn't work for me then I'll try something else.
    Thanks again and hope to see you in game sometime
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    You can max out SDI at 100 for pvm.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Is it an actual hard cap? The most you can achieve from items, as far as I can figure is 101:

    15 wizard glasses
    20 crystalline ring
    5 pendant
    25 scrappers
    12 max intensity on a bracelet
    10 midnight bracers
    10 Spell woven britches
    2 Greymist gloves
    2 Greymist tunic
    101% SDI?