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Maybe new FAQ? Compiled Information about Necromancy *edited march 9th*

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Caretaker, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Caretaker

    Caretaker Guest

    make it sticky!!! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    nice work!
  2. imported_tyr

    imported_tyr Guest

    You need to add information on what familiars do.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here are what to cast to get each animate dead animation
    just a partial list of course, but would like to see this in FAQ
    Patchwork Skelly- mongbats, desert ostards, llamas, birds, rabbits, etc..
    Bone magi - Vamp bat
    Bone Knight - Ravager
    Lich - Devourer of Souls
    Skeletal mount - horse
    Hell Steed - Mare

    Necro Regs also spawn on Devourers of souls.

    Also for skill gains, Animate corpse gives good gains 45-60.
    Poison cloud gives decent gains 50-?? (just hit 60 myself)
  4. Slaggo

    Slaggo Guest

    GREAT job!!

    i would like to know some more details on the familiars too....also, the vampiric embrace is confusing since it grants more weaknesses than strengths.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I pretty much just took all the info I could find around these forums and uo.com and put it on 1 thread, Ill see what else I can find *if anyone wants more and such, just add it along this thread*
  6. seas

    seas Guest


    Channeling your own Energy

    Min -- Max/2 + 1
    Max -- Spirit Speak/100 + 4


    erh....when i tried it out(with no corpses nearby) i got 20-25 or so at gm spirit speak, according to this it's 5?

    some more info on ss:

    - it's counted as a spell, although you can cast it while having another spell in your cursor.
    - it can be interupted, having protection cast makes no difference.
    - fast cast items reduce the casting time(okay, only what i heard)
    - the casting time and spell delay is, anyone know? i only managed to get 3 ss off in 10 secs on tc, so i'd say 4-5 second use delay, but it gives hp before that delay, maybe 1 sec?
    - you can heal through poison with it, although you need good timing for it.
    - you don't need to disarm to cast it.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    its on uo.com so im tryin to figure it out too
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I started a little thread about different monster animations that got buried /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  9. Nox McChaos

    Nox McChaos Guest

    I think their equations are quite wrong.

    1000 (assuming the count in .1), GM spirit speak, /100 = 10, +4 = 14.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yeah, i been going through it with a calculator punching in numbers and its off, i put a post on uo.com mage forum, but like ill get any response, guess Ill go out and get an average per heal
  11. Nox McChaos

    Nox McChaos Guest

    At GM SS it was around 35 for me on test, on average. Some high, some low.

    That was with 0 Karma/Fame, however. And My SS is 85 on normal shard.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got gm spirit with outcast title on LA, Ill test soem stuff out and get a range of numbers
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Death Adders also attack with deadly poison.
  14. frankieboyde

    frankieboyde Guest

    Maybe the skill used in this equation is the same as on TC, so GM would be 1000, not 100...
  15. flatscan

    flatscan Guest

    Thanx! very helpfull. Just 2 things...

    For Animate Dead, which creatures do those "rise" from, and what skill (in SS?) is needed to achive some of them?

    And for Scrolls on Nightmares, i've killed 100's of them, filling books and looking for a replacement mare for me. They drop all scrolls EXCEPT 3. I had to get Strangle, Vengeful Spirit, and Vampiric Embrace from other sorces.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hrmm.. Can we get this thread sticky?
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    so Far, I've found that too get these animations, cast on these
    Patchwork Skelly- mongbats, desert ostards, llamas, birds, rabbits, etc..
    Bone magi - Vamp bat
    Bone Knight - Ravager
    Lich - Devourer of Souls
    Skeletal mount - horse
    Hell Steed - Mare
  18. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    I'm bumping this (I know, bad) because it's so incredibly useful I hate for it to drop off the first page. I keep referring back to it.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Try to get a mod. I just get ignored, i swear I probably got soem ignore note under my name for mods.
  20. Minstrel

    Minstrel Guest


    hate to see this get buried

    Vendor Buy Bank!!

  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    With the discovery of Malas, an ancient evil has been revealed, and is spreading across the land like a plague. The study of Necromancy draws people in with the promise of power and riches, while corrupting their souls in the process. Both mages and warriors will be enticed by this wicked school of spellcraft when they discover they can wield powerful weapons without disrupting their evil spells.

    The Necromancer can inflict pain, pestilence, cold, and vile curses against their hapless foes, and in the battle's aftermath animate their lifeless corpses into undead horrors that viciously attack any creature, dead or alive. But the Necromancer does not stop at simply animating corpses, for he can transform his very being into some of these forms, gaining both their powers and weaknesses.

    A new spellbook becomes available, filled with sorcery so foreboding that it has been secreted away for generations. Necromancers will be able to use any of 16 evil spells, alone or in conjunction with other powerful magic.

    In order to call upon the powers of pure evil, one must advance their skill in the art of Necromancy. Similar to the Magery ability, the more proficient you are in the dark arts, the higher the likelihood of successfully imposing the will of Evil. And those who have learned Spirit Speak will find themselves at a distinct advantage when wielding such powers.

    Necromancy Spells

    Animate Dead
    Animates corpses into undead creatures that will wander around and attack any and every creature, except humans.
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Deamon Blood and Grave Dust
    Mana needed: 23
    Casting Time: 1.5 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 40

    List of Animations *Still in works*
    Patchwork Skeleton
    Skeletal Mage/Bone Magi
    Skeletal Knight
    Flesh Golem
    Skeletal Mount
    A Mound of Maggots
    Lich Lords
    Skeletal Dragon

    Blood Oath
    Links to a single enemy, handing back a great deal of the damage they inflict upon you. Duration in Seconds = (Caster's Spirit Speak - Target's Resist) ÷ 80 + 8
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Deamon Blood
    Mana needed: 13
    Casting Time: 1.5 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 20

    Corpse Skin
    Inflicts necrosis upon the skin of the Necromancer or another target, making them more resistant to poison, cold and physical damage, but extremely vulnerable to fire. Duration in Seconds = (Caster's Spirit Speak - Target's Resist) ÷ 25 + 40
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Bat Wing and Grave Dust
    Mana needed: 11
    Casting Time: 2 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 20

    Curse Weapon
    Briefly enchant your weapon to gain the power of life drain. While enchanted, the weapon will heal its wielder with 50% of the damage it deals out. Duration in Seconds = Caster's Spirit Speak ÷ 75 + 1
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 7
    Casting Time: 1 Second
    Minimum Skill Needed: 0

    Evil Omen
    Be it a strike from a sword or the sting of a spell, the next bad thing that happens to the receiver of this curse will be worse. The player affected by this spell:
    [*]will receive a +25% increase from the next source of damage.
    [*]will receive a +1 boost to the level of poison the next time they are poisoned
    [*]will only have 50% of their Resist Spells skill the next time they try to resist a spell.
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Bat Wing and Nox Crystal
    Mana needed: 11
    Casting Time: 1 Second
    Minimum Skill Needed: 20

    Horrific Beast
    Allows you to transform into a terrifying form that grants great physical strength, at the cost of your mind. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. While under the effect of this spell, the caster receives:
    [*]+2 hp/sec
    [*]+25% melee damage increase
    [*]increased base hand damage
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Bat Wing and Deamon Blood
    Mana needed: 11
    Casting Time: 4 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 40

    Lich Form
    Transforms the Necromancer into the form of a lich, the master of magic. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. While under the influence of this spell, the caster receives:
    [*]+25% damage from silver weapons
    [*]-10% fire resist
    [*]+10% poison resist
    [*]+10% cold resist
    [*]+13 mana every 10 seconds
    [*]-5 Hitpoints every 10 seconds
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Nox Crystal, Deamon Blood, and Grave Dust
    Mana needed: 23
    Casting Time: 4 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 70

    Mind Rot
    The receiver of this curse has difficulty thinking, making all abilities that require Mana more expensive. Duration in Seconds = (Caster's Spirit Speak - Target's Resist) ÷ 50 +} 20
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Bat Wing, Deamon Blood, and Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 17
    Casting Time: 1.5 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 30

    Pain Spike
    Brings a jolt of temporary pain down upon your enemy. Damage = ( Caster's Spirit Speak - Target's Resist ) ÷ 100 + 30. Damage is temporary and will wear off after 10 seconds.
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Grave Dust and Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 5
    Casting Time: 1 Second
    Minimum Skill Needed: 20

    Poison Strike
    Summons a cloud of poison to strike down your enemy. Also, affects a radius of 2 tiles around the target. Those within that radius will receive "splash" damage. Splash Damage = Unmodified Target Damage ÷ (Distance_In_Tiles + 1)
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Nox Crystal
    Mana needed: 17
    Casting Time: 2 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 50

    Chokes an enemy with poison, doing more damage as their Stamina drops. The power of the effect is equal to the Caster's Spirit Speak skill divided by 10. The minimum power is 4. The power number determines the duration and base damage of the Strangle effect.
    Each point of power causes the Strangle effect to damage the target one time. The first round of damage is done after five seconds. Four seconds later, the second round hits. Each round after that comes one second more quickly than the last, until there is only 1 second between hits.
    Damage is calculated as follows: The range of damage is between power - 2 and power + 1. Then the damage is multiplied based on the victim's current and maximum Stamina values. The more the victim is fatigued, the more damage this spell deals. The damage is multiplied by the result of this formula: 3 - (Cur Stamina ÷ Max Stamina x 2. For example, suppose the base damage for a Strangle hit is 5. The target currently has 40 out of a maximum of 80 stamina. Final damage for that hit is: 5 x (3 - (40 ÷ 80 x 2) = 10.
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Nox Crystal and Deamon Blood
    Mana needed: 29
    Casting Time: 2.5 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 65

    Summon Familiar
    Summons a spirit wisp, dark wolf, death adder, vampire bat, or horde minion to your side, each with their own unique abilities and a special power granted to the caster.
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Bat Wing, Deamon Blood, and Grave Dust
    Mana needed: 17
    Casting Time: 4 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 30

    List of Familiars:
    [*]Horde Minion requires 30 Necromancy and 30 Spirit Speak. Abilities: Pack animal, picks up stuff, decent combat assistant.
    [*]Shadow Wisp requires 50 Necromancy and 50 Spirit Speak. Abilities: negative energy flare; periodically heals the mana of those friendly to the caster (and the caster) IF they have negative karma. the more negative the karma, the more mana you get back.
    [*]Dark Wolf requires 60 Necro and 60 Spirit Speak. Abilities: +1 stamina every 2 seconds. Wolf mastery; allows you to tame any wolf as if it were a 0 difficulty tameable.
    [*]Death Adder requires 80 Necro and 80 Spirit Speak. Abilities: The Death Adder attacks with Deadly Poison. Also Snake charming; you can command any snake to attack a target to which you can do negative acts. You don't get credit for the kill, however.
    [*]Vampire Bat requires 100 Necro and 100 Sprit Speak. Abilities: all melee damage it does will heal it's master (You!) for an equal amount.

    Familiars can't be commanded like pets. They do join in the fight automatically when you're attacked by something agressive... most of the time? All of the Familiars will invis with you.
    Information Provided by evilmoocowgod

    Vampiric Embrace
    A powerful form that grants many strengths, but prevents the Necromancer from using garlic-based spells and potions. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. While under the influence of this spell, the caster receives:
    [*]20% life drain
    [*]-25% fire resist
    [*]+25% damage from silver weapons
    [*]damage from garlic (17-23 points of damage is dealt when Vampires cast spells that consume the garlic reagent.)
    [*]Immunity to Poison
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Bat Wing, Nox Crystal, and Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 23
    Casting Time: 4 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 99

    Vengeful Spirit
    Summons a powerful revenant to slay a chosen foe. Revenants are incredibly persistent and can track their quarry, even when hidden. A revenant requires 3 control slots. Duration in Seconds = (Caster's Spirit Speak x 80) ÷ 1200 + 10
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Grave Dust, Bat Wing, and Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 41
    Casting Time: 8 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 80

    Summons an evil, withering frost, damaging all nearby enemies — especially those who are good. Affects a radius of 5 tiles around the caster.
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Grave Dust, Nox Crystal, and Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 23
    Casting Time: 1.5 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 60

    Wraith Form
    Transforms the Necromancer into the form of a wraith, well-suited for resisting physical damage, but weak against magic. No duration. Casting this spell again or casting another transformation spell dispels it. While under the influence of the this spell, the caster receives:
    [*]+25% damage from silver weapons
    [*]+10% physical resist
    [*]-25% fire resist
    [*]-5% energy resist
    [*]-5% poison resist
    [*]-5% cold resist
    [*]the ability to leech mana
    [*]the ability to walk through people (non-blockable)
    Necromancy Regs Needed: Nox Crystal and Pig Iron
    Mana needed: 17
    Casting Time: 4 Seconds
    Minimum Skill Needed: 20

    How To GM Necromancy
    Necromancy can be GM'ed by the 8x8 Method

    Method 1
    0-30ish Buy in Umbra
    30-55 Wraith Form
    55-75 Horrific Beast
    75-90 Wither
    90-100 Lich Form
    100-105 cast lich form
    105-120 cast Vampiric Embrace

    Information was provided by LordZahn

    Which NPC Teaches me Necromancy
    The Necromancer which is at the mage shop in Umbra

    Spirit Speak
    The Spirit Speak skill is now used to heal players by channeling spiritual energy. Spiritual energy can be channeled from either a corpse or the player using the skill. If a corpse is not available, then the player will channel his or her own energy.

    Channeling through Corpses
    The corpse must be within 3 tiles to be used, otherwise, the player will channel his own energy. The amount healed is a random number between the minimum and maximum values listed in the table below. Should the minimum value be greater than the maximum value, then the healing is equal to the maximum value.

    Min -- Fame/500 + 1
    Max -- Spirit Speak/20

    Channeling your own Energy
    If there are no corpses nearby, you can channel your own spiritual energy into healing. However, this method will yield a lesser amount of healing than if you were to channel through a corpse. The amount healed is a random value between the minimum and maximum values below:

    Min -- Max/2 + 1
    Max -- Spirit Speak/100 + 4

    You will need at least 10 points of Mana in order to channel your own energy.

    If you have 100 or more skill points in Spirit Speak, you can automatically hear anything that ghosts say. Also, if you're a ghost, you can clearly be heard by anyone else.

    NOTE: This could be wrong on how much you get healed from with the Equations.
    On average at 100 Spirit Speak you get 20-24 back and at 120 Spirit Speak you get 24-28 back.

    How to GM Spirit Speak
    By using the 8x8 Method.
    *Note to write a discription on 8x8 here*

    Which Monsters give you Necromancy Scrolls?
    Poison Strike: MIB, Deamons, Liches, Rat Mages, Imps, Air Elementals
    Wither: MIB, Meer Mages, Deamons, Liches; Imps
    Pain Spike: Rat Mages, Gargoyle, Imps, Ophidian Apprentice Mage, Air Elementals
    Curse Weapon: Rat Mages, Evil Mages, Imps
    Blood Oath: Evil Mages, Rat Mages, Imps, Nightmares
    Evil Omen: Rat Mages, Imps
    Mind Rot: Rat Mages, Imps
    Strangle: MIB, Meer Mages, Deamons, Liches, Evil Mages, Liches, Imps, Nightmares, Air Elementals
    Corpse Skin: Deamons, Unicorns, Rat Mages, Imps, Orc Mage
    Wraith Form: Rat Mages, Imps
    Lich Form: MIB, L3-TMap, Evil Mage Lords, Deamons, Liches, Imps
    Vampiric Embrace: Meer Eternals, Harrower Tentacles, Nightmares(Questionable)
    Horrific Beast: Rat Mages, Imps, Nightmares
    Summon Familiar: Imps
    Animate Dead: Rat Mages
    Vengeful Spirit: MIB, Liches, Daemons, Air Elementals, Nightmares
    [Information was provided by Caretaker and Stratics Posters]

    How do I get Necromancy Reagents?
    There are 2 ways to recieve necro reagents. One way is to buy them from Mage NPCs which sell them along with other Reagents.
    Another way is to get them off Monsters

    List of Monsters which have Necro Regs as Loot: *Needs updating*
    [*]Devourers of souls

    8x8 Explained!
    1. Start your boat pointed north (to those who don't know, North faces the upper right side of the screen)

    2. Stand directly behind the mast, facing east (bottom right of the screen)

    3. Say "slow forward"

    4. cast the current necro spell you need to get a gain.

    5. Keep on casting till you get a gain.

    6. STOP!!! You just found the beginning of your gain "run". Your next gain will 98% of the time be exactly 8 tiles (steps) from that original gain spot, either north or south. If you were quick on you "stop" command then you should be exactly 8 tiles to the north already, and cast the spell again. You should receive a gain. If you don't, then that means the "run" runs south. Go back to where you got your first gain (8 tiles south) Now you are on the original spot. So go 8 more tiles south. Cast the spell again. You WILL gain in one of those two spots if you did it right.

    7. Great!! Now we found which way the "run" is running. Now all we do is follow it. Go eight more tiles in the direction that you went from the original gain. (north or south)

    8. Cast. Holy bejesus!! that's 0.3 already!

    9. Go 8 more tiles in the same direction.

    10. Cast. WHOOHOO 0.4!!!!

    11. Continue till you do not gain anymore (runs typically go from 3 gains in a row up to 15, The largest I ever got was 45. Thats 4.5 skill, and I was at 87!)

    12. When you are sure that the run has ended, return to step 1
    *Taken from Pipe and edited to fit Necro forum*

    Last Updated March 9rd, 2003
  22. imported_tyr

    imported_tyr Guest

    Since, no one made your info sticky, &amp; didn`t take down the old FAQ. Your info has been combined with the Old FAQ. If anyone has something to add the FAQ. Please, PM a Mod to add it to the FAQ.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    nice work Corran, you might just wanna make a note next to the ss amounts that you use 1000 for gm and such. also like others said i dont think osi knows there own formulas :p, i know when channeling your own energy you dont gain much, but im pritty sure its a little more than 14ish at gm. hehe, ill try testing it in a little bit to see what im getting for amounts. great work though.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nice FAQ, 2 notes on transformations tough:
    -im very sure the resistances for wraih form are wrong, might depend on skill in necro or spirit tough
    -vampire form gives poison imunety like orange petals (without this it ould be pretty useless)
  25. SkaDemon

    SkaDemon Guest

    Thanks for the work on the post!

    A mistake with it though:
    Corpse Skin makes the target Weak vs. Fire and Poison, and strong vs. Phys and Cold.(You have it listed weak vs. Fire, Strong vs. Phys, Cold, Poison =P)

    Phys: +10
    Fire: -10
    Cold: +10
    Poison: -10
    Energy: no change.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    really?? i didnt realize that vampire form gives poison immunity, hehe that is a nice little bonus, no need to cure. healing wouldnt be bad if your a warrior, since you can hit them and drain life, plus you wouldnt normally be using garlic if your a warrior :p
  27. Ravens0ng

    Ravens0ng Guest

    From my own experience it seems like in the spells to cast to GM, that Lich form should be dropped a bit to maybe 88. By that point I was not getting decent gains at all anymore from wither, but excellent gains from Lich form.
    I know I've seen others say similar things.

    All in all this is a VERY easy skill to GM.
  28. Sly of NV

    Sly of NV Guest

    Does anyone have an approximate number of each reg it takes to get from 30 to GM. I have been saving regs and I have about 2k of each and wondering how far this will get me before I need to go buy more and kill lichs.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great FAQ, I was wondering since I've seen it posted in a couple places, what in the world do you animate to get a skeletal dragon? Ancient Wyrm, Shadow? Maybe I'll hop on test and find out for myself..
  30. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Guest

    The tentacles of the harrower also is good for both necro scrolls and regs (40+ of each of three or four regs per kill)
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got from AW
    but i also go from white wyrm or dragon *Not sure...since there were like 7 corpses stacked ontop of each other* at 100/100
  32. seas

    seas Guest

    ss heal @ 100: 20-24
    @ 120: 24-28 (exact 20% increase)

    heal delay is 1,6 seconds, compared to gr. heals 2,3.
  33. Sedona

    Sedona Guest

    How about REALLY specific information like:

    - Are we limited to the type of armor we can/should use?
    - Links to armor studies that show what the various types of armor so we can make informed decisions on which one in the appropriate category would be best?
    - Links to weapon studies for the same reason.
    - Various templates.
    - What stats are important for various templates (do I REALLY need the 50 INT that was given to me when I'm not a mage?).

    - How much a horde minion can hold

    Just a few thoughts from someone that never played fighting type characters before (other than a very simplistic GM Warrior who ran more than fought), so everything is very new. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  34. Armdevil

    Armdevil Guest

    Nicely done.
    One thing i have to add that doesnt seem to have gone on any of the NEcro FAQs.

    Familiars ONLY join in the fight u u have managed to hit the target physically first, just planting it witha spell wont cut it :p
  35. I got a mummy by animating a harpy.
  36. drewniu

    drewniu Guest

    Water Elemental - Spectre
    Sea Serpent - Lich
  37. Just wanted to add to the point Which Monsters give you Necromancy Scrolls? that a few poison eles were so kind to donate "lich form", "wither", "strangle" and "poison strike". They seem to drop necro scrolls a bit less often than imps for example (anyone noticed that liches and imps drop necro scrolls a LOT more often than other necro scroll givers like rat mages or mares for example?), but I remembered I got some a few days ago, but not sure which, today I kept track at least.
  38. Citern

    Citern Guest

    Vampiric Embrace scroll can also be found on the fathers in the doom dungeon..

    you might want to add that even though i think it would not be the best way to farm scrolls as they are not easy to kill

    when we got it the father had a stack of 18 of Vampiric Embrace scrolls on him though... nice loot :)

    in addition i would like top add that the wraith form allows you to cast recall spell without fail, ever

    so for necro's that is the way to travel from one location to another fast if you do not have magery...
  39. kreysig

    kreysig Guest


    Mind Rot
    Duration in Seconds = (Caster's Spirit Speak - Target's Resist) ÷ 50 +} 20


    If that formula is correct, then the MINIMUM duration is 20 seconds - is that right?

    Or should the formula be:
    duration = (SS - resist +20) ÷ 50

    That gives a minumum duration of zero seconds (for 120 resist v 100 ss for instance), and a maximum of 2.8 seconds. For 17 mana and 30 minumum skill that seems more reasonable...
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It seems to me that there are 3 types of necro scroll loot
    The higher stuff appears on liches IE Vengeful spirit, Strangle, lich form
    Then you have the other stuff, mind rot, curse wep on orc mages
    then you have meer eternals with vampiric embrace.

    Just a theory :&gt;
  41. TinkerMage

    TinkerMage Guest

    I've only tried this on test center, but I'm confused...

    Does Evil Omen actually increase the level of poison an 'Omened' target receives, or does it just say that?

    I tried it with the spell at different levels, does it only work when poisoned via infectious strike?

    Also on Test Center...of course I had to try... I tried Lethal Poisoning using infectious strike (100% poison should be 100% chance to LP) just to see if it could raise it to Level 6 (not-existant as far as I know, but figured it was worth a try /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif )...err, nope sir, it didn't, in fact I thought it just DPd...maybe it's just problems with test center which I believe is a back up of another shard right now.

    Rosencrantz - Nox-Mage-Fencer-thinking about adding Necro and how much
  42. Just wanted to add this, during my training I left lich form on and came back with no hp but still alive, so it would appear that lich form cannot kill you in and of itself, I have tested this around 5 times to make sure, same results all 5 times.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Little note here:
    In the formula for Curse weapon you divide by 75 and not by 7.5 like it is at UO.com.
  44. antbrejjn

    antbrejjn Guest

    Just one thing about familiars that I've experienced... they dont attack your enemies until you actually score a hit on them, or if you flag them before they flag you. don't know if it's allready up there somewhere, or just too common knowledge to even give air, but here it is anyhow /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You guys should also post about different necro templates, that would be very helpful for new necromancers.
  46. seas

    seas Guest

    updated version, 90% accurate /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif


    curse weapon now lasts 30 secs at gm spirit speak. this leads me to believe the skill is divided by 33, if there isn't any gm bonus. so..

    25 ss = 7,5 secs
    50 ss = 15 secs
    75 ss = 22 secs
    100 ss = 30 secs
    120 ss = 36 secs

    now 8 secs at 25 ss is pretty awesome, you can get in 1-3 hits with just a tiny amount of skillpoints invested, and 120 ss is just crazy, about 5-10 hits.

    since lich form and wraith form makes you count as undead(+25% undead slayer damage) it also gives you the other ability of it: immunity to bleed attack!

    wraith form resistance changes - it actually gives you a bonus of 5 points!
    +15% physical resist
    -5% fire resist
    -5% energy resist
  47. DevineATL

    DevineATL Guest

    I know that scrolls allow the casting of spells 2 circles above the normal circle(cast 8th circle as 6th, etc) but what about with necromancy? It doesn't have any circles so does anybody know how much using a scroll helps, if any?
  48. Curse Wep duration is 30 seconds