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Mayor of Darkmoor Acquitted on Charges of Murder!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Today was a sad day in the hearts of Darkmoorians but a grand day for its Mayor. This reporter recently hear about a tragedy that rocked Darkmoor to its very foundations! Apparently Darkmoor's beloved mayor, Hector Firebrand, was accused of murdering the Duke, Maximus Aurelius, not once but four times!

    After reading the court documents the evidence pointed thusly. The Mayor and the Duke were in the Skyview Tavern (which reopens next Saturday for food and fun) when Hector summoned a vicious giant scorpion and sicced it on Max in cold blood. Max attempted to fight off the best but having been suprised fell to its onslaught. After a quick resurrection Hector then summoned an Earth Elemental and attacked him again.

    Of course Max was upset and went to get his dragon to settle the confrontation. While he was gone Hector evilly invised two more earth elementals and set them upon Max as he entered the bar. The last Max was seen was him chasing Hector out the door, dragon in tow. Hector returned to the bar shortly, unscathed.

    Things looked bad for Hector so he turned to shard reknown attorney Dahakon. When the final word came down Hector was found not guilty on all charges due to either self-defense or reasonable doubt.

    Of course this decision did not come lightly for the jury or the judge and riots erupted throughout the town and people took one side or another. This reporter interviewed the key parties.

    After speaking with witness' Shannon DeVeau and Venus it was obvious that they disagreed with the courts ruling. "The jury was rigged, said Shannon, "Miri is close personal friends with Hector! She have let him off if he'd done it in front of her!"


    Venus also had this to say, "Hector was so obviously guilty that it made you not wanna watch the trial! I feel this was a travesty of justice!"

    After speaking to the defense it was obvious that they didnt feel the same. Dahakon was quoted as saying, "This trial is proof that there is justice in Darkmoor!" Apperently in the defense's case they showed that it was inconclusive how the scorpion came to be at the Skyview this evening, the earth elemental could have been summoned by Shannon, who was present at the time of the second killing, Hector was obviously defending himself when he saw Max come storming in with a dragon in tow, and no one really knows what happened in the fourth death. "Justice was slow in coming," said the pleased attorney, "Im just thrilled everything went in my clients favor."


    When reached for comment the defendant had just that... No Comment.


    After the harsh statements by the prosectuion about the jury I felt it only right that she add her two cents. Miri says, "When called to do my duty I do it right, no matter my personal feelings."


    That being said I took to the streets to get the word of the common man. I came across a gentleman by the name of Matt Cauthon who had this to say, "I feel Hector was treated harshly! Im glad he got off! Hes a good man!"

    So there you have it folks. The story of a man falsely accused or a mockery of justice? You be the judge!

    (And come to Darkmoor and take part in some of this great impromptu roleplaying!!)

    p.s. sorry for the crappy pics....
  2. LadyMoriana

    LadyMoriana Guest

    There was a misprint..
    {After speaking with witness' Shannon Devroux and Venus it was obvious that they disagreed with the courts ruling. "The jury was rigged, said Shannon, "Miri is close personal friends with Hector! She have let him off if he'd done it in front of her!"}

    That should of been Shannon DeVeau /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest


    The last Max was seen was him chasing Hector


    And where is Max now?
  4. *frowns*

    Hrmm...considering the suave, unctuous Dahakon and the rather unpredictable Mr. Firebrand, one scarcely knows what to believe...

    A tough call, indeed.
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    A Letter bearing the Seal of the Draelon:

    To the interested parties in the township of Darkmoor,

    This report was brought to my attention, and because it does involve a fellow disciple and student of mine, Miri, I feel as her mentor that I should reply to a statement made about her:


    The jury was rigged, said Shannon, "Miri is close personal friends with Hector! She have let him off if he'd done it in front of her!"


    I was unaware that Miri served as a juror in this trial. In fact, I was not even aware that there was a trial. Not being aware of Darkmoor's judicial system, I would still offer the following feedback:

    1. It is true that Miri is close personal friends with Mr. Firebrand. In most judicial systems, this would preclude her from being a valid juror in this trial. If in fact she was allowed to serve in jury with full knowledge of their relationship, then I believe the verdict should stand. I see this oversight as more an indictment of a flawed judicial system than a 'rigged jury', as was suggested.

    2. Now the second part of the quote calls into question the character and integrity of my friend, whom I've known well enough to trust her with telling me the truth, even if she knows it will cause me harm. I take strong offense to these allegations, and I challenge anyone who knows Miri to reference the slightest dishonest behaviour on her part. I know that none can. Therefore, any questions or accusations regarding her behavior by Shannon Deveau and Venus can be taken up with me.

    Please understand that while I am unclear of the gravity of the central issue between Mr. Xavier and Mr. Firebrand, I do take any and all accusations of a Draelon bearing disciple quite seriously. Anyone who has ever bore the symbol of our group can tell you- it is not to be taken lightly. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance regarding any issues dealing with Miri.

    - Lothar of Paladine,
    Saint of the Ancients
    Disciple of the Draelon


    (Before people get all huffy, remember my reply is an RP reply to an RP report. It's simply how this character would choose to respond.)

    I am Jack's RP disclaimer.

    - Hec
  6. Xanthe

    Xanthe Guest

    Mayor Hector Firebrand "Not Guilty."

    Was accused of murdering the Duke, Maximus Aurelius, not once but four times!

    Four times? And still “Not Guilty”… Firebrand must of had OJ Simpson lawyer.lol
  7. Xanthe

    Xanthe Guest

    ROFL !!!! Hector saw Max chasing him from behind, Hector rode faster so he could be in position to throw a spell, and so he did. Max horse went out of controlled, and Max was thrown off of his horse, and broke his neck. Max, plead with Hector to save him, but Hector just stood there on top of Max, and cast out his last spell on him. Max, was dead again. Who will save Max? hehe
  8. harkonnen

    harkonnen Guest

    "if the glove does not fit, you must acquit"
  9. hiai

    hiai Guest

    Having recently served on a jury, I can tell you now that the verdict seems a well-considered and thoughtful one, and I cannot attach any blame to Miri if the Mayor was acquitted erroneously.

    If one takes into account the presumption of innocence, which as a citizen of Darkmoor I am well aquainted with, then the burden of proof rests upon the state, in this case the prosecutor, to PROVE the truth of the charges. Being charged is not the same as being guilty, no matter what slant the biased media may like to put on it.

    In this case, it is readily apparent that the evidence, in the form of circumstantial facts and observations, and witness testimony, was far to ambiguous to make a clear-cut decision about the guilt of the mayor, if any. Therefore, it was the jurors OBLIGATION to acquit, due to lack of evidence, no matter what her feelings as to the guilt or innocence of said accused may have been.

    Any personal relationship aside, Miri made the proper conclusion based on the evidence she was presented. As to the appropriateness of her being a juror in the first place....well I for one believe it was not appropriate, but she did make the proper judgment, nevertheless.

    My questions all revolve around the behavior of the prosecution, as a matter of fact. Why was such an obviously biased juror chosen? Why did the prosecuting attorney quit? Why was there such a quick trial, with no chance to gather a proper jury? This all smacks of some conspiracy, and I, for one, would like to see some more investigation into the matter.

    Where, for instance, are the bodies of the Duke? Were they properly examined for evidence? And if he was killed a fourth time, as suggested, then why have I heard rumors of his presence at other places on later dates?

    This all smacks of some jumped-up kangaroo court being called to try to defame the name of our good mayor, and I look with great suspicion on the motives of those that are so anxious to hang before a proper trial can be set. There is something afoot here, and it may be that only the good sense of Miri has averted the tragedy of an innocent man being convicted.

    And if the mayor should be guilty, after all, then what dastardly plan is truly being covered up, here? I call for a full investigation into these matters! As a citizen of Darkmoor, I demand that our public officals be held accountable in every way as a requisite to holding office.

    As an aside, I would like to point out that it is very telling that the Sheriff, who should be investigating the evidence, was actually the prosecutor at first, in this case. Highly suspicious, don't you think?
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As I am involved daily with our court systems here in america, I played the aprt of attorney fairly and to the best of my RP ability. Also, as in RL, past trials are quoted for future cases, as in Smith vs. Jones or whatever. For that purpose I post THIS, a short descripion of arguments and verdicts. Hopefully, this can clear it up a bit.

    Charge #1- Murder involving the scorpion
    The Defense- The scorpion did in fact THEN attack Mr. Firebrand slay HIM. This being said, the animal was clearly out of control, no matter WHO summoned it. It being beyond anyone's control, accidental death.
    The verdict- not guilty, accidental death

    Charge #2- The Earth elementals
    The Defense- There were two earth el's present, from two different casters. Therefore, there is no way to distinguish WHICH elemental was the cause of Max's untimely demise.
    The verdict- Not guilty, lack of positive evidence

    Charge #3- The Elementals Vs. the Dragon
    The Defense- Max claimed he was going to get something to fight with. Hector then made preperations, acdcording to Max's statement at the time, for his own defense. With the dragon in his control, and with obvious intent to harm Hector, it was clearly self defense.
    The verdict- Not guilty by reason of self defense.

    Charge #4- The unknown fate of Max
    The defense- Max is nowhere to be found. There can not be a murder, there is no corpse. Unlawful detainment and kidnapping? No hostage nor proof of capture.
    The verdict- Not guilty, lack of sufficient evidence to justify the charge,

    There you hjave it folks. Miri made her decisions based on THESE arguments presented by myself. You can now read them, adn see if you want to cahgne the verdicts, you know what we know.

    Lord Dahakon, Sonoman Attorney at Law.
    Partner at Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe, Law Firm
    Partner at Garrote, Knoose, and Hemlock, Law Firm
    Yours for judgement
    and persecution
  11. Batou

    Batou Guest

    *ahem* One must not forget that mayor was subsequntially charged with perjury and agreed to the plea deal of 2 weeks of Community service to be determined by the people of Darkmoor. The Mayor may have escaped the arms of justice with his previous actions, but in the end the people did get some justice served.

    I am sure the mayor is awaiting his message to return to the court to face his people and what they have choosen for him to perform in the 2 weeks of community service.

    That said if any memeber of the darkmoor community would like a say in to what mr. firepants must do for his community service please feel free to send me a messasge.

    The Honorable Judge Batou
    District Attorney's office of Darkmoor
  12. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    The Butler did it!
    (Butlers are very clever!)

    It was all a ruse to get everyone riled up and pointing fingers at each other!
    A clever way to distract everyone -- /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smash.gif

    -- leaving an unnoticed Butler free to chase after Max and dispose of him!

    -- or, food for thought:
    Was it Max himself, disguised as the Butler, who set everyone up?
    Did he have accomplices helping him with his conspiracy?
    What's the motive behind it all -- to have fun?
    <font color=green> I must study this report better,
    after I finish tending my bonsai plants/php-bin/shared/images/icons/wobble.gif
  13. Kolian

    Kolian Guest


    As I am involved daily with our court systems here in america, I played the aprt of attorney fairly and to the best of my RP ability. Also, as in RL, past trials are quoted for future cases, as in Smith vs. Jones or whatever. For that purpose I post THIS, a short descripion of arguments and verdicts. Hopefully, this can clear it up a bit


    Sheesh, no wonder it sucked so badly..
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, don't be a grumpy gus, now. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Look, don't get grouchy just because he walked. It was meant more as a joke than anything, and as a demonstration that the justice system needed work. It was stated more than once that this was more a dry run than anything, and that it really accomplished NOTHING. He's not back in the guild, he got community service, or wahtever punishment they placed on him for nothing. who knows, but it DOES need work
  15. "...what mr. firepants must do ..."


    Mr. Firepants...

    *points and laughs*
  16. LadyMoriana

    LadyMoriana Guest

    We just took a situation played with it.. had an impromptu trial ..
    Afterwards we did sit down discuss what we needed to do to improve things of this nature in the future. We arent experts and some are fairly new to rp so it was a learning exp for some. I personally had alot of fun with it. I love to Rp and it was a breath of fresh air for everyone to stay in character and just go with it. Yes it took awhile longer then some would of liked. Yes we had a very small jury.. Yes we had to use our sherriff for the prosecutor. All of this was due to using what we had at that point in time. We worked with what we had and had fun doing so. Which was the whole point after all.
  17. I thought this was pretty interesting, and was wondering where it was going. Impromptu RP can be really fun, and occasionally DoD has put together more elaborate plots just starting from something impromptu or some unplanned event.

    Especially lately, I've been caught by other players at the Yew Court of Truth, who are expecting some "grand design" as to why I was there with this particular character (when all I was really doing was working Bushido...) and I've had to come up with something on the fly. Sometimes those turn out better than my organized missions!

    Anyway- it's nice when RP can be free-flowing like that. When you have a general idea of what your characters would or should be doing in your mind- it makes things like that easier.

    Here's something fun you might try if you want to try impromptu, interactive RP:

    Grab a group of your friends and head to a spot where you may encounter people hunting. Now- have someone in your group split off and be at another spot within this area (like in the Court of Truth- have 1-2 people in your party at the jail, while the main party is at the Court).

    Now- if you see a couple of people hunting in this area, ask if they've seen your friends. The other people in your main party can help provide atmosphere by saying some things like:

    "These are the types of arrows Jabberwocky uses!"


    "Our scouts saw him here, earlier today."

    But not

    "You no take candle!" [/inside joke]

    You should be able to "read" whether or not the people you are talking to are receptive to playing this role or helping you.

    Describe who you are looking for to the folks you encounter. Use descriptive terms like "He's fidgety. Kinda wirey, Brown hair, beady eyes.."

    The more they appear "receptive" to the fact that you are "questing", the more immersive you can make it for them.

    This does take a little practice- but it's extremely rewarding if it's done right and the people you play with might even surprise themselves with the fact that this RP hoopla stuff can be kinda fun.

    I am Jack's not an RP expert disclaimer.

    - Hec