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McWolf 2009

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Fangs McWolf, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    This was a great thread: [post=851598]McWolf roll call and stuff...[/post]


    I need for everyone to confirm their McWolf's. Confirmation means your cat is black, regardless of name status. If you have it named but forgot to turn it black, please let me know A.S.A.P.

    In order to get your name added to the list, you must submit the information in this topic (or another topic authorized by me). If you don't, then it runs the risk of being missed or skipped over.

    Table of Contents
    • McWolf Threads
    • Rules of a McWolf (2009)
    • Upcoming McWolf's (2009)
    • List of McWolf's (2008)
    • Events
    • Edit Log

    McWolf threads
    • [post=25932]So I had an idear...[/post]
      The thread that started it all.
    • [post=851598]McWolf roll call and stuff...[/post]
      Those who reserved a McWolf name and some fun chat.
    • [post=914084]McWolf accomplishments[/post]
      Major, amusing and fun accomplishments.
    • [post=930038]McWolf hints, tips and general guide (take 2)[/post]
      A mini guide to help people with advancing their toons.
    • [post=950969]McWolf yahoo ids??[/post]
      Ways to keep in touch via Yahoo IM.
    • [post=963926]McWolf emotes needed (non McWolf's welcome too)[/post]
      Emotes (and doodle tricks) tradings.
    • [post=950925]McWolf Family[/post]
      The McWolf 2008 Family.

    Rules of a McWolf (2009)
    This section will be receiving updates

    A few requirements for being a McWolf...
      Being any other color disqualifies you from being a legitimate McWolf. Also, being any other species disqualifies you as well, so if you make McWolf out of something like a pig, then that toon is not a true McWolf.

      • Must have 'McWolf' at the end of the name. This is a change since last year. Basically, McWolf is our family name and so should be at the end. However, if it's a really awesome McWolf name, then it might work still.
      • Name must be unique (ie, if someone else puts dibs on it or already is using it, then it's not available for anyone else to use, except with that persons permission).
      • Must be appropriate. Not only by TT's guidelines, but no clever innuendos that are adult natured.
      • Must be a UNIQUE NAME! Copying another McWolf's name will exclude you from the official McWolf list. Only exception is if the original McWolf (with the same name) agrees to it.
      • SHOULD be related to Halloween, being black (non racial), black cat, of the cat family, etc. Also encouraged are carryover of names of other toons you own (to be easier to recognize) or something witty/clever.

      Fangs McWolf - I chose it because cats have fangs and so do vampires. Halloween usually includes vampires and vampire references. Also, it's a catchy name.
      Sergeant McWolf - Other toon is named Sergeant Squeaker, so she carried over the Sergeant part of the name.
      Yetta Nudder McWolf - just rather catchy dontcha think?
      Tiny McWolf - she's microscopic in size in real life so that's just rather perfect.

      Don't have to give up your entire toon life to help everyone who needs help, but if someone yells "Help!" and they're in a battle with four cogs and close to going sad, hop in and help if you can spare a minute.

      You may not START a grief fest. If someone else starts an issue, then how you handle it is up to you. McWolf's are not evil, but we're not doormats neither.

    A few requests if you make a McWolf...
    • Make your McWolf the smallest size possible. (Shortest legs, smallest/shortest body, small forehead and small mouth)
    • Get the "Spooky" name tag on your McWolf.
    • Be either Trapless or Dropless.
    • Have 'Chat Plus' enabled.
    • Start off with orange shirt/shorts (or shirt/skirt). After you make you have made your McWolf and started playing, you can always change your clothes (either get a ticket for the clothes shop or buy clothes from the lazy cow).
    Please keep in mind that the above requests are only preferences. To make sure there is no confusion, since some people think the word preference is a polite way of saying required, I mean that it is optional. Great if you follow it, but by no means are you shunned or anything if you don't. So long as the requirements are met, that's the important thing.

    McWolf's are encouraged to attend Stratics events (such as the Sunday runs) but it is not a requirement. McWolf's are not prohibited from participating with other groups nor are they expected to choose one group over another. The McWolf name is similar to a badge, where it represents your toon and your toon represents the name. When someone sees a McWolf, they should feel happy to see them and be able to trust that player. Who someone decides to be friends with is up to them, although they are encouraged to make friends with at least a few McWolfs. The whole idea boils down to helping to make the McWolf name a good one while having fun being their own person.

    Upcoming McWolf's (2009)
    Names claimed for a 2009 McWolf.

    For the list of McWolf's below, the players real first name is optional. Your name only appears if you agree to it, otherwise it does NOT show up in the list.

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    Now that Halloween has come and gone, I need players to CONFIRM their McWolf's. Confirmation means that your McWolf (or to be McWolf) is a black cat. Please also let me know if the name is approved or still pending. The CONFIRMED status is what matters now. If you are still trying to get a name approved, that is not a big deal. Those who are already in the approved/pending lists that confirm will get moved to the CONFIRMED list. I will put those with pending names (or not yet named) at the end of the list but will still be considered confirmed until/unless I am otherwise informed.

      CONFIRMED McWolf's
    Toon name (17)			Owner/contact name		First name
    --------------------------	--------------------		---------------
    Aunt Flabby McWolf		Aunt Flappy
    Austere McWolf			Violet
    Bella Loogosee McWolf		Granjell			Marge (Simpson)
    Celtic McWolf			james64468
    Creepy Crawler McWolf		Lady Blinky			Jay L. Bate
    Friends McWolf			Fangs McWolf
    Ghoul E. Girl McWolf		sheriff bonzo			Christina (Ricci)
    Gnaw T. McWolf			TT Chic
    Grand Poobah McWolf		Fangs McWolf
    Lock Ness McWolf		Tiff McWolf
    Lunar McWolf			Klawwed
    Major Celtic McWolf		james64468
    Menna Paws McWolf		ROSIE T				Margo
    Night Crawler Mcwolf		sheriff bonzo			Christina (Aguilera)
    Owoo Kast McWolf		TT Chic
    Oztea Ohpurr Ocious McWolf	alisagrace86			Ali
    Purrly Dentures McWolf		alisagrace86			Ali
    Toon name (1)			Owner/contact name		First name
    --------------------------	--------------------		---------------
    Ryan McWolf			Tiff McWolf
    Toon name			Owner/contact name
    --------------------------	--------------------
    Insane McWolf			Crazy Fireball
    McWolf's LOST
    Toon name			Owner/contact name	Reason
    --------------------		--------------------	-----------------------
    Jess A Nudder McWolf		rainwatercat		Changed mind on name
    Jess A Nutter McWolf		rainwatercat		Changed mind on name

    List of McWolf's (2008)
    Here is the list of McWolf's from 2008. Please notify me of any updates (lost McWolf's, for example).

    For the list of McWolf's below, the players real first name is optional. Your name only appears if you agree to it, otherwise it does NOT show up in the list.

    Confirmed McWolf's
    Toon name (49)		Owner/contact name		First name
    --------------------	--------------------		---------------
    ACE McWolf		Steveo
    Aluna McWolf		Mischief Magic			Anita (Pass Gas)
    Autumn Nite McWolf	SnoutKat
    Bostin Blacky McWolf	Ugly Wrinkleflip		Joe (the Plumber)
    Cautious McWolf		Fritz Toons
    Chorva McWolf		princess kitty
    Cooper McWolf		CooperColeman			Melanie (Griffith)
    Dilligaf McWolf		bgwolf77
    Dire McWolf		ATIV7220			August (Sept Oct)
    Drusilla McWolf		Sally Bumblefoot
    Faith McWolf		kingsgal			Lisa (Marie Presley)
    Fleas McWolf		Loadexfa
    Fritz McWolf		Fritz Toons
    Fuzz E. McWolf		Lollipop Zooblesnook
    Grimm McWolf		Mischief Magic			Spencer (10)
    Hackles McWolf		Loadexfa
    Lawnchanee McWolf	Granjell			Marge (Simpson)
    Maniai McWolf		bibslady
    Marty McWolf		Fangs Fizzleboing
    Melody McWolf		Stubby				Sandi (Sandi Cheeks?)
    Midnight McWolf		lou2700
    Midnight Magic McWolf	Purpledoodle
    Minette McWolf		Minette the Mini Cat		TGO (The Grounded One)
    Mischief Magic McWolf	Mischief Magic			Anita (Getta Knapp)
    Moonlight McWolf	susan4633			Susan (duh?)
    Nala McWolf		CooperColeman			CooperPooper
    Nevermore' McWolf	(Silly Rainbow Disco Star)
    Nitro McWolf		Mischief Magic			Anita (Cuppa Cola)
    Nurse Rebecca McWolf	ATIV7220			(wifey)
    Pretty Kitty McWolf	CooperColeman
    Prof. Orville McWolf	Stubby				Vicki (Small Wonder?)
    Punky McWolf		Electroflap			Aimee (Punky Brewster)
    Raven McWolf		Pinky Pepperpow			Judy (Hey Jude)
    River McWolf		Loadexfa
    Sarabi McWolf		CooperColeman
    Sergeant McWolf		Squeaker			Kathy (Dinner)
    Sheba McWolf		Desert Rose			Charlotte (and her web)
    Sheriff Lupin McWolf	Mischief Magic			Spencer (10)
    Solo McWolf		Steveo
    The Lone McWolf		Mischief Magic			David (& Goliath)
    Tiff McWolf		Tiff McWolf			Tiffany (duh?)
    Timber McWolf		ATIV7220			(sun)
    Tiny McWolf		(Kippy, burgundy duck)
    Trapper McWolf		toontownhappy
    Werr McWolf		Allison Wonderland
    Wikid McWolf		Voilet
    Willow McWolf		Sally Bumblefoot
    Yetta Nudder McWolf	rainwatercat
    Other McWolf's
    Toon name			Owner/contact name
    --------------------		--------------------
    Ginger Snaps McWolf		MissPoodledoodle
    Harry McWolf			Little Bita Nuttin
    McWolf's LOST
    Toon name			Owner/contact name	Reason
    --------------------		--------------------	-----------------------
    Confused McWolf			Crazy Fireball		dropped out
    Glace Noire McWolf		Minette the Mini Cat	friend - got side tracked
    Prof. Bingo McWolf		james64468		Toonicide
    Sally McWolf			Sally Toons		Personal reasons

    Events will be listed in the Toontown Events calendar marked with "Mc". Events will not be restricted to McWolf's only, so invite friends if you want. All McWolf's are encouraged to participate in other events listed, since it's part of the fun. :) Also, event names will be listed here but the actual details (when/where) will be on the calendar. If an event is not clickable then it may not yet be in the calendar. Events that collide with other pre-existing events are likely to change.

    McFishing (not yet scheduled) ||| McGolfing (not yet scheduled) ||| McRacing
    Keywords: Hive Sven Mc Wolf

    EDIT LOG times are eastern. Some list updates may not be listed in the edit log.
    [email protected]:03 Updated rules, shifted names list around.
    [email protected]:40 Requirements and preferences updated.
    [email protected]:21 Updated list and adjusted McWolf count
    [email protected]:37 Added "CONFIRMED" status for 2009 McWolf's, please read the IMPORTANT note attached to it.
    [email protected]:53 Changed the IMPORTANT/ATTENTION note at top.
    [email protected]:00 Updated list of confirmed McWolf's.
    [email protected]:35 Anudder update of confirms.
    [email protected]:43 Yetta Nudder McWolf update.
  2. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    update Prof. Bingo Mcwolf has been deleted. if the name Celtic McWolf gets approves that be my new Mcwolf name.
  3. Do u still need Mcwolf's and if so how do i join?
  4. To make a Mcwolf just make a cat with Mcwolf in the last name and any first name. Then on halloween when flippy tells you to say something, say toontastic and you poof into a black cat.

    Just tell fangs you want to join when your name gets approved.
  5. Making Insane McWolf (Pending Approval.)
  6. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Always accepting new McWolfs. If you want to join, read the first post of this thread, it includes the rules of a McWolf, including how to name it.

    Would also like for the toons attributes to be supplied. It doesn't get added to the list, but at least everyone (others and myself) will have an idea to what your McWolf will look like. I prefer smallest size possible, with the smallest forehead/mouth. However, so long as the requirements are met (again, see first post), then other things such as toon size are up to you.

    Something new (will be adding this to the first post) and is a preference is that the toon be made with orange clothes (black (cat) and orange (clothes) are the Halloween colors). However, new clothes may be bought and worn. Just would be kind of cool to have a bunch of new black cats running around with orange clothes on the first few days.
  7. Tiff McWolf

    Tiff McWolf Guest

    I am not making Holly Ween McWolf.

    But since I have a Tiff McWolf, i thought it would cool if I had Ryan McWolf too. (If you know me, youd understand)

    So i have

    Ryan McWolf-approved
    Keni McWolf-pending
    Istilla Needa Name McWolf- pending :)
  8. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Darn, I rather liked that name.
  9. ROSIE T

    ROSIE T Guest

    For the record....my name is Margo and Menna Paws McWolf is my kitty and yes, she is the tiny kitty! Pre-made her so her clothes aren't orange, sorry!
  10. Voilet

    Voilet Guest

    Im making Austere McWolf.
  11. Aunt Flappy

    Aunt Flappy Guest

    I have finally decided on a name: Aunt Flabby McWolf. I am pending approval. Will advise -- Owooooo!

    Aunt Flappy Twiddletoes
  12. Aunt Flappy

    Aunt Flappy Guest

    Oops -- forgot attributes. Aunt Flabby McWoof is the smallest cat possible with one exception. Not unlike Aunt Flappy, our girl is slightly voluptuous, some might even say "round." Otherwise she is regulation McWoof right down to her fetching orange outfit.

  13. Tiff McWolf

    Tiff McWolf Guest

    Keni and Istilla were both rejected.

    It is now

    Lock Ness mcWolf- accepted :)

    i treid

    The Lock Ness McWolf, but it was rejected :*(
  14. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Keep trying your favorite names Tiff! You know how they are. Just wait until they change shifts and you could get somebody that knows what they're doing to approve it. Takes me numerous tries to get any of my names through and all are completely harmless.
    Some get extremely questionable names through so I know that yours will make it. :gun:
    Love all the new names by the way. :thumbup1:
  15. I Tryed a few times for my name - Toontown hates me. Schools also taking up time, so once again, i cant make a wolfe :(
  16. Aunt Flappy

    Aunt Flappy Guest

    Name approved for Aunt Flabby McWolf!
  17. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    The orange clothing is a request, not a requirement. Even if it were a requirement, it wouldn't count against those who already made their toons. But as I said, not a requirement, just something to make it more fun. If someone does it, awesome. If not, then oh well, so long as they meet the requirements, they are a McWolf.

    Added under Pending.

    Keep trying names that you want. Sometimes, it takes several attempts.

    What about N. Sane McWolf?

  18. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Hi Fangs, Bella Loogosee McWolf was approved. Smallest cat attributes as per the Grand Poobah McWolf.
  19. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Moved to Approved. I'm claiming that Grand Poobah name (unless you plan to use it).
  20. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Thanks, Fangs - be my guest!
  21. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Celtic McWolf has been approved.
  22. Merged

    Hi everybody,
    I'm also new to stratics forum. My current toon is Sheriff Bonzo Palechomp 120 laff max sell and cash and lureless

    I have submitted the name Screamin Tina McWolf awaiting approval. I will be a dropless girl cat.

    Sheriff Bonzo was originally my son's toon so I never started a toon from the beginning. How do I turn black on Halloween? My kids said, say "Toontastic" to Flippy is that right?

    Will let you know if name gets approved.

    My daughter will probably be making a McWolf also.

    ok that name was rejected and rejected fast. So now i am trying Scream N Tina McWolf

    rejected again i'll keep trying
  23. Re: Merged

    Welcome to Stratics Sheriff Bonzo! Also, on Halloween you say "Toontastic!" to Flippy to turn your cat black.
  24. Aunt Flappy

    Aunt Flappy Guest

    Welcome Sheriff Bonzo!
  25. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to Stratics :)
  26. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Re: Merged

    On Halloween, go through the Toontorial and when Flippy is teaching you how to talk using SpeedChat, you go under Happy and say Toontastic!

    You can NOT do the Toontorial BEFORE Halloween day, otherwise you can't turn your cat black. Once you've completed the Toontorial, you can't go back, so make sure that you have the toon made, named and ready. Then on Halloween day, go in, say Toontastic to Flippy and finish your way to the playground. :)

    As for the name approval, sometimes if you submit the same name a few times, it'll get approved. Just make sure that there's nothing 'wrong' with the name. Oddly, the TT censors will sometimes let names pass through that clearly shouldn't while rejecting names that are obviously innocent and shouldn't have been doubted in the first place.
  27. Thanks everyone for welcoming me and all the good info. I'm still trying to get a name approved it didn't like Ghoulie Girl either but i'm still trying. Maybe i should try something sweeter like Candy Corn???
  28. The name Ghoul E. Girl McWolf was approved for me and for my daughter she got the name Creepy Crawler McWolf approved. We are looking forward to being part of the McWolf Family.
  29. Klawwed

    Klawwed Guest


    I've got Lunar McWolf Pending :eek:
  30. I might go with Night Crawler McWolf instead of Goul E. Girl they were both approved.:confused:
  31. Klawwed

    Klawwed Guest

    Lunar McWolf is approved :)
  32. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Major Celtic Mcwolf is my other McWolf toon the name has been approved.
  33. Lady Blinky

    Lady Blinky Guest

    hi this is lady blinky sheriff bonzo's daughter. my mcwolf is Creepy Crawler Mcwolf and my mom sheriff bonzo has Ghoul E. Girl Mcwolf and Night Crawler Mcwolf.
    and i have a question when and where do the mcwolfs meet?
  34. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest


    I need for everyone to confirm their McWolf's. Confirmation means your cat is black, regardless of name status. If you have it named but forgot to turn it black, please let me know A.S.A.P.

    The names are already in the Approved Names list.

    Are you 18+? If so, if you want your real (first or middle only) name attached to your toon, please let me know.

    As for when/where to meet, read the first post.

    Since Halloween just passed, meetings are encouraged in order to share emotions, doodle tricks, speedchat phrases, BEANS! and make friends. Please announce schedule ideas in this thread. When something has been planned and confirmed, then please add it to the calendar and make sure to post a link to the event so others can get to it easily. Please choose the correct event type (all day, ranged, reoccurring). If you need help with knowing which type to use then please ask for help. Since it doesn't say it, if it's a one time only event that happens at/during a certain time (not all day), use the ranged event link.

    In general, I encourage all McWolf's to participate in Stratics events on ToonTown, however it is not required nor are McWolf's prohibited from participating with other groups or their events. A McWolf is a free person with the idea being to be friendly, helpful, kind and fun. How they go about it is up to the player. I don't want anyone to feel required nor obligated to do certain things except for the basics.
  35. Klawwed

    Klawwed Guest

    Lunar McWolf is now confirmed black :)
  36. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    oztea ohpurr ocious mcwolf confirmed black :)
  37. Aunt Flappy

    Aunt Flappy Guest

    I confirm that "Aunt Flabby McWolf" is now black.

    Aunt Flappy
  38. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Confirming Bella Loogosee McWolf -
  39. Confirming Night Crawler McWolf and Ghoul E. Girl McWolf are black.
  40. ROSIE T

    ROSIE T Guest

    Menna Paws McWolf is officially a black kitty!
  41. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest


    What about "Purrly Dentures McWolf"?

    "Creepy Crawler McWolf"? Also is she 18+? If so, does she want her first (or middle) name given?

    Still need the following confirmed:
    Celtic McWolf
    Creepy Crawler McWolf
    Gnaw T. McWolf
    Lock Ness McWolf
    Major Celtic McWolf
    Owoo Kast McWolf
    Purrly Dentures McWolf
    Ryan McWolf​

    EVERYONE: IF you want your real (first or middle) name on the list, let me know. You are not required to give it out at all, this is only optional. I personally don't reveal much about myself and only offer to list it because last year a few people wanted the option to have their name shown.
  42. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Well Fangs, I can confirm that both Celtic and Major Celtic are in fact BLACK, because I met James this weekend....just in case James doesn't see this. Go ahead and list my name (Marge) after my McWolfs.

  43. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    purrly is black but i'm more focused on oztea. my name is ali you can use it :)
  44. creepy crawler mcwolf is not over 18... wow please dont make me older than i am already :sad3:. hehe :)
    but you can put my name it is christina (night crawler an ghoul e girl)
    thanks oops forgot to confirm yes creepy crawler is a black cat
  45. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    yes their black but i did see it but had problems trying to post. thanks Granjell.
  46. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    That's cool. Updated.


    Updated and I put in a name for her.

    Still need the following confirmed:
    Gnaw T. McWolf
    Lock Ness McWolf
    Owoo Kast McWolf
    Ryan McWolf​
  47. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Hey Fangs - I just met Gnaw T. and Owoo Kast McWolf and they are both black.
  48. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    met lock ness mcwolf at bean fest. is indeed black :)
  49. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Thank you both.

    Down to needing Ryan McWolf confirmed.

    Also, anyone know the status of: Austere McWolf and Insane McWolf?
    Last I have is pending approval. Were the names approved and were the cats turned black?