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McWolf roll call and stuff...

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Fangs McWolf, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    ...continued in: [post=950925]McWolf Family[/post]

    See you there!

    Those who wish to tell about their McWolf's that will be making an appearance in October, please do so. You may tell your McWolf's name, size (body, legs, head), what you plan to make it (trapless, dropless, etc), which track you plan to plant and even other rules to add, edit, etc.

    If you need more information, the rules, instructions and such are listed below. After reading the entire post, please check back on it for any updates. Updates will be noted at the end of the post to make it easier.

    • Requirements
    • Preferences
    • DXD and friending
    • Kindness, etc
    • Making a black cat (how-to)
    • FAQ's & Misc
    • Roll Call (list of McWolf's)

    • MUST be a black cat. Preference is to be as small as possible (short legs, short body (fat or skinny), short head (big/small mouth)), however that is up to the individual.
    • NO GRIEVING. If someone is mean to you then you may go ahead and stink them or whatever if you want. But don't purposely finish a run without all players unless someone is unable to make it. If they are trying, try to help them. You get the idea.
    • HAVE A COOL McWolf NAME. Being McWoof or McWoolf or some other variant doesn't count. Prefer that the name be dog/wolf, cat, halloween, etc related but is NOT completely necessary, so long as the name is cool. Also prefer the McWolf be the last name, but anywhere in the name is fine.
      *** For a list of some cool names, click [post=896699]here[/post] OR [post=929913]here[/post]. ***
    • NO STEALING NAMES. If someone mentions a name here that they plan to use and you like it, then talk to them and see if they'll let you have that name instead. If you know someone already planned on using a name or was considering a name, don't claim it as your own. Last thing we need are hard feelings because of copycats (no pun intended) or the confusion it could bring with it.
    • BE HELPFUL: Take randoms along on runs when those randoms need help. (If you are going to factory and a random needs to defeat a factory or a foreman, etc, let them come along if you have room).
    • Common sense, fair play, kindness. This is a MUST.
    • Other requirements may follow.

    These are only preferences/requests. You may follow all or none of them, your choice.
    • NAME: Something that is cat, Halloween, wolf and/or black color related. This is more for having cool fun names than anything, so even if it's doesn't fit any of the 4 things, oh well, use it if you like it.
    • GENDER: Prefer you be your own gender. But hey, if you want to cross-gender yourself, go for it and have fun just the same!
    • GAG TRACKS: Be trapless or dropless. Yeah I know some people love to be soundless or lureless or toonupless, but lets be real... Those are the 3 essential tracks and it makes it more difficult if one of those tracks are missing. But again, it's only a heavy encouragement.
    • Be willing to try to max at least 2 suits within a year. All 4 within 2 years.
    • EVENTS: Please try to attend the Sunday events and participate in the runs that you are ready for. This would help show respect to Stratics by supporting (what I believe to be) the main event of the week. At the very least, go to the beanfest. That will help you out with buying phrases and stuff while you're still young. But VP, CFO and CJ if you can (but again, you don't have to).
    • DXD: Know how to use DXD to have friends. Please read below for more on DXD. Read also for an update

    DXD and friending
    • I'm aware that DXD hasn't been restored to TT yet. When it does, that's when it would be nice for all McWolf's to friend each other on it. This helps everyone out not only on their McWolf toon, but on their other toons as well.
    • DXD names have no sort of encouragements or rules. It can be whatever you want. You may use a McWolf name for your DXD name if you want.
    • McWolf's may friend/sf each other but it is not a requirement. If there are 10 McWolf's then that chews up 10 slots for everyone. Imagine if there are 20 or 30. Your list fills up quick with nothing but McWolf's. That's why DXD is preferred and friending/sf'ing is optional. So you can have your own friends while being a part of the group.
    • Update Due to the rumor that DXD will not return to TT (we can only hope that it will), here is a recommendation: Those you are friends with on other toons that make McWolfs, sf them. That way you are playing with friends still are a part of the group. Still not a requirement to be friends with all McWolfs or anything. However, it IS encouraged to SF at least some of them.
    • Update I have heard that DXD will not return to TT - but - that the friends list may be expanding to allow more friends. It is not known how many friends total but I'm hoping for at least 100. That would allow McWolf's to sf each other (still optional) and not make a dent in their list maximum. This is currently unconfirmed by me but wanted to pass it along.

    Kindness, etc
    • If someone grieves you, then hey, we're all human and sometimes don't react in the best possible way. So yeah, if someone else causes a problem, then while it's not encouraged for you to react, it's understandable.
    • Don't grieve someone for fun. Period. You aren't required to alter your toons life or schedule to help someone, but don't be a jerk neither.
    • Do good deeds. Even a simple thing like joining a battle and tooning up the players when they are near sadness can make a big difference. For all you know, that player could be a kid that had a bad day and by saving them from going sad, you just made their day and suddenly they get a task done or a new gag or something.
    • Fair play. There are so many things that this covers, but a simple example is to not purpose kill a cog when you know others won't get to use their gags and get gag points. If its a case where you have to do it or risk them going sad, then that's one thing. But stopping someone from getting gag points is being mean. That's one example, I doubt others need to be listed.
    • When feasible, respond to kind whispers. "I like your look." should get a "Thanks!" so the player feels respected. If a dozen toons are saying it though, it's understandable to only say it once or twice.
    • You don't have to be friends with someone just because they ask. This is especially true if you just signed on and you have 20 newbies asking you to be their friend.
    • Common sense. Not all rules fit all situations. Just try to treat others how you want to be treated, so long as it's nice. If you don't mind being treated rudely, then that's you. Still be nice to others.

    Making a black cat
    You can use this information even if you don't make a McWolf.
    • Go to make a new toon.
    • Make sure it's a cat. For McWolf's, would prefer the cat to be as short as possible, but that is not a requirement.
    • Go through the rest of the process of making the toon including clothing and a name.
    • IF it is not yet Halloween: After Mickey/Minnie pawns you off for the Toonorial, X out (or Alt-F4) and return on Halloween day.
    • On Halloween, after you have defeated the Flunky, gotten your book, Flippy will be teaching you how to use the speedchat. When he asks you to say something, go into the Happy section and click on Toontastic! and *poof* you are a black cat! Unless Disney says otherwise, this will ONLY work on Halloween day. ie, Oct 31st, Pacific time.
    • Check back to see if the name is approved (try again until you get one approved).
    Just a little note here: You can always make a cat, giving it a name you KNOW will get rejected, turn it black on Halloween and then name it later. For those who think they may want to have another black cat but aren't sure, I would recommend doing this. You can always delete it later, but you can't make it black until the next Halloween.

    FAQ's & Misc
    • CLOTHES: It is not necessary to wear any specific clothes or to make sure you match clothes with others. If you and some others want to coordinate and have matching outfits, that is completely optional.

    • DISTRICT: To make it simple, use the same district we use for doing the runs - Kooky Grove.

    • FREE BEANS: I will attempt to be on Saturday during a few points. If I see some McWolf's running around I may toss beans. This will be clarified as the day and time approaches. Check this thread for updates on bean tossings.

      So far I'm aiming for the afternoon. Most likely 6PM or after eastern time.

      If someone wishes to give out beans at a specific time on Saturday, please list it as Eastern time (or e/c/m/p format) to eliminate confusion. Also list the district if it won't be in Kooky Grove.

      Also, please don't give out more than 950 beans at a time (allow at least 15 minutes between throwings). This will allow players to buy items in their cattlelogs, buy gags, switch toons, etc. If we get enough people willing to throw beans, we could perhaps arrange it to be hourly or even every 30 mins, and have a schedule for when someone will toss beans. This is NOT limited to McWolf's. Even non McWolf's may enjoy the free beans.

      Update: Read a thread that susan4633 (aka moonlight mcboo aka Moonlight McWolf) made [post=948758]here[/post].

      Nov 1st, Kooky Grove, Toontown Central (not Welcome Valley), inside the gag shop:
      Squeaker (Sergeant Squeaker aka Sergeant McWolf) said she will throw beans at 10am and 11am (eastern time).
      I am aiming to throw beans at 6pm and 7pm.

    Roll Call (List of McWolf's)
    *** Having trouble thinking of a cool name? For a list of some cool names, click [post=896699]here[/post] OR [post=929913]here[/post]. ***
    Member name (16)		  Toon name claimed (list 1)
    --------------------------	  -------------------------------
    Squeaker			* Sergeant McWolf
    Lollipop Zooblesnook		  Fuzz E. McWolf
    Voilet				* Wikid McWolf
    Granjell			* Lawnchanee McWolf
    Minette the Mini Cat		* Minette McWolf
    CooperColeman			  Cooper McWolf
    toontownhappy			* Trapper McWolf
    lou2700				* Midnight McWolf
    MissPoodledoodle		  Ginger Snaps McWolf
    Steveo				* ACE McWolf
    Sally Toons			* Sally McWolf
    Ugly Wrinkleflip		  Bostin Blacky McWolf
    susan4633			* Moonlight McWolf
    CooperColeman			  Pretty Kitty McWolf
    ATIV7220			* Dire McWolf
    Stubby				* Melody McWolf
    Member name (10)		  Toon name claimed (list 2)
    --------------------------	  -------------------------------
    Crazy Fireball			  Confused McWolf (dropped out)
    Sally Bumblefoot		  Drusilla McWolf
    Sally Bumblefoot		  Willow McWolf
    Steveo				* Solo McWolf
    Mischief Magic			* Aluna McWolf
    Mischief Magic			  Mischief Magic McWolf
    Mischief Magic			  Nitro McWolf
    Mischief Magic			* Sheriff Lupin McWolf (son)
    Mischief Magic			* The Lone McWolf (hubby/reserved)
    rainwatercat			* Yetta Nudder McWolf
    Member name (8)			  Toon name claimed (list 3)
    ------------------		  --------------------------
    Little Bita Nuttin		  Harry McWolf
    bgwolf77			* Dilligaf McWolf
    ATIV7220			* Timber McWolf
    ATIV7220			* Nurse Rebecca McWolf
    bibslady			  Maniai McWolf
    kingsgal			* Faith McWolf
    Electroflap			* Punky McWolf
    Desert Rose			* Sheba McWolf (told to me in PM)
    Member name (6)			  Toon name (list 4)
    -----------------		  ------------------
    Fritz Toons			  Fritz McWolf
    Fritz Toons			  Cautious McWolf
    Fangs Fizzleboing		* Marty McWolf
    james64468			  Prof. Bingo McWolf
    princess kitty			* Chorva McWolf
    Minette the Mini Cat		  Glace Noire McWolf (via IM)
    Other confirmations...
    Autumn Nite McWolf
    Prof. Orville McWolf
    Raven McWolf
    Tiffany McWolf (name pending approval)
    Tiny McWolf
    Were McWolf
    * = confirmed McWolf's
    List is in thread order. Please do not duplicate any of the names already made. This list is being provided to help prevent duplicates, not make them. Lists parts are according to 'check points' made.
    Click on a checkpoint to view that post:
    [post=896772]Check point 1[/post] - [post=903526]Check point 2[/post] - [post=939644]Check point 3[/post] - [post=948710]Check point 4[/post]
    [post=949920]Confirmations 1[/post]

    So far... 30 McWolf's confirmed with 16 pending.

    DXD update #2
    I talked to someone in Live Chat and the guy didn't know anything about DXD not returning to TT. However, my impression is that it could be true just he wasn't informed about it. I will be checking further into this.

    True Friends
    Maybe I'm out of the loop on this (I haven't tried to search for information about it yet), but if you click on someone, and then click on True Friends, it gives you the option of getting a code for their toon, or for the player. The 'toon' is the original sf/tf method, where as the 'player' method is, I'm guessing, going to be a replacement of (or new integration for) DXD.​

    EDIT LOG times are eastern
    [email protected]:14 DXD update
    [email protected]:45 DXD update #2
    [email protected]:43 New rule: No stealing names; Updated appearance of post.
    [email protected]:59 Gender and Events added.
    [email protected]:12 Better formatted/outlined post. Split rules into requirements and preferences. Included update about DXD/friends list.
    [email protected]:44 Added "FAQ's & Misc". Matching outfits optional.
    [email protected]:59 Added "Roll Call (List of McWolf's)". True Friends update.
    [email protected]:13 Updated roll call (list 2). Added links to check points and to Sally's list of McWolf names.
    [email protected]:30 Added note about making black cats.
    [email protected]:02 Updated roll call (list 3). District and free beans added. Another link for cool McWolf names.
    [email protected]:46 Updated roll call (list 4). Corrected list (found 2 duplicates). Confirmed McWolf's.
    [email protected]:24 Updated roll call list (additional confirmations) and updated confirms. So far, 30 confirmed + 16 pending.
    [email protected]:08 Updated bean toss information.
    [email protected]:53 ...continued in: [post=950925]McWolf Family[/post]
  2. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    According to Live Chat, DXD is never coming back to TT. It has been sent off to other areas of the WDW site. Speedchat Plus will be coming soon. Yuck.
  3. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Allright - now just Sergeant McWolf. A little easier? And a girl - although I do like to cross-gender... just kidding. Same otherwise - just a skirt. lol Time to go start over... Love the new names - see ya at the fishing hole!

    Sergeant Tix McWolf is the typical boy black cat variety. I did not make him a boy because girls cannot be sergeants (not a sexist!) or to confuse people. Girls do not have ticks, simple enough. He will be dropless eventually and I think I'll start by planting lure until it's maxed. I've heard that it helps to train it. Guess I'll find out... Then haven't decided between trap and throw - I'll probably be going through choochoo withdrawls by then so probably trap. As this is the final resting place for names, I'll shut up now and not add any other subjects...

    Who else has made a final decision on their name? So many great ones floating around out there!
  4. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    I'm still trying to get some variation of Lon Chaney McWolf approved. I have tried Lawn Chaney, Lawn Chainey, Lawn Chayney, Lon Chainey, and Lon Chaney McWolf. Non have been approved as yet. My female cat is not the shortest possible, but medium height. She will probably be dropless, since I already have 2 trapless toons.
  5. Fuzz E. McWolf - female, smallest cat, smallest head with small snout - dropless.
  6. Voilet

    Voilet Guest

    I got names approved for female named Wikid McWolf she will be dropless.
  7. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Would you believe they approved Lawnchaney Wolfman McWolf? So there we go...not sure about it though....
  8. I like it! :D
  9. I'm still mad I couldn't get Cooper McWolf approved. But they approved Awesome Cooper Noire. Hmmmmm...
  10. Do the McWolf's need to wear the same clothes?
  11. Trying again with Awesome Cooper McWolf. We'll see!!!
  12. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    I certainly hope not the same clothes! I don't think I could live with Wolfie's fashion sense.. Not that mine's much better.
  13. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Fashion SENSE? The only sensible thing about it is it's a pattern. Wear the outdated holiday clothes till the new holiday clothes are deemed out of date, then switch.:loser:
  14. My new Wolfie toon is.. Minette McWolf... just to let everyone know...
  15. Welcome to stratics
  16. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to Toontown Stratics!
  17. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Welcome to Stratics - nice to meet you!
  18. I'm really beginning to think that whether or not a name is approved depends upon who's sitting behind that screen and what kind of mood they're in. lol

    Seriously, a couple weeks ago I made a pig, named it and it was approved. I then found the way the head moved on the body while running really distracting so I deleted, named and used same name again and it was rejected. Hmm. Tried same name again and it was approved.

    Puzzling but that's my theory! Good luck with your name.
  19. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Welcome Little Minette! Hope you enjoy yourself :p

    Sergeant McWolf took four tries, even though I already had Sergeant Tix McWolf. I resubmitted it repeatedly and it was approved within a day. So no, they don't make sense.
  20. lou2700

    lou2700 Guest

    Sebastian Mcwolf...
    crossing my fingers...
  21. Finally got Cooper McWolf approved. She will be dropless, just like Cooper!
  22. I would like to let you all know that I adopted a new black McWolf.

    It is a small black(to be) cat that will be dropless. his name is Bostin Blackeye McWolf.
  23. How does Trapper McWolf sound to ya'll? :lick:
    Homage to both M*A*S*H and my trap phobia
  24. lou2700

    lou2700 Guest

    Trapper,how come i didn't think of that??
    i like it
    anyways,they didn't approve sebastian mcwolf,although it was in a disney movie called "dumbo's circus"
    ----go figure
    i did get Midnight Mcwolf approved,he'll be dropless
  25. I made Ginger Snaps McWolf. IDK if she will be dropless or trapless yet. I'll wait and see what other people are doing. I dont want EVERYONE to have the same track lol.
  26. Well Deb, with that name you will NOT be able to whine when we force you to use trap!! Now watch, you will choose drop!! Love the name....very appropriate! None of your friends would ever wonder who this toon belongs to!:lick:
  27. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    What about ACE MCwolf does anyone have that name? If so I will use Steveo Mcwolf.
  28. If it was a monkey clan you could make another green one and call it SeaSick McWOlf ROFL
  29. princess kitty

    princess kitty Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I cannot think of a perfect name and so I'm leaning towards Chorva McWolf.
  30. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Babette McWolf?
  31. princess kitty

    princess kitty Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm not familiar with any Babette other than Babette's feast. :blushing:

    Chorva can mean dog, wolf, witch, scary, etc.

    It can also mean cat, toon, headquarters, fangs and Babette. LOL!
  32. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    Howdy, I have chosen "Sally McWolf " for my small black kitty. TT has not authorized it yet but i keep checking and will pursue it. I have not taken her out to play but one day since last Holloween. :eek:[ She is a 17 laffer, lvl 3 Squirt & lvl 2 Throw and has 17 jelly beans! Clouds all opened.:D I am waiting to hear more of what others are chosing before i pick her gags. I know she will have LURE, SOUND and TU. There is absolutley no way I am going to match Wolfie's attire. ( Forget about it!!!) Have fun all.
  33. Welcome to stratics sally! I was wondering if u were ever going to post.
  34. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    Thank you! I know this will be alot of fun for us all. I'm quite excited to see what all we come up with. :)
  35. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    hahahahaha, dont' blame ya there!

    Welcome to Stratics! I agree, it's about friggin time you got here!
  36. Ok my son Used Bostin Blackeye McWolf so I had to delete him. I remade him and worked very hard at getting the name reapproved the way I wanted it spelled in the first place.

    My cat will be "Bostin Blacky McWolf" He will be dropless.

    For those of you who don't know who Boston Blackie was. You can google him. He was an ex jewel theif, Friend to those who needed a friend and enemy to those that made him an enemy.
  37. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    well i'm going for Moonlight McWolf. sob... i had to capitalize it. ah well....dems the breaks.
  38. Very creative Joe, i like it. Im juggling if i should make one or not.
  39. Gonna try to make two black cats. The second will be "Pretty Kitty McWolf" and she will be trapless. As much as I love my dynamite and trains, I want to have at least one toon with a piano.
  40. ATIV7220

    ATIV7220 Guest

    I've chosen Dire McWolf. I'll make him trapless.
  41. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    I thought I would try for Melody McWolf. Melody was the name of my first toon, and it sorta represents me in the fact that I was music major in college, yada....

    And I just happen to like that name. It seems a lot of people are going dropless, so I will go Trapless. Im gonna start on her in a few minutes. Wish me luck! :)
  42. Woot Woot!!!

    Pretty Kitty McWolf was approved. And she will be trapless!
  43. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    I was out the other night ( Oh yes i DID leave my computer! :lick:) and was with people that has no clue what "McWolf " means much less TT. I said to them, " if your last name was McWolf and you were a black cat in need of a full name... what name would you give it? " Here are some they said that might be usefull as Holloween approaches for all that may be stuck on names.

    Lone McWolf
    McWolf Dundee
    Hungry Likka McWolf
    Boy Cried McWolf
    Fleetwood McWolf
    Merry McWolf
    McWolf Gang Puck
    Blanca Mcwolf
    Timber McWolf
    McWolf Man Jack
    Wolfmother McWolf
    Obvioulsly alot of music lovin ppl..duh?
    Believe me there are More but censor time so I'll stop here :blushing Anyone else hear any? :
  44. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    This is what you might call a "check point" or a "bookmark". Here are the list of names I've seen being claimed up to this point. Refer to the first post of this thread for who is associated with each name.

    Toon name			Member name
    -------------------------	--------------------
    ACE McWolf			Steveo
    Bostin Blacky McWolf		Ugly Wrinkleflip
    Cooper McWolf			CooperColeman
    Dire McWolf			ATIV7220
    Fuzz E. McWolf			Lollipop Zooblesnook
    Ginger Snaps McWolf		MissPoodledoodle
    Lawnchaney Wolfman McWolf	Granjell
    Melody McWolf			Stubby
    Midnight McWolf			lou2700
    Minette McWolf			Minette the Mini Cat
    Moonlight McWolf		susan4633
    Pretty Kitty McWolf		CooperColeman
    Sally McWolf			Sally Toons
    Sergeant McWolf			Squeaker
    Trapper McWolf			toontownhappy
    Wikid McWolf			Voilet

    princess kitty, did you happen to try to get Chorva McWolf approved yet?
  45. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    My name was approved. So welcome Melody McWolf!! She will be trapless and start with lure as her organic track. :popcorn::thumbup1:

    I had a thought, maybe our big toons could sf some of the McWolf pack to get them speedchat, emotions and pet tricks, then take them off if desired!!
  46. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Oh I know my McWolf is going to need a bit of help. Squeaker's still a baby toon and can't buy most of the emotions :blushing: although I have bought as many emotions as I could and a couple of phrases for her. I don't know how much can fit in the box so I haven't gotten any doodle tricks.

    The names are awesome - I will try later to match them with their known names or I will never keep them straight! Hard enough already. I'm thinking of making another but it won't be worked right away. Sally's list is just too good to pass up!
  47. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Sounds like a plan to me, although I sorta thought people might end up doing that anyway, being how people are around here. Heck, I'm half-way expecting that some big players will make friends and then help out for awhile before removing them, only because of how helpful some people are. I'm planning to friend a few on their McWolf toon in place of their stronger toon for that reason (especially if I have them on IM). Sally McWolf (aka Sally and Sally Three) is already working her McWolf some (on her own too, even though I would help her if I were to see her on it when I'm on TT) and she might be in TB or even DL by the time the rest of the group appears. I gotta warn you though, she LOVES to help people, so run away from her if she slacks off of her tasks. :D

    You mean the 'Special' emotes? That's due to your account not being old enough, not your toon. :lick: I wonder, are you able to gift things to your McWolf even though she hasn't done the Toontorial yet?

    Look in the first post of the thread, I put who-is-who in there. It's not alphabetical though, it's based on the order in the thread that names were confirmed and mentioned. I plan to keep that as a master list, and do another 'check point' if more people pop up with their names.

    If you want to make another one, then go for it. All you have to do is make it black and then worry about naming it later. You might not make it a McWolf even. That's how Sally is working hers already, she made a black cat and never named it so she was able to name is now.
  48. Okay.. I think im going to make a McWolf, because I cant come up with a name what-so-ever.

    I am going to make one. Maybe two if thats okay

    Confused McWolf (Female- MAYBE) (Making this one if I can have two)
    Small Forhead, Big Mouth, Fat Body ,Medium Legs
    Dressed in ALL Red.

    Fireball McWolf (Male)
    Small Forhead, Big Mouth, Tall body, Medium Legs, This toon is oddly shaped XD
    Dressed in ALL White.

    I Can used Disney XD, All that jazz. Im a teenager if that plays a role in anything, and this toon will be keept private except to this fourms. I Can get most of the New emotions and all of that stuff. So No need to gift to me.. See you on Halloween of 08!
  49. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    hahahahahahaha I love it.
  50. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Up to you.

    If you are going to definitely use those names, go ahead and make the cats now and name them. That way on Halloween, all you have to do is the Toontorial and turn them black.

    DXD might not be returning to TT. If you're under 18, there are some adults that may not agree to SF with you (but might be regular friends). But as for the group, no age restrictions, after all, Minette McWolf is a bit under 18.

    I think "Hungry Lyka McWolf" might work better. If someone chooses to use it, guess it would depend on which way they want to spell it. It is funny though. :D
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