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[Meditation] Meditation - 100, 110, 120?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Boogieman, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    I'm in the process of turning my necro mage into spellweaving mage and I miss lich form for it's mana regen.
    Now I'm using active medtiation a lot more often and too my disappointment it has been nerfed at some point between 2004 and now. Back in the days :scholar: 100 medi meant 100% success rate. I think that when AoS was introduced and you could exceed 100 points in stats, you had a chance to fail medi if you skill was below your int.

    In any case I'm fed up failing medi. I'm currently at 105 medi (110 scroll) and it doesn't help a lot. So - must I lower my int to below my medi skill or scroll up / jewel up as much as possible?

    I have naturally increased LMC and MR on my suit and it helps quite a bit. But after dumping it's nice to actively meditate while your EVs do the job.
  2. Chaosy

    Chaosy Guest

    If you find it hard to meditate, you're either going to have to take med to 120 skill or lower your int/mana pool. I would go for the former, and just focus on getting more lmc and mr. I rarely have to actively meditate on my mages.
  3. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Meditation has been changed a bit over the years. Now, the lower your mana pool the harder it is to meditate actively. You can fail to meditate even at 120 meditation.
  4. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    With the older code still in place (pre PS) a gm med took into account you could not have more that 100 mana(125 maybe) and if you have more than that you would fail A LOT.

    Now this has been addressed in a more recent publish(51-52) but heres the thing. Now I can active med in low numbers on certain points only. My lucky numbers seem to end in a 2 or a 6 ie:6,12,16,22,26 and fail at gm as high as the 50s if im not on a lucky 2 or 6. I have 148 mana.

    Find you lucky numbers and watch you status and hit medi on those numbers. With a fast MR suit it gets harder as you must be quicker so good luck it is rocket science now!

    The extra med 105,110,115,120 seem to only effect MR rate and not sucses%!
  5. GFY

    GFY Guest

    For me, I have 115 med on my mage, over 200 mana, and 40 lmc. I almost never fail to med if I'm at 50% or so or above in mana. However once I fall below 50% I start to fail. The closer I get to 0 mana the more often I fail.
  6. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    Ok, thanks guys. I had a feeling that was case. I can't tell if I have lucky numbers - but who knows...

    Maybe I'll just go back to necro :spider: Gotta love lich/wraith form and dark wisp.

    - Yup, I've been working on finding LMC and MR pieces for my suit. Which helps a lot of course. Problem is I'm having a hard time digging up those MR 2, LMC 8%, LRC 20%, 65+ resist bits - con you beleive it ??? ;)
  7. Splup

    Splup Guest

    Add 10+ MR and 40 LMC to your suit and you will be fine :) I'm fine with 80 medit with my 14 MR and 40 LMC.