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meeb fan club!!!!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_mo'gluk, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Looks like the Knights of the Silver Serpent are harassing a citizen of these lands. That is a violation of the law Section 11-8 as decreed by Lord British before the fall of Trinsic. The Wakayama Clan will renew patrols into Wintermoor and assure that all her citizens are being peaceful - even to the disgusting orcs.
  2. Har! I assure you mister Wakayama that there was no harrassment taking place, excepting that of him and his clansmen upon the citizens of Wintermoor, with their Pixies, Imps and Runebeetles.
    The sooner this rancid scourge moves on, the better.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good Shogun,

    speaking as a true citizen of Wintermoor, and the owner of the soon-to-be-opened theatre there, I can assure you that the knights in the orc's crude painting were there to ensure that he did not attempt to sneak into the theatre without paying.

    He has been harrassing our ticket office ladies, attempting to obtain various items from the snack vendors without paying, and insists on leaving small pieces of white, roasted corn all over the floor. He also insists on replacing the bar's good ale with some strange, syrupy, dark coloured liquid, that he calls 'koh-laar'. Must unsettling.

    Perhaps the one who resembles me in KSS can take matters in hand - though his guildmates have done an admirable job.
    (I fear that my guild's rulings prohibit me from raising a hand to this squatter on my doorstep, unless he strikes first.)

    Still, I hope that the building inspectors, Kelmo and Thauron, are not harrassed by this smelly individual when they come to do their appointed rounds.
  4. Anyway, we weren't there for you; we just wanted to see that cute beetle again.
    You could tell we loved him when we hugged him so tight he popped the first time he appeared. [​IMG]
    Awwww. Beetles...
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Now now Shogun, do not make me say Hail to thee with me lil bow and arrows again. I also can assure thee that the orc in question and his clan are not being harrassed. IF ever they come out of the house to play with the fighting knights, then twould be self defence for all concerned.

    Meanwhile I live right there with the orc hut in my sw corner of my home and well, all my parrots are keeling over near dead, with every inhale they make from the pungent aroma quafting up to my tea garden rooftop, from that orc hut.

    My parrots are citizens too and all they can do lately is try NOT to inhale or they start squaking in odd words and alien tongue and cuss words, that they are learning from ...orcs. I prefer my parrots not to be cussing in orc speak and to breathe clean smellin' air.

    And needless to say parrot Sio isn't happy !!
    Nor is parrot Otis, nor parrot Toth, nor parrot Otto and Beatrice, nor parrot Daan nor me parrot Rizzy, nor the rest of em. GAH...Shogun..THINK of my parrots, they need justice and mercy for them also, for they are innocent lil feathery creatures and citizens of our fair land and atm they are each gasping and gaggin from the pungent aroma coming from da orc hut.

  6. *falls off rock Laughing Hysterically at the thought of Parrots speaking Orc and Cussing*
  7. har meeb likee da parrots dems taste guud ......

    but eben beddur is da bubhosh plans meeb hab for dis Wyntermuur agh Iantuun ...lat beware meeb da warboss agh meeb here tu stay....
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm, rather arrogant for an orc. I reckon you have yet to meet the sherriff of "Iantuun". She has a special place in her heart for orcs. *chuckles*
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    House hide much?