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Meeting with the Role Players.

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by EM_Bennu, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. EM_Bennu

    EM_Bennu UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Spriggan and I have both met with the PVP Community several times in an attempt to gain insight on how better to include their subset of the atlantic community into our Events.

    Now it is the Role Players turn.

    Today (Short notice, but the rest of the week is booked) @ 6pm EST I Would like to meet with any Role Players who are available, you can come IC or OOC depending on your preference.

    We will be meeting at the EM Hall in Britain.

  2. EM_Bennu

    EM_Bennu UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Aug 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Here is the log from this meet and greet for those that missed it.

    Remember, you can always email us with feedback, requests or anything at all.

    We are lonely and need love.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    EM Bennu: ------------RP Meet and Greet---------
    EM Bennu: Hello Everyone.
    Lynx: Evening Bennu
    Athan Khallar: Hail!
    Aulbrey Loveless: *waves*
    EM Bennu: Thank you for coming on such short notice, this is a busy week all around.
    EM Bennu: And I wanted to squeeze this in if at all possible.
    EM Bennu: Alright.
    EM Bennu: *thinks of where to start*
    EM Bennu: As many of you know I am a role player at heart.
    EM Bennu: However I have found it difficult in the past few months to interact with the RP community.
    EM Bennu: Let me explain what I mean.
    EM Bennu: Being what I am, an EM, there is a very fine line I must draw.
    EM Bennu: If I interact with you too much, calls of favoritism ring out, or many people feel...
    EM Bennu: I/we are becoming a distraction.
    EM Bennu: If I interact too little, I feel like I am ignoring you.
    EM Bennu: Which I do not want to do either.
    EM Bennu: I see you all as a very important part of the ATL community as a whole.
    EM Bennu: And while Spriggan and I have met at Yew Moongate in Felucca.
    EM Bennu: Many times to discuss with those of a more combative lifestyle.
    EM Bennu: We have not come to talk to you directly.
    EM Bennu: Hence why I called you here.
    Joanna Weaver: * smiles*
    EM Bennu: Two reasons mainly.
    Hans: *nods*
    EM Bennu: First, I need to explain to you exactly what I CAN do for you.
    EM Bennu: I CAN provide lockdown and minor things to assist in your own events.
    EM Bennu: As Joanna, and Tazar here can both testify.
    Tazar: *smiles*
    EM Bennu: All you have to do is ask.
    <13931919>Aulbrey Loveless: *must fight urge to propose* :p
    Soren Bishop: * nods*
    EM Bennu: There are certain things I can do...
    EM Bennu: But wont.
    EM Bennu: Like Locking down thousands of lockdowns in Skara Brae for a couple days.
    EM Bennu: *head hurts*
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    Joanna Weaver: * nods*
    Aulbrey Loveless: *giggles*
    Joanna Weaver: * smiles*
    EM Bennu: Alright.
    Will Kaldhel: *chuckles*
    Joanna Weaver: Thank you again for that
    EM Bennu: So, Tavern Nights, Your own events (community wide not guild only).
    EM Bennu: I can assist on a minor level.
    EM Bennu: Just ask.
    EM Bennu: The other thing is.
    EM Bennu: I would like to know how I can interact with you, as well as provide content for you.
    EM Bennu: That you will enjoy.
    WildStar of Baja: ...
    EM Bennu: Without becoming a distraction.
    EM Bennu: I am VERY impressed with the ARPC so far in my tenure here.
    EM Bennu: The drama level here is amazingly low from what I can tell.
    EM Bennu: Which is NOT the case elsewhere.
    Athan Khallar: *nods*
    Joanna Weaver: Actually your events are easy to incorperate into what's already going on
    EM Bennu: Thre are certain RP communities.
    EM Bennu: That directly combat with their EMs.
    EM Bennu: And I do not want that.
    EM Bennu: So, here we are.
    EM Bennu: I need to know two things.
    Soren Bishop: Combating your em is counterproductive.
    EM Bennu: #1 How can I help? #2: What would you like to see from me?
    EM Bennu: I agree Soren.
    EM Bennu: But the same is also true if you reverse it.
    Will Kaldhel: mm
    Soren Bishop: *nods*
    Beleth: Well to begin I will state I am OOC here for the evening...
    EM Bennu: A lot of my events have been "Go here kill this reap the rewards"
    EM Bennu: Some people like this, but from the feedback I have gotten.
    EM Bennu: Most of you dont.
    EM Bennu: So here we are.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    Soren Bishop: Most tp
    Soren Bishop: Rp.. if I can type
    Joanna Weaver: Well your quests have a storyline
    Soren Bishop: Yes..
    Soren Bishop: the storyline
    Athan Khallar: I find the best thing for roleplayers is building a coherant and engaging storyline.
    Athan Khallar: *nods nods*
    EM Bennu: Sometimes I very much feel like the combat far outweighs the story.
    Tazar: Storyline is important... I believe best if the story is revealed through the quest - though that is difficult to do.
    EM Bennu: It is just something I am having to learn as I go.
    EM Bennu: The balance of the thing.
    Beleth: Bennu, one suggestion I would have in regards to interacting without showing favortism or stealing...
    WildStar of Baja: It is my experience that there will always be a least slight tension between PvM and RP play style
    EM Bennu: Yes Beleth?
    Beleth: the thunder of an event is taking a page from the Seers of old...
    Beleth: If you have time and are at an event, throw in random things while invisible..
    <26603891>WildStar of Baja: hope you don't mind me commenting
    Beleth: Minor spawn just to add spice to an event..
    Beleth: Nothing epic, no item drops.. just something out of the norm from behind the scenes
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    WildStar of Baja: There will also be players who want only the PvM part without the back ground story to it
    EM Bennu: I am pretty sure that spawning for player events is off limits.
    EM Bennu: Yes, There are many play styles.
    EM Bennu: I am of the opinion that NONE of them should be ignored.
    EM Bennu: I am here to provide content for everyone.
    Joanna Weaver: Storylines are great. I love them so far. Perhaps different ways of defeating the obstacle before us, rather than kill, logic puzzles
    EM Bennu: That goes for the PvPers just as much as it does for you.
    Joanna Weaver: perhaps item gathering
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    EM Bennu: The last puzzle I did was a mess.
    Ian Nottingham: perhaps a little more content for the less *ahem* Vitruous Clans
    Joanna Weaver: I particularly like the spontaneous "bridge" RP
    Alaundril: Indeed
    EM Bennu: In fact, I think we crashed the server.
    Joanna Weaver: you do before the days of events
    WildStar of Baja: Clues that involve references to past storylines
    Beleth: Beyond lockdowns and character appearances (and obviously hosting events), what can EM's do?
    WildStar of Baja: that the RP community would of followed
    Joanna Weaver: Well, Spriggn is doing something for the less virtuous, isn't he?
    Joanna Weaver: He has the evil army?
    EM Bennu: Joanna, I like those too, those are kinda 'free time' for me.
    EM Bennu: To RP with the different characters.
    EM Bennu: I am open to ideas on how to announce those.
    EM Bennu: So they are less random.
    EM Bennu: But not have 200 people show up demanding items.
    Joanna Weaver: Special com crystals in rp locations? or off the wall locations?
    EM Bennu: Yes, Spriggan is leading the 'dark crowd'
    Alaundril: * laughs*
    You see: Cassandra [CAP]
    You see: Alaundril the Tactician
    You see: Ian Nottingham [CAP]
    You see: Tazar [0DE]
    You see: Joanna Weaver [[M]]
    You see: Eliza Bathory
    You see: WildStar of Baja
    You see: Lord Beleth [OES]
    You see: Isk [[M]]
    You see: Acheron [[M]]
    You see: Stormy
    You see: Pia Longlimbs [=DP=]
    You see: Aulbrey Loveless
    You see: Lady Soren Bishop [GPSY]
    You see: Hans the Tactician
    You see: Athan Khallar the Warder
    You see: Lord Absalom the Mage
    You see: Will Kaldhel [H+G]
    You see: Coranzen Coborel [SEAS]
    You see: Lynx [SEAS]
    Beleth: Hehe, when you announce them, bold "NO ITEMS, NO CHANCE, NONE!"
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    Absalom: Kal Ort Por
    Athan Khallar: For storylines, having investment in the EM characters themselves is huge as well.
    EM Bennu: There is about to be a dramatic shift in the rewards situation on our world.
    EM Bennu: I agree Athan.
    Athan Khallar: The norm for UO seems to be the one and done. Ricardo was a good example of one that had
    EM Bennu: The three main RPCs that I use, Bellatrix, Danica and Josiah.
    Athan Khallar: Potential
    Joanna Weaver: Some of us in the room are working toward knightship with the Crux Ansata
    EM Bennu: Are all long term characters for that reason.
    Athan Khallar: Perhaps an IC meet and great, a feast, or something of that sort would be interesting.
    EM Bennu: It is important that people are able to grasp onto at least semi-statuesque elements of the plotlin
    Athan Khallar: *nods*
    EM Bennu: I am not a one and done type of EM.
    Alaundril: It doesn't have to be complicated. People just want to be involved thats all
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    Joanna Weaver: Well you have to show up to be involved
    Joanna Weaver: * hint*
    Joanna Weaver: * hint*
    Joanna Weaver: * hint*
    EM Bennu: But I also.
    EM Bennu: Well here is an example.
    EM Bennu: *looks around the room*
    You see: Cassandra [CAP]
    You see: Alaundril the Tactician
    You see: Ian Nottingham [CAP]
    You see: Tazar [0DE]
    You see: Joanna Weaver [[M]]
    You see: Eliza Bathory
    You see: WildStar of Baja
    You see: Lord Beleth [OES]
    You see: Isk [[M]]
    You see: Acheron [[M]]
    You see: Stormy
    You see: Pia Longlimbs [=DP=]
    You see: Aulbrey Loveless
    You see: Lady Soren Bishop [GPSY]
    You see: Hans the Tactician
    You see: Athan Khallar the Warder
    You see: Will Kaldhel [H+G]
    You see: Coranzen Coborel [SEAS]
    You see: Lynx [SEAS]
    Beleth: Will there be ways to directly oppose the Crux and perhaps help see them fail during events?
    EM Bennu: Ok, they are not here.
    EM Bennu: So I will talk about them.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Bennu: Yes Beleth.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Bennu: Verymuch.
    EM Bennu: Show up tomorrow.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Bennu: Ok, here is my example.
    EM Bennu: A lot of you may know Kaylor.
    EM Bennu: Kaylor emailed me and asked me for help in the knighting of Eclyse.
    EM Bennu: Forgive my character name spellings.
    EM Bennu: I wasn't quite sure what it is I could do to help.
    EM Bennu: It wasnt a specific request.
    EM Bennu: Just a general one.
    EM Bennu: Ona general level, there wasnt much I could do.
    EM Bennu: I saw it as mostly a 'guild' event.
    EM Bennu: Which I can not do much with.
    EM Bennu: But.
    EM Bennu: As the event got closer.
    EM Bennu: I saw that it was community wide.
    EM Bennu: Her knighting ceremony.
    EM Bennu: So Danica showed up and did what she could to interact.
    EM Bennu: I enjoyed it quite a bit.
    EM Bennu: And unfortunately had to bow out early.
    Joanna Weaver: Well, are you still doing weddings?
    EM Bennu: Does that make sense or have I gone and made a right turn and gone on a tangent?
    EM Bennu: *laughs*
    Soren Bishop: you made sense
    EM Bennu: Yes, two wedding scheduled for this next month actually.
    Joanna Weaver: Those two are getting married
    Soren Bishop: *waves to Spriggan
    EM Bennu: 11th, and 14th
    EM Spriggan: *waves*
    Joanna Weaver: Hello ye olde god of llamas
    Cassandra: *waves excitedly*
    EM Bennu: I will let the parties involved do their own announcing.
    EM Bennu: *winks at Spriggan*
    Beleth: Sadly I need to go... I will try to make the event tomorrow night but life is hectic currently..
    Beleth: Goodnight all.
    Joanna Weaver: Night Beleth
    EM Bennu: Goodnight Beleth.
    Athan Khallar: See ya buddy.
    EM Spriggan: *looks around*
    Ian Nottingham: *looks to Cassy*
    Ian Nottingham: *shh*
    Beleth: Kal Ort Por
    EM Bennu: As I said, we are looking for ways to entice you all to interact with our events.
    EM Bennu: When we run an event with 200 people.
    EM Bennu: It is usually the RP community who actually moves the storyline forward.
    Isk: *looks at Joanna*
    WildStar of Baja: *wonders what 200 players in the same general area on Baja would look like?*
    EM Bennu: Some players do not understand the EM concept.
    EM Bennu: They show up.
    EM Bennu: Jump through gates.
    EM Bennu: Kill stuff.
    EM Bennu: And demand rewards.
    EM Bennu: *shrugs*
    EM Bennu: That is a play style.
    EM Bennu: But it doesn't add anything to the world here.
    EM Bennu: Which is what Spriggan and I want to do.
    Tazar: that's the "Can I Have" crowd...
    EM Bennu: Add something.
    Cassandra: I just call it greedy
    Athan Khallar: I think it's more of a community oriented role than most would like to believe, or know.
    EM Bennu: Well, it is still a valid playstyle.
    EM Bennu: *shrugs*
    Ian Nottingham: I agree Athan
    EM Bennu: Spriggan and I have agreed to dramatically reduce our rewards.
    EM Bennu: *hopes he can let that cat out of the bag*
    Tazar: *applauds*
    Joanna Weaver: I am glad you stopped mentioning how many of an item were given
    EM Bennu: In hopes of providing more story.
    EM Bennu: and less candy.
    EM Bennu: Yes, it was becoming an Item Collector party here on Atlantic.
    EM Spriggan: well there goes my plan of tormenting the rares collectors :p
    Cassandra: yep yep
    EM Bennu: I am a storyteller, not a vending machine.
    Cassandra: I like stories
    Joanna Weaver: I personally tend to feel bad for EMs being assigned Atlantic. It is a hard over populated shard
    Athan Khallar: I think that's a good thing, it's like going to an art show for the free drinks and not the focus.
    EM Bennu: Im not sure what Spriggan is.
    Joanna Weaver: It's like NYC
    EM Bennu: I love Atlantic, I think I would be bored on a tiny server.
    Acheron: rather overpopulated than baren
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    Joanna Weaver: Yes, but you get the greedy more here than anywhere as well as the good
    EM Bennu: Spriggan and I are WAY too active.
    EM Bennu: To be on smaller servers.
    Ian Nottingham: active = good
    EM Bennu: We would be a major distraction I think.
    EM Bennu: *laughs*
    Joanna Weaver: haha
    Joanna Weaver: mischievous sprites
    EM Bennu: The greedy do not bother me, honestly.
    EM Bennu: Mesanna gives us an AMAZING amount of freedom.
    Acheron: how about gettin us on boats
    Acheron: for whatever reason
    EM Bennu: To a level I am very thankful for.
    Tazar: Mesanna is wonderful. *smiles*
    EM Bennu: Boats scare me, because they are new.
    EM Spriggan: we've pushed the limits on what we're normally allowed to do a lot
    EM Bennu: But we will get to including them.
    Molly Kaldhel: I think if you consider gifts that do not appeal to the greedy that might be an alternative.
    EM Spriggan: mesa has been good enough to tolerate it so far :)
    EM Bennu: Very much so, Spriggan and I are both pushing the envelope on many things.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Bennu: Like what Molly?
    Acheron: you guys seem pretty popular
    Acheron: everyone seems attantive and interested when ur around
    EM Bennu: It is better to be feared than loved, isnt that what Machiavelli said?
    Molly Kaldhel: Well labled robe or dress or sash, something that when eaten does something wierd like wierd fish
    EM Bennu: Love Spriggan.
    EM Bennu: Fear me.
    Athan Khallar: He's dead, don't worry about him.
    Athan Khallar: *chuckles*
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Spriggan: I'm too cuddly to be feared
    EM Bennu: Spriggan did you have anything specific?
    <13931919>Aulbrey Loveless: booo i gotta leave *cries*
    Joanna Weaver: I would ask that you stay on Atlantic
    EM Spriggan: well, I missed the first half of the meeting, by accident
    EM Bennu: I am not going anywhere till Mesanna fires me.
    :heart:1830074>Tazar2: I am taking screenshot of the dialogue... I'll update you later.
    Joanna Weaver: We seem to lose Ems quickly
    EM Spriggan: but it looks like you covered anything I'd have brought up
    EM Bennu: one moment
    Ian Nottingham: I bet he's an elf under that mask
    Ian Nottingham: Spriggan, not isk
    Ian Nottingham: this time
    EM Spriggan: Did Bennu go into the current evil + good 'RBG' style groups we've been doing?
    Joanna Weaver: Not in great detail
    Ian Nottingham: not really, it was touched on
    Joanna Weaver: I think this is the first some are hearing about it
    Acheron: i have no clue
    Ian Nottingham: I read about it, was wondering where the bad guild is
    Molly Kaldhel: I just got here myself.
    EM Spriggan: I'd meant to kick off the evil side along with the Crux
    EM Spriggan: but stuff got in the way, combined with a lot of writers block
    EM Spriggan: but the evil side will be officially established on Wednesday, in it's RP aspect
    Ian Nottingham: it happens
    Ian Nottingham: *feels warm and fuzzy suddenly*
    Soren Bishop: Looking forward to id
    Soren Bishop: *it
    Joanna Weaver: Great
    You're now visible.
    EM Bennu: Sorry about that.
    Cassandra: *sits up*
    Joanna Weaver: And remember guys if you help the evil side you lose points in the good side
    EM Spriggan: But do remember, the same character cannot belong to both groups at the same time
    Ian Nottingham: *thinks*
    EM Bennu: Well, you can... but you wont advance in either one.
    EM Bennu: If you do.
    Tazar: But what about me and my evil twin brother?
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Bennu: As long as the name is different.
    EM Bennu: You are ok.
    Ian Nottingham: can't say I have that problem
    Ian Nottingham: never been much of the good ilk
    Tazar: are we allowed to infiltrate the other group as a spy?
    EM Bennu: Basically, we wanted to put forth a "Royal Guard" here.
    EM Bennu: But we also wanted to do it for both sides.
    EM Bennu: Tazar, that would have to be role played.
    EM Spriggan: And I just like killing nice things.
    EM Bennu: With your commander.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    Tazar: *winks*
    Ian Nottingham: oooh I like that one in the mask
    EM Bennu: Spriggan and I havent talked about it yet though.
    EM Bennu: Ok, back to the point.
    EM Bennu: I want you all to know, and spread the word...
    Soren Bishop: If I may..
    EM Bennu: Weddings, Tavern Nights, Community/Shard Wide Events.
    EM Bennu: We can assist with.
    EM Bennu: If you want us there.
    EM Bennu: Invite us.
    EM Bennu: If you need help.
    EM Bennu: Ask us.
    EM Bennu: If you want us to stay away.
    EM Spriggan: *is a wedding enthusiast*
    EM Bennu: Dont.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    Soren Bishop: *laughs*
    EM Bennu: Both are acceptable.
    EM Bennu: OH
    Tazar: I believe it is safe to say that you both have an open invitation.
    EM Bennu: And banners.
    EM Bennu: Send your requests to us.
    EM Bennu: It hurts my feelings when you dont.
    Joanna Weaver: Zomg can you spawn an animal just so I can train, something that won't take damage
    EM Bennu: And I am a sensitive flower.
    EM Spriggan: *stifles a laugh*
    EM Bennu: *drops the invisible crate on Joanna*
    <26603891>WildStar of Baja: Plants and now flowers....
    Cassandra: I wanna show you two EMs one of my houses
    Tazar: Do you have any news on the potential community center? or on the town-teleport hub?
    Tazar: that you can share?
    EM Bennu: Ah, the community center.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Bennu: Ok.
    EM Bennu: Was wondering when this would come up.
    EM Bennu: *laughs*
    EM Bennu: Ok.
    EM Bennu: Last I heard from Mesanna, it was a 'large' request.
    EM Bennu: I didnt get Copied into the final draft.
    EM Bennu: So Im not sure what it looked like.
    EM Bennu: But, I BELIEVE she said she was going to be in contact with the group of people
    EM Bennu: That submitted it.
    EM Bennu: And work from there.
    Tazar: We really did not do a design layout... only a list of features as in the em forum on Stratics.
    EM Bennu: Beyond that, I have heard nothing.
    EM Bennu: BUT
    Tazar: We left the Design to Mesanna as she is so good with it.
    EM Bennu: Mesa has been CRAZY busy.
    Tazar: but we have not heard back from her in a long time now...
    Tazar: and have not pestered her
    EM Bennu: After the 1st of the year, I THINK things will calm for her a bit.
    Tazar: because we know how busy she is.
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    EM Bennu: Well, do this.
    Tazar: We are patient.... but persistant. *grins*
    EM Bennu: If you havent heard anything by the 1st of the year.
    EM Bennu: Politely send her an information request.
    EM Bennu: On status and what you need to do.
    EM Bennu: Keep in mind.
    Tazar: The advice is appreciated.
    EM Bennu: This project is between the community and Mesanna.
    EM Bennu: Spriggan and I have VERY little to do with it.
    EM Bennu: Last call, anything else?
    Joanna Weaver: How far in advance would you prefer wedding announcements?
    Tazar: aye... but knowing how sensative you are, we'd hate to leave you out. *grins*
    Joanna Weaver: or even event notices
    EM Spriggan: a week at the least
    Cassandra: I seriously want to show you 2 my house
    EM Spriggan: so we can work around any events we might have planned
    Joanna Weaver: That is enough time?
    Soren Bishop: Also... the small rp in umbra.. prior to one of the events..
    EM Bennu: Spriggan will be doing most of the weddings I think.
    EM Bennu: He likes them very much.
    Soren Bishop: Was nice so you know.. small interactions of rp work really well.
    EM Bennu: I will do them when there is a conflict.
    EM Bennu: Or I am requested.
    Joanna Weaver: Is he human?
    EM Bennu: Soren, the one with Bellatrix?
    Soren Bishop: Yes.
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    EM Bennu: RPC interactions like that are our 'free time'
    EM Bennu: I enjoy them a lot.
    Soren Bishop: So do we.
    EM Bennu: But yet another thing we have to be careful with.
    Soren Bishop: Understood.
    :heart:2981817>Soren Bishop: forgive.. have to duck out and deal with teenagers...
    Joanna Weaver: They can't be viewed as showing partiality
    EM Bennu: Exactly.
    EM Bennu: I am kinda messed up at the moment, as both Danica and Bellatrix are locked away...
    EM Bennu: in a room with no doors.
    EM Bennu: So my world RP is very much on a hold.
    EM Bennu: Till the Crux fixes it.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    Joanna Weaver: I know a certain Zog Canal leader
    Joanna Weaver: that is anxious to get involved
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    Joanna Weaver: Cabal
    EM Spriggan: hehe
    EM Bennu: I find it interesting how much.
    EM Bennu: Many of you have adopted Ultima lore.
    Joanna Weaver: At some point you will probably be held at gunpoint for Zog's bones
    EM Bennu: I was worried the Time Lord would have people going 'uhhh what'?
    EM Bennu: But seems to be going well.
    You see: EM Spriggan
    You see: Molly Kaldhel [H+G]
    You see: Cassandra [CAP]
    You see: Ian Nottingham [CAP]
    You see: Tazar [0DE]
    You see: Joanna Weaver [[M]]
    You see: Eliza Bathory
    You see: WildStar of Baja
    You see: Isk [[M]]
    You see: Acheron [[M]]
    You see: Pia Longlimbs [=DP=]
    You see: Hans the Tactician
    You see: Athan Khallar the Warder
    You see: Will Kaldhel [H+G]
    You see: Coranzen Coborel [SEAS]
    You see: Lynx [SEAS]
    Tazar: Many of us have played since the old original series.
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    Joanna Weaver: Hah well thankfully even those who never learned the lore got to see him once during the Inu arc
    EM Bennu: Well, it kinda depends on who wins the fight.
    EM Spriggan: *is a huge Ultima Underworld fan*
    EM Bennu: I am VERY open ended when I write.
    EM Bennu: The players CAN lose.
    Joanna Weaver: Nice
    EM Bennu: Zogs Bones may end up as a drink coaster for the Xorinite Queen.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    Joanna Weaver: hehe
    EM Spriggan: Vilus would probably like some Zog Bone Armor
    ThePleasurer: whats happening
    EM Bennu: *nods*
    EM Bennu: Hello.
    Joanna Weaver: Hail
    ThePleasurer: all stay
    EM Bennu: We are just having a talk with the RP Community.
    EM Bennu: You are welcome here.
    ThePleasurer: :)
    EM Bennu: Spriggan and I both have great things planned.
    EM Bennu: But without the RPers.
    EM Bennu: Its just spawn and loot.
    ThePleasurer: u think u can throw up a gate to luna?
    Coranzen Coborel: I will
    EM Bennu: Get my point?
    Joanna Weaver: No
    Coranzen Coborel: Com
    Athan Khallar: *nods*
    Joanna Weaver: there's a gate near the bank
    EM Spriggan: that would leave a bad aftertastye
    EM Bennu: We both need you folks.
    Athan Khallar: Absolutely.
    EM Bennu: And in turn, we can and will do glorious things.
    EM Bennu: Both good and Evil in this world.
    Joanna Weaver: You guys give us things to do that aren't tea socials
    EM Bennu: I know I am very excited.
    Connor McManis: whats going on
    Ian Nottingham: Cheers evil
    EM Bennu: That is pretty much everything I wanted to say.
    Athan Khallar: I have one more thing...
    EM Bennu: Anything else?
    EM Bennu: Sure Athan.
    Athan Khallar: I think I speak for all of us here in saying we heavily appreciate all the work both of you have do
    Athan Khallar: done for the roleplaying community, and that we consider you both honorary Atlantic roleplayers, and
    Athan Khallar: an honored part of group.
    EM Bennu: *smiles*
    Lynx: *claps*
    Athan Khallar: We are definitely in the opposite realm from most shards, there's only appreciation for everything
    Athan Khallar: you do here for us.
    Ian Nottingham: yeah, I think there's an EM application somewhere
    Ian Nottingham: for ARPC
    Ian Nottingham: *wink*
    Athan Khallar: And finally, since no ones asked yet tonight. Can I have your robe?
    Athan Khallar: *chuckles*
    EM Spriggan: hehe
    EM Bennu: Our goal here is to help the players, of all play styles, enjoy the content.
    EM Bennu: Without you, there would be no us.
    Ian Nottingham: I want that llama book, mine keeps throwing me off and spitting at me
    EM Bennu: If I run a bunch of stuff that people hate.
    EM Bennu: People wont come.
    EM Bennu: And then we are pointless.
    EM Bennu: So as long as you are having fun.
    EM Bennu: And we are not playing favorites.
    EM Bennu: We are doing our job.
    Ian Nottingham: and you are doing quite a good one
    EM Bennu: And unfortunatly...
    Ian Nottingham: in my opinion
    EM Bennu: I am not even allowed to login to the Atlantic server.
    Eliza Bathory: Por Ort Grav
    EM Bennu: Much less actually play here.
    EM Bennu: *grins*
    EM Spriggan: hehe
    Eliza Bathory: Por Ort Grav
    Ian Nottingham: really?
    Eliza Bathory: Por Ort Grav
    EM Bennu: Really.
    EM Spriggan: I wanted to go to a couple of Bennu's events myself
    EM Spriggan: but alas
    Tazar: Intended to prevent favoritism.
    EM Bennu: If I ever found out who Spriggan's PC was...
    EM Bennu: I would kill the crap out of him.
    EM Bennu: Over, and Over
    EM Bennu: Over, and Over
    EM Spriggan: I'd have to kill him :|
    EM Bennu: Over, and Over
    EM Spriggan: Well
    EM Bennu: Alright.
    EM Spriggan: I'm immortal in all my incarnations :p
    EM Bennu: One last thing.
    Ian Nottingham: I really like sprig
    EM Bennu: Queen Dawn will be addressing the people in a little while.
    EM Bennu: You are all welcome to attend.
    Joanna Weaver: Tonight?
    EM Bennu: It will be at the castle as soon as she is dressed.
    EM Bennu: *smiles*
    EM Bennu: RP Only Talk.
    Joanna Weaver: Maybe she can tell us about our city
    EM Bennu: But important none the less.
    Joanna Weaver: We need help with the bane!
    EM Bennu: Alright.
    EM Bennu: I want to thank you all for coming.
    EM Bennu: Even on such short notice.
    Hans: *nods*
    Athan Khallar: It was a pleasure.
    Hans: thanks for talking to us
    Tazar: Thank you for the invitation to chat
    Lynx: *applauds*
    Joanna Weaver: Thank you for this opportunity
    Ian Nottingham: thanks for your time
    EM Bennu: I will be posting a log of this on stratics.
    Salvaged: Indeed.
    Cassandra: yeah thanks
    EM Bennu: Maybe it will find its way to the ARPC boards as well.
    Will Kaldhel: cool
    Joanna Weaver: ok it will
    Ian Nottingham: I'd bet on that
    EM Bennu: We can read, but can not post there.
    EM Bennu: So...
    EM Bennu: Feel free to comment on either place.
    EM Bennu: And we can read.
    Ian Nottingham: EM's have a lot of rules
    Lynx: neither can I so dont feel bad
    EM Bennu: Yes Ian.
    EM Bennu: But our rules only protect the game world.
    Ian Nottingham: oh I understand that
    EM Bennu: Without them I could rip off Isk's mask!
    EM Bennu: And that would make people cry I think.
    Cassandra: *giggles*
    Ian Nottingham: and prove he's an ELF!
    EM Bennu: *winks*
    Joanna Weaver: * gasp*
    Salvaged: *gasp*
    Ian Nottingham: just like I said all along
    Isk: *laughs*
    Alaundril: *laugh*
    EM Bennu: So rules are important.
    EM Bennu: Without them, I would go rogue.
    EM Bennu: and prove to you all what it means to be feared.
    Ian Nottingham: *whispers to cassy*
    EM Bennu: *laughs*
    Ian Nottingham: I KNOW he's an elf
    EM Bennu: Have a good night folks, thank you again for coming.
    Cassandra: i still wanna show them my house
    EM Spriggan: not me!
    Salvaged: You too *waves*
    Ian Nottingham: not you
    Ian Nottingham: ISK
    EM Bennu: I appriciate it.
    Tazar: Safe Journeys!
    EM Bennu: *waves*
    Athan Khallar: Farewell friends!
    You're now invisible.
    EM Spriggan: *whew*
    Ian Nottingham: thanks again both of you
    Tazar: and thanks for all you do for Atlantic
    Cassandra: *waves*
    EM Spriggan: *waves*
    Will Kaldhel: *waves*
    Pia Longlimbs: ack. sick dhild and just got back
    Ian Nottingham: *waves*
    EM Spriggan: Sorry I was late, and thanks for coming everyone
    Lynx: *waves*
    Pia Longlimbs: thank you for coming.......
    Alaundril: Good to see you guys. Thanks.
    Athan Khallar: *pokes Molly*