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Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Husky{m6}, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Husky{m6}

    Husky{m6} Guest

    To all of you....
    I write this, to inform you all, belatedly, of the passing of my lady melinasix..... My Name, is Husky, I was melinasix's fiance, and partner in life, and it was she who introduced me to the world of ultima online. We both started playing at the same time, But, due to my very considerable working commitments, Melinasix..her real name was Cindy... was the one who did most of the playing online... which was considerable I assure you
    she could spend 12 hours in UO, and not falter.... smiles... we had met online, and she took the brave decision to move the 5000 miles across the Atlantic to live with me here in the UK in R/L, from then on, we did everything together, including what grew to be our almost fanatical interest in the online world of Dragons, and mages , and tamers etc.... melinasix made a great deal of friends in this online game... she was always laughing and giggling with someone over what was the best template for this char, or that...we both looked forward eagerly to the release of Samurai Empire, which was released while we were in the USA visiting melinasix's r/l family. we got back... and she even installed Samurai empire, before we had even unpacked... such was her love for the game, and the people in it... little did I know then, that she had only 14 days left in this world of ours. With my lady's passing, It took me nearly 3 months to be able to cope with actually logging in to the game once more, I found all the characters were there.... Cindy had 5, I have one. smiles....all of hers are gm in one way or another, but I can't bear to touch hers for fear of losing one of her precious animals which she so lovingly nurtured. all the rare plants she daily tended are now dead, and withered. But, one thing I found that made me smile, and kept my faith in people... was the wonderfully kind words I recieved as news of melinasix's passing spread... I had no idea she had touched so many of you, and for that, please let me give you my heartfelt and humble thanks. She may be gone, but her memory isn't forgotten, as I have learned.... If you see me out there in UO, my title is Lord Husky, please don't hesitate to say hello, I thank every one of you who knew Cindy(melinasix).. and made her laugh ...and gave her so much help and inspiration in what we didn't know was the last year of her tragically cut short life.... I miss you my Lady.... I hurt terribly without you... but I know I am among so many of her friends here in UO. all that is left is to say,............ Rest peacefully my darling Cindy, for you touched so many good people here..... thank you all....... John (Lord Husky)