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Memories From an Old Timer

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Kaizan, May 28, 2003.

  1. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    Yep a year has gone by since I last posted, Thus to re-kindle the flame of some of you old-timers who are still around, heres the +Ode To The Forgotten+ I had posted last year.. enjoy.. and keep the memories of those who bled for Sonoma alive...


    To the Pioneers of Ultima Onlines' original Roleplayers who made Sonoma a world worth logging into and loosing Girlfriends (boyfriends) over for the lack of
    attention they got! :p (1995-2000.. Prolly before many of you had computers! *grin* )

    Ariakan - My PvP partner and the one true friend i made in UO..
    Harlequin - My brotha from anotha motha..
    Denlor Darkblade - A Shadow.. A Silent predator of little words. Who needed words when your sword is coated with poison?
    Maximus - One of the Original Warlods...
    NecroLyte - A pioneer and visionairy of the "evil" side
    Necromancer - NecroLyte's RL brother.. funny man, but hella skilled in pvp..
    Serafina - Darkness's Queen... Need i say more?
    Alexander - Evil to the bone...
    Laurana - The person who got me (Kaizan) into the whole RPing shiznit..
    Rand'Al Thor - An Oddity of a man, and my first guild master and great RPer (when you understood what he was saying)
    Kaylin - Tree Hugger Extraordinaire!! (LOL *hugs*).. One of the sweetest gal in UO..
    King David - The Self Proclaimed king that Dark Intentions and Warlods started the first RP war against (which D and WL won with ease)
    Morgan Le Fey - Masochist? Saddist? both?! Who knows, but one hell of an evil gal... :p
    Loryn - One of the sexiest voices i've heard on the phone! *drools*
    Ariel - Sweet, kind, compassionate, and every other good comment i can think of.
    Cerberus - Pimpin ' r ' Us

    All the Old School SAS, WL, D, GoL, SoG, and YMCA Patrons - Shout out to you boiz/girlz and everyone else i forgot.. sorry its been so long now..

    And Finally... Yours Truly,
    Kaizan of Dark Intentions

    ++++++ Ode to the Forgotten +++++++

    The deaf shall hear the call of The Seven,
    and the face of Virtue shall decend from heaven,
    A self proclaimed king shall herald the fall,
    the veil of darkness lays claim to it all.

    He not of light, both wizard and Lord,
    holds forth darkness' banner with magic and sword.
    Corrupts one of the light, his seed he'll bestow,
    upon Tomorrow's Child, the veil will still to grow.

    The Crown of this world shall leave from its shell,
    as the Seven shall ride from the dark pits of Hell,
    The sea shall rise up and strike `gainst the land,
    and the shadow of twilight shall wound thy right hand.

    Unseen chains, bound virtuous hands,
    grim nightmares unleashed, stalked over the lands.
    Guilty they rested, the earth was their tomb,
    shrouds of darkness, and impending doom.

    He not of light, his hands unchained,
    watched from the shadows, as light slowly waned.
    A balance unstable, thin as a thread,
    while nature wept in rivers of red.

    A maiden of virtue ambitious and bold,
    united the light, the sages foretold.
    Swiftly the messenger of darkness came,
    Bore down the lady, extinguishing her flame.

    Knights of virtue, and a champion's might,
    challenged the shroud and the forces of night.
    Gallantly they came, with untread lies,
    accusing The One, for the lady's demise.

    Three of the Seven, put magic to rest,
    abandoned the fight, while Four tried their best.
    Their names unspoken, darkness they served,
    a legacy of heroes, that legend preserved.

    Four spirits remained amongst all their kin,
    continued to struggle, though now from within.
    Virtuous taunts ringing an eternal rhyme,
    A blind victory, not deserved nor sublime.

    Banished from daylight, corrupting the earth,
    a tower sprung forth in Shadow's rebirth.
    A mistress of twilight, darkness's queen,
    born to nobility in a court never seen.

    Farther the souls of the light disappear,
    enslaved in virtue, honor and fear.
    The One will stand, and darkness he'll guide,
    and heal the land from its blinding pride.

    Those where the times, ages ago,
    when heroes came from high and below.
    When virtuous wars turned mountains to sand,
    and battled fore'er to forge a new land.

    An Ode to those who fought from the soul,
    carried the torch, until the bell's toll.
    A story worth telling, and memories to keep,
    and dreams worth having while we're all asleep.

    -[ Kaizan of Dark Intention ]-
  2. Tadriendra

    Tadriendra Guest

    Wow a year.

    Welcome back, is this a way of saying you be back in the UO world? Or just saying hello before stepping back to the shadow to overwatch and wonder at what fools we truely are?
  3. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    I haven't played UO in a long long time.. And its best to keep the memories of what UO used to be, than play in a world that has changed for the worse (newer players won't know how great UO used to be.. Prior to the stupid Anti-PK rules like Murder counts and stuff) ..

    No.. I won't be coming back to UO.. theres nothing and noone to come back too.

    I play ShadowBane now, on the Chaos Server.. If anyone cares to know my characters on SB are:

    Knivez, Mordiken and Loh-ki on the Chaos Server. Soon though i will move to EQ2 when its released, because of the lag problems SB has during City sieges..

    Humble Regards,
    Former Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  4. Tadriendra

    Tadriendra Guest

    I can relate to what you say. However I could never fine another game like UO that I enjoyed so much. I do wish you well in EQ.
  5. Kaizan...it's a treat to see you here, man. :)

    And it's GREAT that you have posted this Ode again. Thanks!

    These are good things to keep alive.
  6. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    Ultima Online was the best MMORPG I've played so far. But due to unfortunate tampering by Origin, they ruined the experience for the player who where mature enough to realise that MMORPGs should have their share of PvP. Too much constant whining, complaining and straight out crying from the victims of PKs turned UO into a child care center for Origin.

    Origin decided to listen to the complaints of the victims but turned their heads the other way when it came down to listening to the PvPers/PKers who made up more than 50% of customers of UO. EQ Capitalized on this and stole more than 80% of the UO customers because of Origin's up.

    There are many other factors than destoyed uo like: Spliting each shard in two (carebear land, and the normal land), The false promises of upcoming additions (like Necromancy which took 3 years to implement i believe, if not more), The lack of proper anti-cheat codes, The many bugs, the horrible support they gave the seers who donated their time to UO, the ridiculous Murder counts that pretty much destroyed PvPing and RPing wars (ie. During one RP war, when Dark Intentions and Warlods attacked Lady Birmingham's followes, I got 12 murder counts from Fellow RPers who got mad because they lost with 6-1 odds in their favor (9 vs 36 and they all died with D and WL take 0 casualties)..).

    Many other factors as well, far too many to remember.. UO was a true MMORPG the first two years of its release.. everything went downhill from there..

  7. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    Thank you Dor.. Until next year my dear..

    Humble Regards,
    Former Player of Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  8. Locke of SAS

    Locke of SAS Guest

    Absolutely 110% correct this guy is
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Woah whats up bro =) you mentioned alot of old names that i miss, Laurana (my mama IRP) , Sera my love !, the necro bros, cerberus , Denlor, harle, etc etc, a few others, Gryffin, Billbo, Chanur, etc etc =( *coughs* too bad someone forgot my name in the individual shout outs ! but Mad props for stickin SAS first in the old skewl guild listing, thats the luv ! As far as you commin back, do it and dont give me any of this whiney crap about how its changed blah blah blah, i said that for a while too, and now that im back, the changes that have happened since i left have made it more like it was back in the old days then its ever been since the old DL/GL days, its actualy getting alot better in my opinion, but if you decide to wuss out and not come back then good luck in whatever else you do, and you should hit me up on icq some time 8257591.

  10. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    DC!! OMFG! you're still around you hoe!! Damn bro been seems like a lifetime that i haven't heard from you! And why the hell do you mention that Laurana was DC's IRP Mom, but you fail to mention about how Kaizan was your abusive and mad cool homeboy pop! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    sorry for not putting your name up in the shoutout.. There was so many people, how the heck you expect me to remember everyone. SAS was the bomb though.. SAS was like Kaizan's Body guard, half of them claimed to be Kaizan & Laurana's children.. hehe.. ah the good ol days.

    Anyway.. See ya around...
    Nacky - Kaizan
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kaiz you girl, icq me bro 8257591
  12. killu

    killu Guest

    Way to forget Morthius. He was much more important than the later WL you mentioned.
  13. "Way to forget Morthius. He was much more important than the later WL you mentioned. "

    Way to bring a post from so far back just to complain. Great job!
  14. NecroLyte was the founder of the WarLords.

    It's Morthius who was the 'later' WL, not Lyte, Alex and 'Mancer. They were on the scene loooong before him.
  15. HawkML

    HawkML Guest

    Heh I remember all of them (damn I feel old sometimes). Looong time ago, some great memories. BTW, it was 1997-2000, not '95.
  16. Demento CoP

    Demento CoP Guest

    Long time Hawk you still kickin?
  17. killu

    killu Guest

    Oh I'm sorry. I forgot that Morgan and Serafina were so oldschool.