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Micro Macro-ing

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Zyon Rockler, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    The bags should look like bags not boxes to add to the roleplay but I would like to see more functionality on simple containers.

    When you open the bag, if it is a pet, packy, beatle, etc... on the bag should be the name of the pet. Also, there should be several small squares that are attached the bag itself that allow you to do different things.

    These small icons would be default, meaning once you pick something for the squares, all of the packs would be the same. One thing that would be nice would be the weight and the number of items. This would also be good on vendor packs and player packs, allowing the sqaures to be open would give us alot of options but it could also be made without the ability to change, other than modifying it yourself.

    Also, lifebars, for example: on a packies lifebar, aside of the name there should be a bag so that you could click the bag and the packy opens, rather than having to use the drop down menu.

    Also, lifebars for players could have several small squares placed above the bar, similar to the heal and cure button, very small but by placing more empty squares and again they would be default set, meaning all 10 people in the party would have the same array of icons, but you may use this for blessing a party member or hiding a party member.

    With the options of an empty square, it may make your interface easier to use. Mostly everyone in our house cover the screen with icons so by placing these on smaller buttons we would be able to move the clutter of several more, very important and needed icons.

    Also, packies and beatles, packs close when you take 3 steps. You then have to reopen the packs. It seems like they don't move right away and by the time they do it's to late. So, I was wondering if the packs could stay open, just make items unreachable. It is troublesome to have to reopen the pack so many times.
  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Try legacy containers for a natural look. Also, have you tried scaling the User Interface down? You can fit more hotbars etc in this way. I don't scale down the UI as small buttons are harder to see or click, which is why I wouldn't like "small squares" on things, but if you're after more compact icons then scaling the UI down is the way to go.
  3. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    I agree 100% but if I change to Legacy bags I lose the grid. What i'm asking is to place the grid inside the bag.

    Also, if I was to make another large bar and fill it with icons, that I don't use all the time, I would end up having to close it or move it to the side, which is something I think should not need to be done.

    If you go into SA now and you open up a backpack, you will see the word backpack placed inside a square. What i'm saying is to take some of that space and place squares, kinda like a small hot bar. Not invisible, not real, real tiny but the size of that box.

    The reason I would want it put there because when I close the bag the hot bar goes with it and so do the icons. This will free up space and allow me to see certain information about what's in that pack.

    Also, with the lifebars, the same way you have that little dot to heal with and cure, I was thinking they could take those dots and place them above the name. The last thing I would want is for the lifebar to become any bigger than it is, but they could add more dots, say a white dot, a blue dot, a green dot, a red dot, and a yellow dot and then make it so you could create a macro and assign it to that dot.

    Again, the beauty of this, i'm only seeing it when i'm using lifebars. When I close the lifebar this macro strip is also gone.

    You don't need to have all these macros on the screen all the time. So, by having them pop in with an assigned object helps you to manage.

    Also, there could be things added in the future, where you could pick default enemy lifebar and when the targeting system targets as enemy, the enemy bar is displayed with its' default macros that you have assigned. So, maybe on this particular bar you have created some pretty nasty killing macros.

    It's just what I see I could use as I play the game in different styles. I just say to myself, hey, wouldn't it be great if the pack told me how many items it was holding and how much it weighed, and what bag is this anyhow? I mean obviously it's a backpack.

    It's not something that needs to be done to make the game functional. It's something that should be done for players' convenience.

    Like I said, My daughter will play 2D simply because that one icon is not on the screen in the SA client. So, because she doesn't know that all she has to do is stick it there, it's easier for her to use the other client.