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NEWS Minax's Noble found

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
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    May 13, 2008
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    Dahlia smiled at the Royal Spies. "I have good news for once."

    Surprised, no one cheered. Often Dahlia's good news was followed by unsettling news. "What news, my lady?" Rowan asked.

    Frowning, Dahlia answered. " The Fiery Lady knows of a way to implicate Dontaine, Minax's noble. Though from what I know of her, I'm concerned how she means to do it."

    Rowan frowned, "Can we trust her?" she asked .

    "As long as we are fighting Minax, I think so. " Dahlia replied. "We need to find what Dontaine knows. Then we can plan how to deal with him and Minax." Dahlia continued, "Unlike the Traversis, who worked from the shadows, The Fiery Lady hasn't hid what she desires. I just hope that we can find the Dontaine and the evidence without a major incident."

    "Have you word on where Dontaine is?" Demoss asked?

    "I have spies following him." Dahlai answered, "But we need the evidence before we confront him. We must be careful that the King isn't perceived as a villian. Go now, the Fiery Lady awaits by the Britain bridge. "

    "We best be going before something is burned." Vyxen urged, The gathering raced to the bridge.


    "Ah, you came. I was ready to set something on fire." Said the Fiery Lady, "The bridge looked so inviting." Those of the spies who were on the bridge quickly moved off. "No one would miss such a little bridge, can I burn it down?"

    Kanalit bravely approached the Fiery Lady. "No, my lady. You can take us to the evidence you told Dahlia of?"

    Giving Kanalit a sly look. "I'll trade you the evidence for the bridge, yes?" she asked.

    Kanalit shook his head, "No, keep your word to Dahlia. Show us the evidence."

    Looking longingly at the bridge, "Such a pretty bridge. No matter I'll take you to the evidence." She stepped through her gate.

    Stepping through the gate, we found ourselves in front of a guard tower, controlled by brigands. Waiting for us, the Fiery Lady's with eyes of fire, watched them. "More of Minax's minons I can burn." Giggling, she called to one, "Here little brigand...stay still for me." We watched in horror as the brigand turned to a pillar of fire., laughing at the screaming. The battle was soon over. The brigands finding death at our hands preferable to fire. When the battle ended and tower stones cooled, Kanalit entered the tower. "I've found the incriminating evidence in here."


    Pushing by both him, the Fiery Lady grabbed the parchment.


    "You burned up the evidence!" Scared One said in shock. "Why did you do that?"

    Embarrassed, the Fiery Lady looked at her hands. "I wasn't trying to. Why do they use parchments."

    Shaking his head, TestTubeTERROR asked. "Did anyone see what it said?"


    "No matter. we can question him even without the evidence." said TestTubeTERROR.

    "Wait," the Fiery Lady interrupting . "He is a cowardly man. Just mention the document and convince him to tell the rest."

    "But where is he?" Demoss asked

    The Fiery Lady waved her searing fingers through the air. "I'll could...go find him. Do you want me to? I can bring him back in a jiffy."

    Rowan shook her head, "Hum, I don't think that would be a good idea, my Lady. You might accidently burn him up also?

    "Oh? I wouldn't burn him badly...just a little singeing here and there." The Fiery Lady said hopefully.

    "I think it would be better if you took us to him." Rowan replied.

    The Fiery Lady scowled. "You are no fun. How about you go find him yourself, I'm bored with you. I tried to give you what I had. I'm sure your petty Spymaster is stalking about somewhere. In a poof of smoke she disappeared.

    "Great, now what do we do?" asked TestTubeTERROR. Hearing a voice behind him he grabbed his dagger.

    Walking around him, Dahlia scowled "She is annoyingly perceptive...she was right though, we don't need the evidence itself." Dahlia looked inside the guard tower.


    "Dontaine agreed to send supplies to Umbra." Dahlia added.

    "If we knew where he was, we could detain him for you." suggested Demoss.

    "Hum, that would work. I'll send you to him." Dahlia agreed, "Confront him about the supplies. Ask him for proof that he paid taxes on those goods." She smiled. "Since he won't have any, that should be enough to make him talk." A gate opened, "You'll find him in the East Britain Tailor shop. Hurry now."

    Though we tried to enter the shop quietly. Our large numbers alerted Dontaine. "Ah Bennett, I'll return when your shop isn't as crowded." he said moving toward the door.

    Rowan blocked the door, "I am sorry my lord, but we have been ordered to check at each shop for proof of taxes paid. May I see yours?"

    Dontaine nervously looked around. "I have the papers at home. I'll go get them for you."

    "You know you haven't any papers." Demoss asked blocking the door. "Who did you send the goods too?"

    Frightened, Donatine replied, "I didn't send any goods."

    "String him up!" TestTubeTERROR shouted. "That will make him tell us."


    I'm a noble! the King won't stand for this." Donatine said, his voice shaking, "Even if I had sent goods, I can't tell you, I just can't."

    Looking around, Kanalit spoke up. "It was the King who, ordered us here. We know the shipment went to Umbra. Who was it for?"

    I knew this would not go well. I wanted to make some money." Dontaine sighed,


    TestTubeTERROR grabbed Dontaine by his arm. "I'VE HAD IT! Tell us or to the gallows."

    Dontaine's eyes grew wide in horror, "A man told me he would help me. All I had to do was send the goods. That's all I know. Please let me go."

    "The crowd will not wait longer, tell us who you sent the goods to." Demoss asked.

    Moving closer to Demoss, "I was to meet the Juka, Adar." Dontaine' handed Demoss a receipt. "I was to meet him at the Umbra stable and give him this. Without it he can't get the goods."

    "How will we recognize him," Demoss asked looking at the paper"

    "You can't miss him, he is an odd color. " I've sent him men before. Tell him you work for me and hand him the paper."

    Turning to call the waiting Royal guards, Demoss took the paper. "You have helped, but you have much to answer for. Guards escort him to Yew Prison."

    "Either way...it's over. I just wanted to help my family," Dontaine sadly left with the guards.

    Coming soon-Part 2, Meeting Adar the Juka
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