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MINE MINE MINE!!!! The REAL Rare in this event is COURTESY.

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Prince Caspian, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. So last night I'm over in Sickie's lair. I need just 5 more gossamers and I'm done with the quest. So after a few pops, the spawn appears, and I start to wipe it out... lucky me, there's a gossamer there.

    So then this yahoo unhides and cusses at me. I don't think its really relevant to post this guy's name (and probably against the ToC) but the thing that irritated me is that he was a guild ally.

    So anyhow I keep at it, and a few spawns later, I kill another batch.

    But, oh my goodness! I was in *******'s SACRED CORNER. So he unhides and then really chews me out big time, telling me he's going to take this to the Elder Council.

    Dumbass didn't even notice by my tag I was ON the Elder Council....

    Anyhow, after this, I start leading Sickie around the egg sacs, generating spawn, and not touching it. To "atone" for my great sin of actually trying to participate in the event. Jerkweed didn't even acknowledge it but killed the spawn off.

    What REALLY pisses me off over this whole episode is that this ******* was hiding and casting EVs and JUST HARVESTING GOSSAMERS. I saw him there many times before so I know he must have already completed the quest, and I'm just trying to complete my ONE web, and be done with the event forever. But hey, since I interfered with his great marketing empire (in which that corner of the chamber was his by divine right, even though I was fighting the main baddie and making the spawn appear) I'm the heel.

    And the worst part was this guy was ostensibly an ally. But no, instead of talking it out, out comes the abuse.

    Can't wait to hear him bring this to the Elder Council. Wonder if he'll stop to notice me sitting in front.
  2. glad it was not me :) *looks at guild elder's tag on shoulder* ;) If you need any help at the meeting let me know ;)
  3. I just am dismayed to see this kind of behavior. I mean really, all I want to do is complete the event.

    I am not trying to profit, prey, exploit or merchant anything. I just want what I deserve to get by participating in the event. One I get the last two gossamers I need, homeboy can have that chamber for all time as far as I care.
  4. did you read about the gossamers being found on the drones in other locations, I think I'm going to farm a few of them in lost lands later today and put to the side for the guild event later.

    And before anyone say anything about taking this to the guild forums, PC there never posted at them, only at stratics do I see his name ;)
  5. Uh, I post there. I've been on there since 2006.

    Well, I mean not RECENTLY. Ok, not in the past 6 months. :O

    Point taken though, DL... I suppose I should resolve it through there.

    Or prolly better yet, just move on....
  6. I haven't tried completing the quest in Kaldhun yet, so haven't experienced much of what you describe while fighting the skele liches. Now that the liches bounce back, people aren't dragging them off to solo them any more, and there is a pretty good general mood in the crowd.

    What I am seeing more and more of are people willing to stop to rez each other, and talking to each other in between spawns. I've been hunting during my lunch hour, and meeting some new-to-me people and making friends. Ya, there are a few l33ts showing up who refuse to rez and help others in general, but I have been very pleasantly surprised by players. This part of the event I think was very well designed.

    This experience so far is NOT anything like the Magincia invasion with people dragging void monsters into town to blow up buildings to collect rubble, then calling anyone attacking THEIR monster nasty names. I'm not seeing any of that in the cemeteries.

    Now... if I can just get the friendly people to not rush in to help me dex the shadow fiends...
  7. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    The Sicarii spawn is the WORST place to harvest gossamer. The Terethan keep is good because the spawn is consistant and you don't need to worry about insta death.

    I haven't looked in Ilshenar, but I'd bet there are spots to get them there as well.
  8. Braun

    Braun Guest

    Prince Caspian,
    I was also out in Sicarii's Lair last evening for quite some time. I was on an alternate character at the time and I guarantee you had I noticed this rude behavior I would have came to your aid.
    My guildmates and I go over most often and we do help those that get into trouble and those seeking the gossimers they need.

    Simply put, you are absolutely right about the lack of "courtesy" shown toward others during events of this type. Amazing how the little things get tossed out during these events. How hard is it to slap a bandaid or a heal spell on a troubled character running by. ?? Maybe a quick invis to block a death. ?? The one thing I do know for sure, is that the hurt feelings and bad time wont soon be forgotten.

    I would like to offer you the missing pieces that you need to complete your quest. I believe that all should get the chance to complete this and enjoy the web that is the prize in the end. Please know that I do this because I enjoy giving. I enjoy watching the event, the players that do help and create a team will be the ones that profit much more by the friends they make than any old piece of pixel there is to be had.

    I shall wait for your response and I shall be willing to extend my hand when and if the time comes to help you complete your mission.

    Respectfully yours ....
  9. Courtesy was looted a long time ago. The monster died and there was no insurance.
  10. Kelline

    Kelline Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    yah i hear ya on the gossamers, they r hard to get, only one per & not always on everyone.

    I stay in a corner, tend to hide some, but i dotn complain if some one comes & kills em before me nor do i stake the corner as MY corner. Im not farming them for sale, just tryin to get enough on the easiest char i have for all my chars.