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Mining Macro

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Wolfways, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Wolfways

    Wolfways Guest

    I made three macro's for mining (now that i think about it i don't need three..but anyway).
    Macro 1) Sturdy Pickaxe>Waitfortarget
    I target a mountain area and click, getting the message "You dig some iron ore and put it in your backpack"

    Macro 2) Prospectors Tool>Cursor Target Last
    I get the message "You sift through the ore and find (ore type) can be mined there"

    Macro 3) Target by resource (enable repeating 10x)
    Message reads "You dig some (ore type) and put it in your backpack" 10x

    Now that works fine if i do it slowly (i.e. leave a few seconds between using each macro).
    The problem is when i use them faster. Not fast really, just normally.
    The messages seem to not keep up with the actions, and either have missing parts of sentences which show up on the next line (even if the last line had only one word) or show up after a later action (i.e. getting the prospecting message when i'm halfway through mining.

    Also, does "Target by resource" not target your last targetted spot? Kinda pointless if it doesn't.
    Sometimes the chatbox spams "You cannot see that area" or something like that while mining up ore every five or so mining "swings", and if i move away from that spot, say because there's no ore, my character will start mining somewhere while i'm walking around.
  2. Targeting by resources targets an area near you, not the last spot you clicked, which in my view is very, very far from pointless. This allows me to slowly walk along a mountain and use my macro to dig without manually targeting. I can also quickly strip-mine the smaller caves without targeting. These let me quickly find color ore as I walk along.

    Same for lumberjacking.
  3. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Target by Resource is much quicker than a x10 macro. As for my own macros I have these bound to the numpad...

    Num0) Shovel>TargetCursor
    Num1) Prospector>TargetCursor>CursorLastTarget
    Num2) Shovel>TargetCursor>CursorLastTarget x10
    Num3) TargetByResource>Shovel x10
    NumDel) Cancel Macro

    Typically I move to a spot, hit 0, 1, and 2. I almost always bump up the ore, plus I always mine stone. Once I've exhausted a vein I'll hit 3 until it too is run out. I don't bother with sturdy tools as I just buy up what I need before going out, rather than sit on a mountain of stashed tools. I find 20 regular shovels is good for as much mining as I can bear in one sitting.

    Also, for smelting.. I have a hotbar with all 9 large ores in it, all set to a TargetStored fire beetle. I single-click those to smelt big ore as my pack fills. I keep my main pack open in List mode and smelt small ore manually after a few veins. I also have hotbars displaying stone and gem count, just so I can see how things are going.
  4. Mind if I add those to the Macro thread? Simple, but very useful.
  5. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Go ahead
  6. Wolfways

    Wolfways Guest

    But i assume that targetting resource doesn't only use the spot you used the prospectors tool on therefore you'll gather more iron and lower ore types from the other areas.
    I always use a prospectors tool before mining any new spot because i always gather loads of iron while getting the coloured ores anyway.

    If you just target by resource don't you get mainly iron and also lose the chance to increase the ore colour by using the prospectors tool?
  7. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I believe target by resource checks the resource square (8x8 tile region) that you're standing in, then empties that. From there I think it accesses any other resource squares you can reach from where you're standing until it runs out. For whatever reason, this isn't always the place you can target with the prospector tool, especially it seems if you're next to a mountain rather than in a cave.

    To eliminate any confusion, a target by resource prospector option would be nice, as would a fishing pole.
  8. The first part is true, you mine from all available spots in the area, so the way you do it with the prospectors too makes sense.

    The second point, isn't quite true... you don't get mainly iron, but the same ratio that you would have using the manual click/mine method. But since you can interrupt the macro, if I get a color that I want to upgrade, I just use my cancel macro to stop mining and use the prospectors tool.
  9. Hildebrand

    Hildebrand Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I wish it would search for the higher ore and strip that one clean.
    As is, I've noticed that if I find Gold, it will mine that AND iron rather than keep getting gold. I assume SA is doing the same.

    Also, I still can't see the mining OUTCROPS in SA.
  10. That is the way it has always worked and the way it was designed. If you are an elf, you will get a higher percentage of the gold ore than if you are human... and probably gargoyle, too.
  11. Wolfways

    Wolfways Guest

    Hold on, i'm confused :p

    So if i use a prospectors tool in one spot it increases the ore colour in an 8x8 area? Or just that spot?
    If it's just that spot then any nearby spots are wasted as i'll dig up, say iron when it could have been dull copper if i'd used the prospectors tool there...i think...
  12. Fink

    Fink Guest

    That 8x8 area *is* the spot.

    The world is divided into 8x8-tile resource squares. These contain lumber, ore, fish, sand.. whatever is appropriate for the terrain type. Once this square is empty it will take a certain amount of time to respawn. If you move 8 steps in any direction you will be in a new square with new resources to be harvested.

    By the way it seems to behave, I'm guessing that target by resource empties the square you're in, then starts on any other square within your reach. You may happen to be standing on the corner of a square which would mean you can "reach" three other squares from where you are, so you will mine-out 4 times instead of one. Sometimes you may be a on a square's edge, meaning you can reach 2 squares without moving. If you're in the middle of a square you might only be able to reach that one. This all seems consistent with what I've observed.
  13. Wolfways

    Wolfways Guest

    Ah thanks :)
    So in order to only mine where i've upgraded the ore type i'll have to use target last (after using the prospectors tool) instead of target by resource.
    Well that does make target by resource useless, for me anyway, as i never mine anywhere without using a prospectors tool first.
  14. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    I never really likes TargetByResource for Mining. Therefore, for my SA mining system, I use:

    Macro 1: Shovel/Pick placed directly into hotbar, Target: Cursor
    Macro 2: Built in Macro Menu: Prosp Tool, Target: Cursor | CursorTargetLast
    Macro 3: Built in Macro Menu: Shovel/Pick Target: Cursor | CursorTargetLast | Shovel/Pick Target: Cursor | CursorTargetLast | Shovel/Pick Target: Cursor | CursorTargetLast Repeat set to 10x

    Then of course I can replace the shovels/picks and tools as needed.

    Ore is then set on a hotbar matrix (1 bar per ore size for 4x9 grid) using the standard keys as hotkeys (using Press Enter to speak KR speech standard) with all ore types set to Target: Stored which is my fire beetle.