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Missing Owners

Discussion in 'UO Homes and Castles' started by lorail, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. lorail

    lorail Guest

    I have been living in the same place now for near 2 years. The property be hind me witch I whould lov to have is help by owners that I have never seen is there some way that the house can be checked for activety or will I be in the same location for ever and never see the owners
  2. As long as the account is paid for it will sit. There have been cases where players get deployed and are gone for 18 months or more, and I'd hate for them to loose anything due to inactivity.
  3. I own a few homes and only frequent certain ones. I keep different things stored at each one so sometimes I have no need to go to another one of my homes.
  4. Snow Flake

    Snow Flake Guest

    I started playing wow after playing uo for over 10 years and my house has been sitting in silence since last summer. So it may be one of the houses in your way.

    I hate to loose all the items i've accumulated and at the same time hate paying for something I do not use anymore.

    I've spent 10 months worth of fees just to keep my collection alive that I worked so hard for.

    I think I'll just take a bunch of screen shots of everything and let it finally die in peace.

    I loved the game but a few bad changes (my opinion) like turning doom into a ghost town with the Instant death (no melee allowed) patch. I had many many friends that have dissapeared since then and I miss them.

    Zoey, Zoe, Rattler, Parthena, Aphrodite (Fro), Ownage, Deathboy, and 20 others I can't think of.....................tis sad.