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Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and here it is day 5 and my sim is still missing with all his rares... technical support and ealand team has both been notified to no avail.... ive been asked my screen name, pass word, and sims name so many times im tired of typing it...i know everyone has had vanishing items, but how many have had vanishing sims? ifd anyone sees GEORGE WAREIII please send him back to my select a sim screen, because maxis or electronic arts dont seem to want to do it... TY [​IMG]
  2. Mystic Kitty

    Mystic Kitty Guest

    NEVER give out your password, they dont need it.
  3. NightFlyer

    NightFlyer Guest

    Maybe that's the problem.. you gave out your account info to whom?

    EA doesn't need anything but your login name.

    Have you tried to reach Parizad or Lee Fancey? Customer Service is a joke, sorry to inform you.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

  5. <blockquote><hr>

    and here it is day 5 and my sim is still missing with all his rares... technical support and ealand team has both been notified to no avail.... ive been asked my screen name, pass word, and sims name so many times im tired of typing it...i know everyone has had vanishing items, but how many have had vanishing sims? ifd anyone sees GEORGE WAREIII please send him back to my select a sim screen, because maxis or electronic arts dont seem to want to do it... TY [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    EA does never asks you for your password.

    Since you gave out your passwords, you may have been hacked.

    And what do you mean by "if d anyone sees GEROGE WAREIII please send him back to my select a sim screen"

    How are we supposed to send your sim back to select a sim screen??? It makes no sense.

    You most likely were hacked if you gave out your User and Password, I would message Prizad or Lee.
  6. Trista Lewis

    Trista Lewis Guest

    You have to keep in mind here......5 days isn't much Elk, deleting a sim takes seconds as its only a click away before poof gone...restoring a sim takes alot more time to get back. My husbands acct was hacked on Feb. 14, and his sim was deleted by this person, our island was taken along with some other trivial stuff, Lee was notified IMMED and the island was out of the hackers hands by the end of that day. NOW, getting the sim back to show on his select a sim page took like 9 days. If you have notified Lee, give the man some time to get it all fixed before jumping the gun that they simply don't give a crap. I will tell you this as well.........never i repeat NEVER did they ask for my husbands password, that is something that is and has been repeatedly in the past told to us NEVER give out your password, as none of them need it. I've even called customer service in the past and have NEVER been asked for my password, log in ID, yes however password, NEVER!!
    I sure hope the ppl you've given your password out to were legit cause I have feelings they were bogus. Give them time to fix this for you, my husband and I can speak from experience when the combat boots are needed they put them on fasten them tightly and kick some ass. LOL Good luck getting your stuff and sim back Elk.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thanks to everyone for their concern, the statement please send my sim back, was nothing but a poor attempt at humor... lol ... i find it hard to believe that my acct was hacked, due to the fact this sim had the lesser amt of rares... as compared to the other sims on the acct.... and after dealing with maxis, and their various departments, why is it theyve never informed me that they have no need for my password, or of the consequences if it gets in the hands of the wronge person.... and im not asking that the situation be resolved overnite, but a rough estimate of how much time it may take would be nice... i have had a mystic tree , poof off my property in the past, (right in front of my eyes) and the matter was never resolved nor rectified so i have very little confidence in the technical support team... they classified it as a missing item..... Im just hoping in this situation, its not classified as a missing sim and items, and forgotten about... TY
  8. Trista Lewis

    Trista Lewis Guest

    As far as a mystic poofing right before your eyes, yeah I'd have to say that would suck and cause some bitter feelings.

    The never having maxis inform you they don't ever need your password, or the consequences involved if you do, come on..............that is crazy. That would be like giving your pin number out on your bank debit card to an individual, have that same individual later take your debit card without you knowing and draining all your funds out of your acct. could you blame the bank for this happening? Nope, you are the one that gave that personal information out. Its pretty apparent you don't ever give a password out to anybody regardless of how much you think they are your friend let alone a total stranger over the internet. There are several different sites out there that explain safety on the internet, you may want to go follow up on your internet safety knowledge.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Actually, one of my sims has gone missing too....Casey Caitlin in TC3. I've got a Casey Caitlin in EA-Land and another CaseyCaitlin (no space) in EA-Land but the one in TC3 has somewhat vanished I'm afraid! I went to play her one night and it told me there was an update...I click "Ok" to start the update and the updater would never start. It wasn't even like it would crash, it just wouldn't open after I would click "Ok". I logged back in and my sim was gone from my account! She wasn't on the sim selecter screen anywhere...now sometimes when I log in she's there, and sometimes she's not but even if she is there I get the update message whenever I try to play her and the updater never starts up still to this day. She's got money and objects =(
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That is definately a bug of some sort...either with the game or your files. [​IMG]

    Did you try the 'verify' button on login?

    You really ought to check out some of the information on the Tech forum....the techie stuff that makes my head hurt [​IMG].....to see if there is something in there or maybe one of the tech savvy posters, there, could help you with it...?

    And report it by following the advise here: New way to report bugs.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the only people ive given my password to are the tenhnical support team.. they request my screen name, and any additional information that may help them..and yes ive tried game verification... i just feel as if technical support is doing nothing about this issue.... I do not believe anyone has hacked my game due to the fact this sim has the lesser amt of rares and items,, of three sims TY [​IMG]
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Casey, hopefully you are using the TSO.exe icon to enter play. Sorry not trying to insult your intellegence, but if you use the tsoclient.exe icon, it won't update.

    With that sim in TC3 and your others in EALand, you have to update to the prog for TC3. Usually this is better to do when you first log in, and get the selection screen for the city you wish to play in.

    I have found that at times when i select a sim in another city, it won't switch to the updater. In fact a lot of times, i only see the sims for that city on my screen, and my sims for EALand won't show, until I switch to EALand.

    Hope this helps, and you get your sim in TC3. After all its a great place to play, especially when EALand is down lol/.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    With all the bugs the game has right now, why is it so hard to believe Sims could possibly be missing? I too am missing Sims. I did not "accidentally delete these Sims. How do I know this? Impossible to "accidentally" delete 3 possibly 4 Sims. I am using the correct icon. Again how do I know this? Because I can see all the Sims from other accounts. I have also contacted Pari and Lee in game and have been told that my Sim name Elida is not in the system. Was told to send e-mails and call customer service. Did that and nothing. My account is VERY important to me, so impotent that I would NEVER give out the password on that account. I don't believe it was hacked because even the Sims with absolutely nothing are missing. It would be nice to know if someone is checking on this or if our complaints are sitting in a corner basket collecting dust.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thank you jimoh777... ive never given up my password to anyone tech support... and only then did i do it for the reason , any additional info message would be helpfull... this computer out of three is used for nothing but playing sims onlne, and the firewall is set on the highest security level'... thank you to everyone thats trying to help me, but this never happened until the last time they changed the select a sim screen, i did however manage to contact tech support over the phone and their looking into the problem.....
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    technical support is indeed a joke... after 9 days of asking me my acct name, my sims name, my property name, my rl name, now they inform me they cannot revive my lost sim nor replace his rares and items... nine days of promises that their looking into it... m pretty obvious they careless about us their customers..../
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I believe Lee and Parizad do care. (I think they all care, this address is for Lee and Parizad) Try using the new bug reporting E-mail addy in my signature. This way they can keep track of our complaints.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have contacted Parizad and Lee both ingame and one through pm and the other through e-mail and have received no info. I understand they are really busy, but it would be nice if we could get some answers as to what can be done.