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Missing Skill Lock (and other general complaints)

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Here is a very short list of gripes which is certainly not to be considered all inclusive (like many in this game I have quite a few but these only are the ones looming largest at the moment):

    1. My oldest sim is 1953 days old today, which shows on my sim's age and has shown all day today.
    According to a chart on ealandmania.net I should have received my 113th skill lock today, and I have not. I would like my skill lock please.

    2a. I have kept two accounts continually paid without interruptoin since this game went retail and yet one of my sims (the oldest account, oldest by just 3 days at most) never received one of her mystic trees. Tech Support just simply never replied at all to my queries at the time about this and never have replied. I'd like that mystic tree please.

    2b. since I've paid for my accounts and had sims without interruption since creatoin on 11/26/2002 and the game went retail I'd like to know why my entitlement on both accounts does not reflect and match up wtih the sims/account age at all. My steady on 1953 days' old sim/account has entitlement for only 1927 days and my sim of 1950 days inexplicably only has entitlement for 1589 days. I'd like al my entitlement days I've got coming back to me please.

    3. Does Maxis/EA ever ever EVER plan to rectify the economy?
    I just need to know. Sitting in skill lots for literally 3+ days or tree-sitting the scant few trees all my sims have between them (three because I was shorted one, see 2a above) for insane amounts of time for a precious fruit-induced skill increase just so I can then frustrate the crap out of myself straining at $52 per item when I finally get to 20.99 at something for money that will never remotely come close to anything I need to do anything at all in this game is a drag, a real drag. I understand they would like to entice people to pay above and beyond the $9.99 per account they already receive.. but this is rediculous. Would somebody please tell me if they intend forever and ever to have us eeking along at $52 per item at ages to acrue any of the thousands that just any action (lot-purchases, lot-enlargements, repairs, most of the items in the catalogs, etc etc etc ad nauseous) cost?

    If I REALLY wanted to play Second Life or Project Entropia (other games that already attempt through 'sucktitute' otherwise to coerce you to regularly buy ingame money but even they at least have loads better graphics and you can at least SEE what you are doing) I would play those. I'm not playing those I am playing here (and at this point only because I've got the longevity going here) so could you guys at EA/Maxis whatever there ease up on trying to emulate those other games and cut us a break because if I wanted to spend literal mind numbing days in a chat I would be on Yahoo or MSN or IRC and I'm not there either. I'm trying to play THIS game, would you please make it possible?
    Thank you.

    (PS, yes this was written in a really bad mood, flame on all dev-praisers etc, but they need to know).
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Have you taken the time to do a search on the threads to find answer to your gripes or did you just feel like spreading your joy to the rest of the sim community?

    1. As you very should know after playing the game for so long that the locks have not been coming on time so give it a few days. It will be there.

    2. When was the last time you emailed the devs about your missing tree? Have you emailed them at [email protected]? If not...then you might wanna do that.

    3. There was/is a thread stating just this about your entitlement days. I'm looking at it right now in the 2nd window I have opened. Did you bother to read it?

    4. If you read the interview nd numerous threads on the economy you will have your answer.

    All it takes is taking a breath, calming down and doing a search. Good luck getting everything your asking for.
  3. Look HERE for info on bug boards, EA phone numbers.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Fair enough (on all of the above posts, no idea if this will be a reply to the last or reply to all as I am not a frequent flier of forum boards either).

    As it happens I am going quite blind (not a joke, vitreous hemorrhage/vitreous detachment/related medical complications making an otherwise mundane problem inoperable) so my 'lameness' in navigating this forum board (as well as even successfully locating my own sim today with April Fools' 'monkey faces etc I get kicked out of lots before I can even find myself and green oh joy) isn't entirely just for the sake of lameness (better graphics so I could at least SEE my sims and the chat intended to help while away the hours spent mind-numbingly parked and 'greening' would really help while I can still at least see my sims at all to play them) and yes, links provided to emails and other threads do help, thank you.

    Tomorrow I will attempt to contact EA/Maxis again at the email address provided.

    I hope I don''t get another erratic completely off-topic email (OR the ESL Philippines or India people on the telephone again if I have to actually call them, which is why I haven't attempted to call their support number in literally years, and I'm speech impaired and requiring the use of an augmentative speech device so me talking to people on a poor connection who I can't hear and who can't hear me who don't speak English with me using my voice synthesis device is always a real pip)

    If you see a story somewhere in a newspaper or CNN etc telling something about "blind disabled frustrated TSO/EALand player goes on a mad real-life killing spree after venting and attempting for the umpteenth time to contact customer support," I guess you'll know if it didn't quite work out.

    Yes I'm 'spreading the joy' ('how do you like me now?')

    EDIT -- the 'mad real-life killing spree' is not literal (thought about this after I posted and I'm leaving it - nobody needs call the police or whatever - its not literal , its just a smart-ass reflection of the fact that I'm just exceedingly frustrated with a game that should be here to relieve stress, not add further to it.)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When you send the email it will go straight to the devs of the game, the ones who are making EAL happen. But as they have said in the past threads you may not get a response...things just happen.

    Is it possible to go postal in EAL?