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Missing swings hurts

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by [JD], Sep 1, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    So after conquering Greater Dragons, a Para Balron, and going toe to toe with two Reptalons at once using my new spec/gear I wanted to try something new: Rend and Mephitis.

    I ran into the same basic problem with both.

    With Rend, I went EOO, Curse Weap, Consecrate, ran in and got honor off. I was doing well and got him to about 70% and then I just randomly started missing tons of swings. He was just doing too much damage and I either had to back off or he killed me several times. Gave up on that one.

    Basic same thing with Mephitis. Poison was a non-issue as I leeched through it, but I would miss too many swings and get in trouble. Several times the hits to my sta had my bar empty and I had to hit Divine Aura to get sta back. Oddly, Lightning Strike – unless it crit – did NOT produce enough damage to leech back enough mana, health, and stamina. I had to rely more on double strikes and LS crits with her to keep all my bars full. She got me once or twice and I ran back.

    Missing swings seems entirely RNG driven.

    I was using my ‘kill all’ Double Axe slayer set for both critters:

    Super Slayer (reptile/arachnid)
    SSI 30
    DI 38
    HML 55
    HSL 44
    *Elemental damage geared towards these type of creatures, but used Consecrate when I could afford the cast

    I have DCI & HCI at 40 right now. I have HLD on my M&S glasses. I can’t think of any way to get that last 5 HCI unless I go elf with Wood Armor. Not ready to do that just yet, and I doubt 5 HCI would have made enough of a difference to warrant that large of a change!

    I’m going to try creating an elemental regular (dragon/spider) slayer set of Daishos. But in my experience, the faster weapons just don’t seem to do enough damage to keep me alive.

    I mean, I have a dragon slayer radiant scimitar with HLA and I get in more trouble with that than I do a reptile slaying double axe.

    Lastly, now that I got rid of bandaging I’m trying to do better on noticing when I’m about to be in it deep so I can run off, use consecrate/cleanse wounds/spirit speak/potion, and come back rather than oOoOoooooo…

    Any thoughts?
  2. Ninjitsu and Mirror Images with a Dragon Slayer for Rend would be better than Bushido.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    I have 94 ninja stoned, I could take anat off and put ninja on just to beat him. then i could keep bush. or do you think i absolutely would need anat?

    any advice on mephitis?
  4. Anatomy would be more useful than Bushido.

    Meph is the same but with Spider Slayer.
  5. Duncan Drake

    Duncan Drake Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 28, 2007
    Likes Received:
    i usually kill these things with daishos, because you can use feint that halves the incoming damage for 6sek.

    another thing is that the mace and shield glasses have 30% hld. that means you can´t keep the -25% dci decrease on the mobs up for all the time thus missing often when the effect is down
  6. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I carry a Dragon Slayer Bladed staff, and a Spider Slayer Bladed Staff. The AI does wonders for your health, and joust if you need to.
  7. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    started working on daishos the other night, RNG hasnt gifted me with the right elemental resists yet tho. Is it worth hoping for the right elemental resists and then imbuing the slayer? Or should I just get 100% physical with the slayer from the dc copper runics, and then use consecrate? Note: I use consecrate anyway, its just nice not to have to some times...

    LG, if I was gonna go with ninja for the mirrors, all I need to never fail is 57.5. I know cause Ninjitsu stops training from Mirror images at 57.5.

    I could still put pts into bush. I'm at a 705 skill template and use ss. Would something like this work good? Or would you recommend something else...

    120 sword
    105 tac (+15 tac ring)
    100 anat
    99 ss*
    99 Nec
    70 chiv
    70 bush*
    57 ninja*

    *I can change pts around on these ones if needed, but I want to keep a decently high level of SS.

    I'd still have Lightning strike, confidence, momentum strike, and perfection.. or should I dump bush entirely?

    Is this something you're recommending for all major bosses or only the heavy hitters?

    I can't use the forms while in vampire mode so high ninja levels doesn't make sense for this I think...

  8. The chance that attacks will be diverted to your images is based on your Ninjitsu skill (Skill - 30) so at 120 Ninjitsu there is a 90% chance.

    It depends what attacks the monster has. Rend has melee + breath, it only breaths while flagged and diverting to an image will unflag it. Meph has melee + 1 special (poison), staying poisoned is a bit of a pain as when the ticks go off it will reflag quicker but as long as you have multiple images up it'll be fine.

    Bushido has weapon Parry but you don't have Parry. LS but if you reduce the need to leech by 90% you dont need the critical hits and already have HCI on suit. Confidence is interruptable not a good idea to rely on it. Momentum Strike has no bearing vs either. Perfection is redundant if you use a Dragon/Spider slayer for Rend/Meph.

    I wouldn't change any skill levels, the idea was just that you would swap 120 Bushido for 120 Ninjitsu, for certain fights where it is more useful.
  9. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Didn't know chance to deflect was skill based.. thanks!

    Can you go into the 'flagging' process? First I've heard about it. What causes a monster to 'flag'? I always thought of 'flagging' as when the monster finally notices and attacks you. And then it would remain 'flagged' while it's in combat. But it seems that they unflag, even while they are in combat?...

    Which encounters would you recommend the ninjitsu swap for bushido?

  10. It is as bolded. When a monster flags it plays a sound and does a movement animation, and depending on what else is flagged on you usually highlights as well.

    When a monster's attack is diverted to a Mirror Image it has to notice you again as weapons (including monsters wrestling) can only have one primary target at a time, all the while you're still swinging, and providing you don't have hit spell going off or delayed spells/specials from the monster or poison ticks then its usually a good while before it re-notices you.

    I would reccomend it for things that are melee only or where the main danger of dying comes from its melee. All monsters (apart from the Vorpal Bunny) have melee, then they can have an increasing number of attacks on top of that. Specials that are damage over time (bleed/poison), auras, breaths, spells (x2 - fired at once instantly, which is why people think things are casting through walls at times), spells (x4 - monsters with Necro, and the Slasher), the more additional ones it has the harder it would be to use Images.
  11. For Rend I always used a slayer daisho, curse wep when needed, and GH pots + those-moster-stealable-healing-cracker-looking-things as a backup in case of a bad string of RNG.