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Mission Complete

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by ShephardOfArmageddon, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. The last contract beg has been filled. It took a few days but Tood begged enough gold to help our client gain the Shadowlord's cloak. The cloak was then purified by way of an NPC quest in Yew. Both the final price and the name of the cloak's owner will remain undisclosed as per agreement with the contract. But if you should happen to see a new player running around Britannia training in a Cloak of Life, it may be this one. Help him out if you can.

    Here now is the final beg that raised enough money to purchase the cloak. I apologize that it's another horde minion stunt, but that's just how the dice fell. I think it funny though, that this beg was the very first beg I did with Tood on my old account several years ago. Oldie but a goldie.

    Tood and the horde minion were standing unnoticed at New Haven bank spying out marks. Sounds bad, I know, but this WAS a contract beg. No one was looking very promising. Bunch of Luna bank sitter outcasts. Trash talking. Then a familiar face: Faeryl from Runic Knights. Seen her around a lot and at least talked with her on another character. Nice person. Tood turns to the minion, "Spit that dead puppy out. Not like you're even eating it. We're doing the "Elope" this time. Come along..... , Gretchen."
    Tood and Gretchen approach Faeryl and proceed with the grift.
    The "Elope" is where Tood implores help with a matter of the heart. Tood and the minion are engaged to wed, but the laws of the land(or on one occasion, the minion's father) will not allow such a union. They need money to elope to a faraway land where they can be together without specist discrimination. That's the outline. Lay on the charm and work the mark as the situation depends. Faeryl buckled under with tears and a swollen heart and a check for 200k. At this point Tood declares her a veritable Avatar of Compassion and hands the money over to Grethcen to hold while he goes to make prepartions for the journey. Then I release the horde minion, it disappears in a puff of smoke and Tood then despairs at being cheated and runs off crying. Just a little something extra for street theatre.
    Faeryl thanked Tood for the story(and I told her it was to help a new player out) and the L33tists watching were even satisfied because it wasn't just CAN HAVE GOLD PLZ??!!

    Are you a new player needing some spare gold to buy that Pixie Swatter? Can't afford to pay a tinker to build a golem for training? Seek out Tood of Herd, annoyance of the alleyways and contract beggar. But mostly just a mystic llama herder.

    Tood Berklyson the Most Low