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MITC Auction List for Jan 25th @ 8:00 PM CST

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Riley Natalia, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Morning Everybody Its Auction Day Again
    As I have alot of donations to get through tonight I Have decided to start tonights auction at 8 PM. Gates will be at luna bank starting at 7:30 PM CST.
    This list for tonights auction is as follows:

    1000 Magical residue NR
    Focusing Gem of Virtue Bane NR
    1000 spined NR
    2 tailoring alacrity scrolls set 150k
    Bardiche 75% HML 42% Hit Lightning 40% DI NR
    80 horned bone bods NR
    10 Ecru 20k
    Eval Int Alacrity scroll 75k
    5000 boards NR
    tracking, stealth and detecting hidden alacrity scroll set 225k
    Scimitar HLL 66% HLD 42% DI 40% Poison Resist 14% NR
    1000 copper NR
    Gold Metal Box 40k
    wooden house and 2 story log cabin mini-house deeds set NR
    2000 arrows NR
    10 LVL 6 Tmaps 20k
    Holy Sword 75k
    Peacemaking Alacrity scroll 75k
    white bronzed armor of the Valkyrie 35k
    SC Boomerang DI 40% Hit dispel 40% fc-1 NR
    1000 leather NR
    angel decoration NR
    1000 shadow NR
    5 Silver Serpent Venom NR
    Resisting Spells Alacrity scroll 75k
    Fabled Net 75k
    1000 Dragon's Blood NR
    Iolo's Lute NR
    Necromancy Alacrity scroll 75k
    Garish Talwar HML 84% HLL59% DI 40% nr
    Lockpicking, Cartography,& resisting spells alacrity scroll set 225k
    10th anniv sculpture 50k
    1000 horned Leather 35k
    Mystism Alacrity scroll 75k
    Gauntlets of Nobility 100k
    SE Arti 8 Painting NR
    Silver-Etched Mace Undead Slayer HLL48% HCI10% Hit Fireball40% DI40% NR
    1000 golden Ingots 25k
    Peacemaking and Discord Alacrity Scroll 150k
    1000 oak boards NR
    Hooded Robe of Umbra 75k
    1000 horned Leather 35k
    1000 red dragon scales NR
    POF 80k

    As of now these are the items i have. If you have donations I will be on this morning til 9 am CST. Usually i pop in luna and MITC Auction house regularly or use global chat. You may give your donations to Jo Cool, Red Sonya or Daisy Duke. I will also be logged in at the auction house by 7:15 pm CST should anyone have last minute donations.
  2. Updated List:

    25 Bark Fragments NR
    10 scourge NR
    10 perfect emeralds 10k
    Daemon statuette 100k
    100 saltpeter NR
    10 boura pelts 15k
    Ancient Urn of Kaoru NR
    bag of 10 small pieces of blackrock NR
    mana draught NR

    Jo Cool