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[Mixed Profession] Pricing Runic Armour

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Rorschach-Europa, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. I’ve been doing lots of BODS since I started playing again and also spent a bit of my savings on runic kits (for fun, not profit). I want to start selling stuff but I have no idea how much armour costs really, I only have a vague idea what is good...
    The Luna vendors inside the walls seem a bit pricey; I want to charge a fair price... Is there a rough formula I can use and what are standout pieces for PvP and PvP?
    To help me out, if you could give me example prices for this cross section of what i have made that would be amazing.:

    (This is on Europa, but i only want a vague idea, i want to shift the bits for room more than make an insane profit).


    7/21/6/8/21 - MR2, LUCK 71
    6/9/15/9/16 - MR2, MANA INCREASE 8
    13/15/22/7/9 - MR2
    5/21/5/21/12 LMC 7
    15/17/19/15/11 - LRC 20
    8/7/8/20/21 - MR2
    20/5/17/8/20 - MANA INCREASE 6
    21/9/7/18/20 - LRC 17, STAM INC 7
    14/7/8/7/10 - LMC6, MR2, LRC 14

    6/11/6/7/23 - LMC7, LRC20

    Bronze Mempo

    20/21/7/19/9 - STAM INC 4
    5/20/9/7/10, MR2, LMC6, RFD 14, SR 5
    13/20/9/7/9 - MR 2, LUCK 100

    12/8/10/20/20 - mr 1

    10/4/10/18/6, MR2, LRC 17