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MOA News (Week of 02.23.09)

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Wulf of Britain, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Greetings all this is Wulf of Britain with MOA. I wish to appologize for this post being late this week details explaining why are further down the page.

    From the Desk of Lady Melian (Wednesday Manager): http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?p=1101837#post1101837

    From the Desk of Lord Pratt (MOA Owner): Its February again Great Lakes, so as some of you may know, that means its FEE FREE MONTH at MOA. Anything submitted to the proper MOA staff and dated in the month of February will be free of the usual 5% fee!
    Note: This doesnt mean the item has to sell in this month, its based on the day its submitted!

    From the Desk of CIGO Pit Boss (Wulf): I wish to appologize to everyone but I have to temporarly close the casino. Current estimates are 1-3 weeks. My back has been bothering me for a week plus and I finally went to the doctors office today. Was told it is just a Thoracic Strain and threw theropy I should be back up to full speed asap.

    Details on the injury: http://www.wellnessprofessionals.com/View-all-products-in-shop.html?ItemId=3&id=38&s=1&video=1


    Monday - Monday Night Madness @ MOA Castle: 9pm EST
    This week its "Casino Night"

    Wednesday - Auction Night @ MOA Auction Hall: 9pm EST
    You know them and you love them, Wednesdays wacky crew returns this week to sell more items and bring you some insanity but also gold for answering trivia!
    Expected staff this week:
    Auctioneer: Illyana
    Broker: Ethy
    Cashier: Melian
    Gater: Sweet Ness
    Staff subject to change without notice

    Thursday - Auction Night @ MOA Auction Hall: 9pm EST
    You know them and you love them, Thursdays crew returns this week to sell more items and bring you trivia for gold!
    Expected staff this week:
    Auctioneer - Melody
    Broker - DJ
    Cashier - Logan
    Gater /Greeter - Athah & Emmy

    MOA is recruiting. All recruits start off as gaters so do not apply if you do not have a mage you are able to gate with. If you wish to apply for MOA contact Pratt (ICQ: 7489459) or Melian (ICQ: 294317507)


    -UP- Unforgotten Phoenix

    CIGO is scheduled to be closed for 1-3 weeks due to CIGO Pit Boss injured his back at work.

    CFC - Chicken Fight Club

    Saturday - Lets Get Ready To Rumble! @ 8pm EST
    CFC opens their doors to the famous….chicken fights! Come test your chickens ability in the ring! Don’t have a chicken? Place bets on the ones fighting or take your chance at the trivia questions between every fight!!

    Chicken fights not your thing? Bring any other pet as long as its bonded and fight it; Mare, Dragon, Swamp Dragon, Cu Cide, etc.

    It is free to enter any pet just speak to Mist after you arrive. 100k to the winner of each class, 50k for second place!