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Mod Request: Submit Skill Gain Logs using SE/ML/SA items

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Basara, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    Please place Recent (since Mondain's Legacy) Skill Gain Logs here.

    What is a Skill Gain Log?

    A Skill Gain Log is a record of the time and materials spent training a skill up to its maximum, and the methods used to do so. In the case of Smith training, one would also need (for purposes of smelting) to also indicate what mining skill the character is also at. You will also want to note if and when you've used powerscrolls, for Smith & Tailor logs, and if you are crafting weapons & armor, gains in Arms Lore that might result.

    For Example, a Smith skill gain log might start out -

    Start: Bought Blacksmithy, Arms Lore and Mining up to 40 at Hesphaestus in New Haven. Accepted Hesphaestus' skill quest there, and Jacob's mining quest. No Smith Powerscroll used as yet.

    a. Trained mining to 90 skill (40 to 50 skill in Jacob's accelerated gain area)before beginning smith training, accumulated roughly 12000 ingots. Bought Salvage bag from Provisioner. Total time: 6 hours

    b. Returned to Hesphaestus' shop. Crafted daggers to 48 skill, maces from 48-50 skill, in accelerated skill gain area, recycling the made items (wielding Jacob's pickaxe to have 100 mining, and wearing +3 studded mining gloves picked up off the floor in Luna, for 103 Mining skill).

    c. 0 net loss of ingots from daggers from salvage, from use of salvage bag with 103 mining. -1 ingot per salvage from maces. These losses, plus losses from failures, totaled 204 ingots. Total time: 20 minutes. Arms Lore increased to 43.2 skill

    session 2:

    a. crafted Maces to 55 skill; Time Spent: XXX; ingots lost through use (after recycling & failures) XXX.
    b. Switched to Cutlasses at 55 skill; gained to 66 skill: Time Spent: XXX; Ingots lost: XXX.
    Arms Lore: increased from 43.2 to 55.3 over length of session.

    Session 3: Acquired a 110 PS before this session.
    c. Trained on Krysses from 66.1 to 80.5....

    The following charts will prove useful to someone designing their own training session for Blacksmith or Tailor. They show the maximum skill one can gain to with most simple items, based on the Powerscroll one has used, and are an expanded version of the charts essential to the old Skill Gain Logs and training recommendations. Note these are the points where skill STOPS gaining; the "sweet spot" for gains, according to the devs as well as all previous FAQs, lie where an item is 60% to 80% chance of success (possibly expanded with powerscrolls much like the maximum skill, to 50% to 90% if one has used a 120 PS - this was a debate topic in the old days as well)

    Smith Chart
    Tailor Chart