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MoM, December 2003

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Grommit, Dec 6, 2003.

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  1. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Murder of the Month, November 2003.

    The guidelines:

    [*]Murders must be performed using legal gameplay techniques. No murders comitted by exploits shall be considered.
    [*]The play-by-play of the murder must adhere to the Stratics RoC.
    [*]Screenshots of the murders are strongly encouraged and will weight the contest in the favor of people who post screenshots. *
    [*]Murders will be scored based on the number of chars killed in that instance, loot picked up from the kill, screenshots and most importantly, style!
    [*]Murders must be committed during the time frame of each contest in order to be considered for that month. Murders occuring in the month of April will only be considered for the April contest, etc.
    [*]Entries will be judged by the Murderer Forum moderators and two other people from the forum of our chosing. Contestants for each month will not be considered to be judges for that month.
    [*]Winners will be posted on the Murderer's Wall of Fame. Moderators may hand out honorable mentions if the contest is especially close for a particular month.
    [*]We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want, although chances are that we won't.
  2. Aia

    Aia Guest

    YES!!! KFC of Napa did just that. Here's our story:


    Sadly I didn't get many kill shots, sort of got caught up in the action. *grins*

    More info.
    I've heard only two SoN managed to get away without dying. Everyone else died at least once. We were able to loot several power scrolls. Various items that should have been, but were not insured. The usual regs, pots, bags of sending. Our KFC member who remained in the star room ended up with 800 to 900 of each reg. He was having a great time fighting while overweight. So yes, five reds can take on a group of 17 or 18 blues and win.
  3. Having checked the details I see that it is officially the Murderer, not Murder, of the month. That being the case then technically a particular Murder is not required. It is possible that a Murderer could become so successfull that it would not be required to select a single act of Murder.

    So, in that vien I nominte the Empire of The Fallen Lords, for having Murdered so well for so long as to have reached a point, where they were in such absolute control, that they were able to also declare Peace and have it actually hold.

    From noon on December 20th until noon on December 21st Pacific shard knew peace under the control and direction of the Murderers of the Empire of The Fallen Lords.
  4. Well, this is from a little hunt I had tonight,, doubt it will win:)

    Warning, 16 pics
  5. Danny Ocean

    Danny Ocean Guest

    Thank you Salt, but I do have a specific tale of murder from our exploits. For those of you who don't know the Fallen Lords, we have basically shut down champ spawns on Pacific. There are few guilds left who still oppose us, they know who they are, and thus I will not mention them. Anyway, with greatly decreased champion spawn activity, when we do find a brave group trying to complete one, usually in some secluded locale like ice west or terra sanctum, we sometimes like to get creative. The story I'm about to relate takes place at terra sanctum, where a group of 5-6 blues was trying to complete a rat spawn. We were sitting at our keep on marble island, waiting for them to progress the spawn a bit further(we're murderers, not spawn-hunters), when someone got the idea that we should polymorph before we begin the attack. We've done this before, most notably a Despise spawn raided as chickens(ever seen a group of blues run from chickens? LOL) So, we decided to poly into polar bears. Unfortunately, I only got pics of the setup, but they're still nice /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    With numbers like that, the outcome was inevitable; one or two managed to survive the first onslaught and hide, but we found them /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your cropping is horrible, but I love the idea ! I actually mentioned something like that to my guild last night. Fun stuff
  7. Danny Ocean

    Danny Ocean Guest

    I know... but I'm using gotproof.net, and they won't let me edit it once I upload...
  8. Sir, that is because gotproof is an image hosting site, not an image editing site, and it is very newly created, and will be under going major work in the near future
  9. Danny Ocean

    Danny Ocean Guest

    I know, but they won't even let me take off old/outdated stuff
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