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Momorial to Clainin

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Flame (DrR), Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Flame (DrR)

    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    Nathan Hawk The Seeker of Truth stood beside the throne in castle British, a black cloak hung down the back of his charcoal leather armour, across his chest he wore a purple sash embroider “Clainin I Will Not Forget Thee”, he smiled sombrely to the crowd that was gathering, then seemed to return to his own deep thoughts.
    A mutter came from the crowds that drew his attention “Reckon Casca will show ‘Is face?”, looking up to the crowd he stated “Aye he will,” “this is about Clainin not Casca.” As if on cue Casca appeared before the throne and nodded to Nathan before addressing those gathered.

    “Citizens of Britain we have gathered here today to pay tribute to a most honourable man! With many great deeds Lord Clainin has served the Kingdom to his dying breath, a terrible loss“.

    Casca looked down as mumbles came from the crowd, once silence was restored he continued.

    “In his honour a memorial has been created in the gardens of the castle.”

    Once again mumbles erupted from those gathered and Nathan had to order Silence before Casca could continue by raising his hands to the heavens and stating:

    “By the Virtues I give you… Lord Clainin!

    The name Lord Clainin was repeated amongst the people gathered till his name rang in the hall. Once silence was once again restored Casca spoke to Nathan, “you wanted to say a few words?” Simply stating “thank you” Nathan moved to the centre of the daises to face the crowd. Tension filled the room as Casca turned and sat upon the throne, but out of respect of Clanin and seeing the sombre figure of Nathan standing before them they remained quiet.

    “Thank you, I am not going to talk about the virtues, although the Bishop of Trinsic sent me a nice book on the subject.:
    Dear brothers and sisters of Sosaria. I would like to make a short speech in commemoration of our dearly departed Clainin.” Nathan bowed his head a little as he said Clainin’s name and then continued. “You may learn something of him tonight we hope. As you maybe aware Clainin recently awoke from his troubled sleep and was rescued from Haven under the command of King Casca, and we escorted him to a safe house for his own safety, even though we were attacked during this mission. It seems that mission was undertaken in vain for Clainin was shortly after murdered by Melissa despite my best efforts to save him.”
    “Clainin was a great man, he was apprentice to none other than the legend Nystul. It was Clainin who assisted in the building of the structure still found in the courtyard, built to aid in the detection of Minax.”
    Nathan stopped a moment to scan the faces of the crowd.
    “He was a member of the Royal Council after Nystul left and indeed was a comrade of mine and one of those who gave me orders and read my communiqués always with interest. Indeed it was Clainin and Dupre who rallied the people when left without both Nystul and Lord British. He forged the first alliance with the Meer against the Juka. It was he who assisted the Meer to cure the plague of Yew with the aid of the Guardsmen. He helped cure the Commander of the Royal Guard of a dreadful poison., which was inflicted through Keeonan after several treks into various dangerous places assisted by the Royal Guard.
    In other times he built the abortive magical barrier designed to defend Britain against the magical attack when Yew and Cove were overrun by orcs and the Waker of the Dead had been summoned by Belo Ondariva not long before.”
    Nathan paused and looked down, a single tear rolling down his cheek.
    “He revealed Ramuz the Shadowlord in the guise of Odric to the assembled Royal Guard! It was Clainin who also led the Royal Guard to meet with Inu the Crone in Tokuno to face her challenges, so she would translate the journal of Merebella. He was present at the time of the Blackrock explosion that destroyed Haven, due to the concentration of volatile metal within its walls, being collected by the traders from adventurers while the detector was activated in Moonglow. It was this which caused him to go into a coma for a long time only recently recovering. To be murdered at the hands of Mellisa, I saw this myself. Finally he was the author of Observations of the Shards, A chronicle of the remains of the of the Gem of Immortality and will be dearly missed by all. That was the life of Clainin.”

    Amongst members about Clainin from the crowd Casca once again took centre stage.

    “Thank you Nathan, Would somebody else like to say a few words?”

    Shuffling and murmurs came fro the crowd but nobody stepped forward.

    “nobody? In that case we will proceed with a procession to the Memorial.”

    A voice suddenly came from the crowd saying “I wouldst.” Nathan realising this told Casca to “wait, Attorak wishes to speak.” Nodding Attorak thanked Nathan and moved to the centre daises, whilst Casca returned to the throne.

    “Thank thee, People of Britannia, People of Sosaria, we have lost a great man. The mentor of Dawn and the defeater of the plague of Yew, his deeds art countless. We shalt never forget his words. We shalt never forget the deeds. He wert good to us. And on this day, we art here, to remember him. But we shalt also remember the circumstances how he died. Little we doth know about his murder… Or… whom might be behind her. The truth is, we knoweth nothing. The case is closed, thanks to our King Pro Tempore, Lord Casca.”

    At this Casca jumped up from his throne stating “That will do sir, thank you very much”

    Whilst being hastened off the daises Attorok was still heard saying “But there art still evils out there, despising… We shalt never forget Clainin. And his deeds. So the murder what wert done.”

    Casca thanked Attorok and said how it was “Very touching indeed,” and asked once again “Dose anyone have anything else to say?” With the mumbling about the murder he watched out but non came forward to speak. “No? Obviously uncomfortable with the situation he continued to say “Then we will proceed with the procession. ,” only to be stopped by Nathan who came to stand beside Casca and look at the crowd saying as he did so “One moment milord.” Casca unhappy with this interruption stated “Again? Very well go ahead.” Nathan addressed the crowd:

    “Just to say, NO stone will be left unturned in the hunt for Clainin’s killer.” w2ith Casca looking at him he continued “let us go then.” Casca then lit a candle and stood in front of the crowd with Nathan beside him. He then instructed the crowd “All of you follow me and Nathan please, and walks slowly to the castle courtyard.
    The procession walked slowly and silently to the north eastern corner of the castle gardens where they all saw for the first time a marble pedestal beneath a Bust of Clainin, Everyone respectfully gathered round whilst Casca placed his candle at the foot of the monument sating “Lord Clainin” as he bowed his head. Many other including Nathan also bowed there heads whilst the name Lord Clainin once again filled the air. Both Nathan and then Casca stated for the crowd to feel free and place flowers. Flowers were soon gathered and the monument was soon surrounded by them with the air filled with there perfumed fragrance. Once the last few flowers were placed Nathan again addressed the crowd.

    “I think that looks grand, the flowers will stay, we will rearrange them as best we can. Thank you to all who gave flowers and other gifts, you will be remembered.” Casca then added “I will order the gardeners to re-arrange and water them.” Nathan preceded “Good night for now this sombre evening, it is time for reflection.” A voice came from the crowd “god bless ya soul and let u arrive on the other side in peace.” Nathan hearing these words stated “well said Wokhoss, that is my sentiment also,” and left whilst many paid there last respects with bows and comments. Casca then took his leave saying “I shell bed you a good evening as well.


    Thus concludes the memorial to Clainin.