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Monsters appear to cast Arch Cure - one will want to watch that

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_revenant2, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. At least superficially, pets and monsters appear to cast arch cure.

    They might have already thought this through, but anyway. If the monsters' arch cure is identical to the player one, making arch cure less effective on high level poison should make monsters easier to kill for anything that can inflict significant poison.

    On my tamer mage, I like to use a group of 2 poison fields to torment succubus (succubi?) as my cu sidhe eats them up. When I do this, the succubus keeps blowing its mana on dispelling the fields and then eventually casting arch cure (only to walk near another field or get a new one dumped on it, of course). And once it's poisoned, it's got to cure before it can heal, which is helpful to me. The succubus dies much faster than it would have when I use the poison fields and my dog usually takes much less damage.

    If the succubus failed to cure poison on the first arch cure I feel pretty sure that it would be easier to kill. I think it would retry the arch cure, blowing additional mana and time on attempting to cure itself, all the while being unable to get any heals in.

    My tamer mage isn't a nox mage and can't cast evil omen so this thing might not change how he personally deals with succubus. But if monsters' arch cure becomes less effective at curing higher level poison, the reasons I do it to the succubus would apply to an increased number of PVM situations.

    PVM balance has a lot of complicated interactions. I can't tell how it would work out. I can say though that having the complementary rune beetle in the mix of superdragons would be highly desireable if monsters had serious difficulty curing high level poison, and that in general, any template that supports high level poisoning would get a boost in effectiveness in PVM.

    The consideration of magery-casting pets having trouble curing high level poison works out complicated too, but it's a seperate thing to think about.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's a good point, and it should be tested on TC.

    Anyone know what the chances of arch-curing a lethal poison are?
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