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More "New Character" Thoughts, Based as Before on Recent Experiences

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_GalenKnighthawke, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I'm still playing around with my new character on an unfamiliar shard.

    It's been going better lately.

    And I have the following additional observations on making a new character. (Any team members reading this, it must be taken in conjunction with my earlier thread from several weeks ago.)

    1. The Virtue Artifact drop rate in Trammel, if these items are truly intended for the purposes Jeremy say they had, is still obscenely low.

    2. UO needs an "items for sale" database. UO is now an item-based game, and when you find decent items, things call into place and the game's a lot more fun. My experiences with this new character were about to come to an end, then what did I find for sale in Luna? A Night's Kiss, and an elemental slaying spear. Now suddenly I can gold farm and train skill at the same time, AND survive! And now suddenly the game's a lot less frustrating and a lot more fun. So please put in some kind of items for sale database, so people can find decent items to buy as soon as they can afford them, and get on with the fun

    3. Is there any good reason why the teleporters in the Felucca Dungeons of Sin (the ones used to get from champ spawn to champ spawn) are not duplicated in those dungeons in Trammel? They would be of immense use for.....Pretty much everyone, but especially for noobs who want to explore but don't have a Runebook yet. I can't see as how putting them in Trammel would be unbalancing...or, for that matter, all that difficult.

    4. I gain Fame and Karma too fast, and gain skills too slowly. Something feels really wrong about that. I should not be relatively high Fame off of killing earth elementals. If the idea of Fame is that NPCs have heard of you and stuff like that.....As the name would imply!.....then look at it this way. Being high-Fame off of earth elementals made sense years ago. It doesn't make sense now, because those monsters are a lot easier to kill.

    5. When you are done with the Warriors of Destiny event cycle, finish the Virtue system. Were I a real noob, I would probably be intrigued by this "Compassion" I gained in when I did escort quests. And I would do some exploring, only to discover it was an old part of a system that hasn't been completed despite being in existence for many years. And, frankly, this would give me some pause about my new game.

    -Galen's player
  2. Repowski

    Repowski Guest

    I'm with you on some of these things... but we certainly do not gain skills too slowly. I still feel like its too easy to become GM in most skills...
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It is easy to gain skills quickly if that's the focus of your playing sessions.

    However, if you don't like to 'grind' your skills, and prefer to let them raise through gameplay and adventuring, you will find it can be pretty slow. I would like to see additional ways to gain skill implemented. [​IMG]