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More thoughts

Discussion in 'Project: Gorgon Discussion Hall' started by Xarax, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Xarax

    Xarax Visitor

    Jul 15, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Hello, After a few month hiatus, I returned to see how the game is looking. I really like the new zone layouts and graphics. It looks like there are some new interesting skills. Necromancy seems pretty good from what I've seen. The new bank slot pricing is much better. I like that picking wood up off the ground doesn't raise carpentry anymore.

    Here's some additional feedback.

    1. Combat has bothered me for a while in this game. I think it's just too fast. I was killing a Gnasher's the other day (one of the more/most powerful outdoor mobs?) using Unarmed and Necromancy. I had 2 mage pets. Gnashers are resistant to crushing, so unarmed should have been a bad choice. The average fight would take less than 8 seconds. The Maidens would take about 13 seconds. Getting rid of the mages added about 4 seconds to the fights, on average. Most stuff I fight dies in 1-2 hits (under 3 seconds). My gear is pretty good, but not insane by any means. I was using a 0 stat Necro amulet also..

    2. The targeting box still sucks. You can find a post of mine from 4 months ago if you want to know why.

    3. Why is gardening limited to 2 of the same item at one time? If I want to grow 20 onions, why can't I just plant 20 onions. Instead, it takes me 10 times as long, because I can only plant 2 onions. To further add to this, most of the places you can grow now aren't really that convenient to water.. and water isn't stackable. Not really well thought out at all, in my opinion. Also, once I have the ability to grow a plant, I should have some option of getting the seeds from that plant. For instance, I raise my skill enough to grow violet's and I grow one, I should have the option of getting some seeds from the violet (destroying it in the process).

    4. Surveying... I had wanted to raise the teleportation skill, so I needed amythests. So, I open up my recipe book and I have no idea which recipe creates maps that could possibly lead to amethysts. I proceed to make 5 maps of each type, and guess what.. not a single amethyst. Great, so I start making 10 of each and eventually find 1 amethyst. Of course, I need a lot more than 1 amethyst.. So I end up making 50 maps, of which 6 are amethyst. After collecting them, I ended up with 13 amethysts. So, basically, I made like 70+ maps to get 13 amethysts. I also used like 15 Red Crystals to make those maps, which I now have to make more maps to replenish. I like the idea of the system, but it's more annoying than it needs to be.

    5. Necro pets restricted to graveyards.. why? Pets are like glass and die frequently. It's harder keeping pets alive than it is to kill the mobs. And when they die.. tough luck, you gotta hike back to a graveyard. It's not a good idea.

    6. Forced class items. Fire skill needs staff.. necro needs amulet.. why? I wouldn't mind messing around with Fire skill but all of my gear is specialized towards unarmed. Why do I have to change all my gear and main attack to learn a skill? I don't want to learn Staff.. I want to learn fire and you are forcing me to learn Staff. I don't really like this aspect of the game.

    7. Textile.. I bugged this, but I can't raise my faction enough to get the butter cloth recipe. Also, why can't I grow cotton. I am removing the seeds from it when I process it.. why can't I just plant those seeds.

    8. Cows.. make a lot more of them. A lot of recipes call for milk.. and I can only get 4 milk per hour. I know there are some docile cows, but that's a pain to track them down. Maybe milking each cow can give more than 1 milk? I dunno, needs more though.