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Morning all! *put coffee on to brew*

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *puts water on for tea*
    *wonders if anyone is even drinking tea any more*

    Whelp, today's the day a fistful of us head up to San Francisco to see what EA has up it's sleeve for "Ultima X: Odyssey." Whatever it is, in preparation for that, Stratics will be changing slightly as well. Expect some kind of a formal announcement later this morning, but the beans have already been spilled in the forum by the same name.

    I've also put in an order to get a new computer. I'm finally moving into the next millenium. My five year old computer at home is simply not strong enough to handle the new games. I'll be getting a 2.8 GHz, 512 RAM, 160 Gig HD, Audigy, 128 MHz GeForce 5200 critter with the usual peripherals and XP Professional. Revolving lines of credit are so nice. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    *pours a large mug of coffee and sits by the window to watch the day dawn*
  2. Morning?
    It is 3 in the afternoon :p
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Earth and sun met;
    "Look," I say, "Sunset.
    Yet somewhere, sleep is rubbed from eyes
    That watches that same sun rise.

    What's birth? What's death?
    What's near? What's far?
    It all depends
    On where you are.

    I read that cheesy poem over 30 years ago, and for some reason still remember it.

    You, I take it, are on the Left Coast of Europe?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Remember the deal Wulfy, no bear hugs.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Didn't CrazyJoe quict being an administrator? What is up with that?
  6. sallie

    sallie Guest

    grabs a large glass of tea and covers it with ice.....ahhhh iced tea.. Boy, the heat and humidity here in western Pennsylvania are almost unbearable this year.
    SO Cyne, you're finally getting a new PC? About time... One thing I discovered about a new PC, especially a 2.8 gigahertzs, it loads faster than i can think... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif but then again I'm twice as old as you are... I usually upgrade mine about every three yrs...I don't think I could handle one of those new fangled 4.0 Ghz processors..
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We received an urgent note from the state of Texas pleading with us to take him back.

    Hey, Joe. It's those cow hugs of yours I want no part of. I find them udderly disgusting.
  8. tazzi523

    tazzi523 Guest

    hehe you guys are all nuts!

    Moring all! *grabs a water & bag of starburst*

  9. Croc Hunter

    Croc Hunter Guest

    morning... tomorrow is friday thats what is awesome 4 me hehe
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I don't think I could handle one of those new fangled 4.0 Ghz processors..


    I don't think you can either, since the limit right now is about 3.2 =/
  11. sallie

    sallie Guest

    I thought Intel had a 4.0 on the market or is comming out with one soon.... Oh well, us seniors do have our moments /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  12. Nope Im in Northen Europa /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif but same time zone
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Deutsch? Dansk? Nederlander? Further north? Inquiring minds want to know. Me? I'm a California boy, born and raised.
  14. Swedish so further north /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  15. kentuckyjoe

    kentuckyjoe Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 22, 2003
    Likes Received:
    well, if its morning to u guys, then that means its time for me to hit the bed....just found out that i dont have to work friday night, so i get to work on my paly and maybe try to power my way to 120 tailoring....then, saturday night its off to the bar to watch the race and see if i can provoke another one of the drunk hotties to flash the top part of her anatomy at the bigscreen in hopes that she can urge her favorite driver on to victory....hehehe(i actually got a big kiss from her afterwards cause i bet her that rusty would get punked by gordon in the end)

    i did this last year and everytime i go there, i end up getting a few free coors lite's from the owner for making last augusts bristol race very memorable to him and all the other barflies....im refered too as G0D when they all see me.....

    and crazy joe, if that cow was in southeastern kentucky, i have a bunch of buddies that would love to introduce it to the wonderful game of cowtipping...hehehehe
  16. * Walks in and Grabs a Large Mug of Hot Tea * * Looks around and notices his Friends, and gives sallie and the Wulf Man Big Bear Hugs *

    I will fill the Mr. Coffee at home wiht water and then put 3 or 4 tea bag in the pot and make a full pot of tea when I am workinig on my collections. Cause if I do not drink it hot, and if it gets cold I will still drink Cold Tea but not cold Coffee.

    I hope every one is doing well.

    Oh sallie, we are still coming to Pittsburgh the first week end in October. For my Daughters Irish Dancing. I will PM you closer to the date and we can hook up at the convention center.

    Peace be with all of You My U-Hall Friends and Family

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah, I see Josh made the announcement about the new Stratics UXO site right here.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I drink tea but not as my morning "get started" beverage. Just your standard coffee addict here I guess. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Congrats on the PC order. That's about what I have and except for XP Pro, which i hate - longs for her Win2K but is admittedly too lazy to format and change operating systems - it's a good system.
  19. Moonglum

    Moonglum Guest

    *grabs a cup of coffee goodness*

    I went and checked out the UOX (UXO?) site, but nothing good will be there until after the conference. Then the real fun of debating its worth will commence!

    My question is: If its an addition to UO, isn't this further separating the playerbase? I get the feeling this isn't going to be just a 3D layover on a 2D world like the last engine is, and will they really be interchangable (Will I be able to hang at the WBB in true 3D type of thing? ) Can't wait to find out the answers to these questions /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  20. *smiles*

    G'morning. I drink tea on occasion, but not to wake up. :)

    *grabs some coffee and tries to focus on yet another show application*

    Sallie! I do hope that you and Caesar manage to hook up in Pennsylvania. He's a real treat. Make him bring his mother-in-law along too, though...she's even cooler than he is. *grins* I could really see you two hitting it off bigtime. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  21. sallie

    sallie Guest

    Thanks Dor... I am really looking forward to meeting him and his family. Hopefully we will have time to have a nice sit down lunch or maybe an early dinner... depending on his schedule... So far my health is holding pretty good. Got all my needle holes healed up and my CBC's are comming back good. SO I can make it for another 5 weeks. ya'll might want to watch the news that weekend heh, heh.. Get 2 old men together and you just never know what's going to happen /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif