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[Suggestion] Most annoying things the Dev´s should change:

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Der Rock, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    1.after login i have always to adjust the game window
    (a small free space on top)

    2.after logout and relogin with other character, the customskills windows are confused
    (a mix of current character skills and skills from character before)

    3.items dropping in the the backpack are placed everytime on other positions
    (sometimes the items drop far below in the backpack instead of the NEXT free position)

    4.(minor issue) some colours are NOT easy to specifisble
    (agapite ingots and dull copper are almost the same for example)

    5.impossible to do a macro in a macro
    (combine 2 longer macro to 1 macro is impossible,why?)

    6.still missing a tracking and safe button for the things i wear
    (like in UOA)

    7.the backside of my swamp riding characters must be sqashed
    (why do the characters jump 3m high if they ride?)

    8.a smelt ALL action button would make sense
    (atm i have all sorts of of ore in the a smelt macro,a simple action button i consider it best)

    9.a hotbar target option like : item target to stored box (outside the backpack) would make sense

    1o.0verhead chat fade delay,why no 1sec. option?
    (i loved the 1 sec in 2d, 5sec are to long)

    11.user settings "show names", set to NONE dont work
  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    #11 really annoys me. I pass the same stinking vendors every day in Luna, and none of them have anything I particularly want. I have a "show names" macro, I don't need constant updates every time I step in any direction.

    #5.impossible to do a macro in a macro
    (combine 2 longer macro to 1 macro is impossible,why?)

    Nested macros could get very complex and potentially buggy. It's possible to do some pretty long macros as is. I haven't yet found a limit to how much you can copy/paste directly into the character file. And then you can multiply the whole mess by 10. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Perhaps an example of what you mean might help.
  3. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    I would like to add a rather unimportant point, which matters in roleplaying: The ability to turn while not moving around. In KR it was possible by holding left-shift while right-clicking.
  4. Rwyan

    Rwyan Guest

    Birds are teeny tiny - extremely hard to click on.

    Friends and I have started to try and play the game in its original spirit to some extent. Obviously, was hunting birds for their feathers to make arrows. That and their corpses are just as hard to target.
  5. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    have 3 macros
    macro 1. equip 100lrc recall to mining spots,remove lrc gloves,equip +5 mining gloves
    recall to forge
    (10runes or so)

    macro 2. target by resouces pickaxe / taget by resource prospector tool

    macro 3.smelting all kind of ore

    3 macros 3 buttons :( in UOAssist 1 macro 1 button)

  6. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Are you mining at any point during macro 1 or just recalling/equipping? And you're doing all three macros in one key? It might be easier for me to follow if you break it down into steps (seems a few are missing).

    Macro 1 First thing I would recommend is get enough LRC that you don't need to swap gloves, much less trouble. Swapping gloves is doable but an unneeded step as LRC is cheap and easy to get. As for recalling to runes that's easily done but I can't see why you'd want to automate recalling to 10 runes if you're mining in between hops.

    Macro 2 sounds fine although I'd want mine and prospect as separate functions.

    Macro 3 could be done if you put each kind of ore into one long macro and use a stored target (either your preferred forge or fire beetle).

    Iron Large Ore (target stored)
    Iron Scatterd Ore (target stored)
    Iron Clumped Ore (target stored)
    Iron Small Ore (target stored)

    ..and so on for each ore type. Again, a bit large a macro for practical purposes, one for each ore colour x four ore types = 36 smelts, which is more than you could carry anyway. Most smelts would be wasted as your pack would be full after one ore two ore colours.
  7. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    maybe you misunderstood me :)
    each macro itself is no problen.
    the problem is i want to merge all 3 macros to 1 macro,same i did in 2d with UOAssist ;)

    sure it is possible to do all in 1 macro, but this macro would be extremly long, and i dont like to do a such long macro in SA :)

    if SA will be successfull it has to be as good as 2d with uoassist and better