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Most dangerous cog?

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Fangs McWolf, May 31, 2008.

  1. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Ok yes, level 12's have the most points and should be the one to do the most damage, but what about the ones that actually do that damage?

    For example, Mover & Shaker tends to jump and causes group damage often, as does the Spin Doctor.

    So based on actual battles, which ones are the ones who cause the most grief?

    To clarify better, I am not talking about the cog with the most powerful attack. I am referring more to the one that USES its strong attacks and is a pain to fight because it can and will do the most damage to you during multiple attacks.
  2. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    The most dangerous cog is The Mingler 11 when she does the Paradigm Shift. Everyone can lose 24. This beats the Legal Eagle 11, who only attacks one person with the Pecking Order to take that much off (or is his 23?).

    I usually make decisions in bldgs based on which cogs are facing me. The level of them doesn't really matter. The Big Wig and Mr Hollywood for example are nothing compared to any 7 column cog in the gallery. I'll be more worried about a Micromanager 5 versus a Glad Hander 6. And I'll solo a 5 lvl bldg with most of my toons during a Yesman invasion and never have to use a lvl 7 gag. Some are more resistent to lure as well...
  3. I agree with flippers. The mingler is the most dangerous cog because they can attack all toons with 24. Also, pecking order takes out 22 and chomp takes out 24 which both only attack one toon.
  4. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    But how likely is the Mingler to use that attack, compared to the M&S or Spin Doc using a jumping attack?

    Most damaging attack isn't what I'm looking for, it's the use of their strong attacks.
  5. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    They use it often.

    I gauge the cogs by that as well. The Sharks often use their bigger attacks. The cheese is more likely to hit you with glower power. The Backstabber usually hits you with a guilt trip. A Penny Pincher 6 will often throw you a blank check and take you down 12 pts. Ditto the Tightwad 6, who can also cause big damage with Glower Power. Or the Telemarketer 6 using double talk. You go into a battle expecting these will be used on you when lure fails or you underhit. The cogs love to do that.

    An example of a seldom but serious hit is the Bloodsucker's withdrawal. A lot of pts off for that, but he doesn't throw that at you often.
  6. As much as the Mingler is damaging, the Movers and Shakers are annoying. I find them to be the most aggrevating cogs. First off, they look like butlers! This makes me always want to drop a piano on them or blow them up with TNT. :cursing:

    On the other hand, I have noticed that the micromanager tends to have the most amount of misses with their attacks.:lick::lame:
  7. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    IDK but number crunchers took me out twice today in Donald's Dock. My 30 laff toon was no match!
  8. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Hey I like the Movers n Shakers :) Theyre so easy to find for that Zari task.

    And when they jump it makes me laugh.

    I believe they are based on a certain mover and shaker without whom we would not have Toontown.
  9. SuperMac

    SuperMac Guest

    I also like to watch the M&S the best. They are VERY dramatic! LOL!