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Most interesting roleplaying characters?

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by canary, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. canary

    canary Guest

    Was just curious on peoples various shards the strangest/ most interesting character types people roleplayed.

    On my shard we have some interesting types. One of the most interesting is a group that sadly, no longer plays but were called the Atalan. They were led by a fallen god, and their dedication to creating true characters was pretty admirable. They built an entire history based around the race, and there was even in game seminars by a scholar on the race.

    Just interested in hearing what your shard has and what kind of unique characters (individual or groups) that are on shards.
  2. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Baja has more than our fair share of interesting characters.

    We have three full time animals: Skats [D0G], Emmy the cat, and, perhaps the most famous: Handalf the talking chicken. All are ridiculously rigid about maintaining their appearances. Folks on Baja are pretty good about dropping an invis on Hand after a rez to give him time to re-sprout his feathers with dignity.

    My guild is a pretty historic group of professional nutjobs. We've got more personas than Roger from American Dad, ranging from an order of nuns to stern Nordic chefs to bardic alemakers, pink-obsessed socialites and cantankerous blacksmiths, and those of us who maintain a semblance of sanity are part of our theater troup (which is currently casting for our next play).

    One of our neighbors is Fern Goodfellow, who... well... is somewhere between an elven version of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Samantha from Sex and the City. I direct you to the following evidence:


    We have a gypsy murdering Poison-Ivy type, a modest Grand Duchess maintaining watch over her kingdom and its juvenile prince while the rulers are overseas.... Let's see, what else.

    A sadistic (recently re-animated) necromancer whose house elf alternates between charming social butterfly and deranged Dawn-assassinating schizo, the house elf's unintelligible fruit-stacking grandfather who died some time back and currently wanders as a ghost, a pelt-wearing gypsy with a thick accent and penchant for savory meats and bear-wrestling...

    ...a sake-drinking nudist, a stoic chronicler of history, a dedicated librarian...

    Oh. And there's the Yattering, Mesanna's pet. Endearing, horrid little creature with a speech impediment and an obsessive worship of the dark goddess. Lives in a tree west of the Bank. The tree has a password to get in and is wonderfully furnished.

    ... really. We're delightfully mad.

  3. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Here goes my list - My list will be outdated because I am no longer on the front lines of GL rp but those memories and personalities I encountered in my years remain.

    No doubt the likes of Tenebrous and the Atalan are missed, I believe the scholar was Scribe Sidious and certainly some of the most memoriable "evil" rp I had the honor to interact.

    To keep with the evil theme here are some other memorable enemies many which unfortunately no longer walk the lands of Sosaria.

    Along those lines the initial creation of the Empire of the Armedgeddon, an all-star cast of evil guilds but the personalities that really stuck out were the first Emperor, Raistlin and the second - Basil.

    The Temple of Mondain, and my many interactions with Mordain. I forget teh originater of the guild and the "true story of the stranger" but it was a great rp take on the shattering.

    The Blood Rock clan Urks were long the standard of true role-play - speaking only urkish and fighitng as both chaos and rp war - never out of character.

    Some great undead role play over the years - the vampire clan of Ian Nottingham and Kelly Darkhaven, The Legion of Undead was another group that stood out for me it may have had a few different leaders but Evilice was the one I interacted with most.

    And let us not forget the influence of evil magic and evil women...

    Ariyana Sune and her Coven.

    Leshanyi and her magicks (SE?)

    In Factions - Tylindrel Souros the old gm of the RiD SL faction and Lanto Malint leader of CoM. It was a great time in faction history and extremely rewarding for me personally when TB, CoM and SL were headed by role-players. It gave theme to the unending conflict and an edge to the battles.

    What is great rp without some good guys...

    The Order of the Silver Serpent led by Nero of Tenebrae was always one of my favorites. One of the few role-play groups willing to take their role of their defense of Britannia into lands and situations where rules did not apply like factions but continue in their role.

    The Indepedent City State of Dracona a brilliant and complex history created by Ra'dian. Not many walk the land that saw the days when the CAD was the largest guild in all of GL but it was an amazing time of story and role-play.

    The Highland Guard led by Jakob Covenant, the best example of a working military structure I have encountered in game with ranks, uniform codes, hard line sergents and a compassionate leader.

    The Royal Knights of Virtue, Royak Knights of Redpemtion and the town of New Castle, forged in their image. Created by Marcus, carried to new heights by Elijah and carried on by Ren and now led my Malag. Also must mention Lady Oono whom I met when she served under Lord Vinas and later had a strong influence on the RKV and RKR course.

    The Yew Militia a long standing group rising to even greater heights after the fall of the Highland Guard with many names being associated with it but none more then Polynikes, and Willa of Yew. Perhaps the most dominate role-play war army assembled. At a time when many guilds were losing rpers and scratching to get 2-3 members to an event, the Yew Militia could assemble 20+ and could single handedly defeat evil forces that banned together.

    Rath Stonesoul and his group that settled the land that would evolve from Stonesoul Village to become a fully function player run town of Whispering Winds.

    Can't Forget the Germanians, led by Chris. A nomadic people ship wrecked on the coast of Whispering Winds who became an allie but who's manners or lack there of always caused issues.

    The Blue Lotus clan bringing Tokuno based fiction and interaction to the rp community.

    There were also those nasty drow! The old drow based role-play (my drow is weak so excuse my spelling) Bregan D'arth (BDA) and the Viaxus Clan. Best wedding I ever attended! Poor male was married and sacrificed to the Spider Queen, the best and worst day of his life.

    Damon Omenborn and the Dwarves of Clan Omenborn. Not only was this the only Dwarver clan I have encountered in UO but it was done with great depth.

    Some individuals that perhaps transcend group or organzition. Dr. Ghyss and Redlow the foundation of GL High Council, Lady Silverbrook and her work in Mag. Ra'dian Fl'gith and his part in not just his own Dracona but his work in the HC and a great in game paper. Lady Tanda both as justicar and Chancellor. Also my encounters with Treb Drab were always interesting, a man with many theories and investigations.

    Some modern names I always look forward to running into or reading their material.

    Maybe not viewed in the role-play light leading a non rp guild but Lady Severn of the NWJ is a fantastic rper whom I always enjoy interacting. It reminds me of my early days of guild leadership when the Ankh was a mix of rpers and non rpers. Even today, I experience some of that mix when participating in factions with non rp TB groups.

    I am a huge fan of Galen's writing and the depth of that character. In game we have met only twice, but that is my failing and I wish there had been more interaction.

    DaKaren and the continuation of the HC as well as giving GL a great rp base and community. Again a person I have only had limited contact but one who's work I admire.

    Also a huge shout out to Martyna Zmuir - Keeping the entire GL community tied to events and story through her reporting and writing.

    Nonel Topd - Master True Britannian thief and leader of the Minocian Partisans Resistence, and long ago an Order Knight, walking the world in humility as simply danny. Also Nwalme Goth an agent working for Nonel and a piece of work all to herself.

    Last and closest to my heart are the rpers who worked with me to create the Ankh of Unity, the Order and the town of Whispering Winds. Redrick, Lady Destiny, Rohan, Lady Messenger, Shadarious Hawk, Lord Arron II, Duke Greenspan, Silthanis, Dunamis, Sosarian, Edgar Allen, Edwin of Lore, and Diabloblanco, Mavis Triston, Hans Noodel Nogen, Lady Alieve, Chris of the LHL.

    That is just a sample of the most interesting rp personalities I have encountered in Sosaria and as many as I named, there are ten times that number who I have failed to mention. That does not make them any less notable or impactful but speaks more to the limits of my own memories.

    Lore's Player
  4. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Ahh, I was wondering if there were some good ninja clans out there. We could use one of those....
  5. Trebr Drab

    Trebr Drab Guest

    There's been many fine roleplayers. I forget some of the names for some from way back in the early days, but the world of Sosaria has been rich in great actors from day one.

    For "interesting", and I'll add "unique", one stood out to me. One who reminded me of a present day character very much, I might add. She was a young girl who was found in the woods, and I think grew up in the woods from before her memory, and loved to play with magic. He words were mostly ended with an "ies", and she greeted many an adventurer with "greeties" and a smile. I don't recall her name, but her spur of the moment roleplay was top notch.

    Another great roleplayer was Blitz Phoenix. He who charmed the ladies with his smooth tongue and stole hearts as much as the riches he amassed. Many early rares images here at Stratics were supplied by him. I remember when he was running for Mayor of Yew, charming the former Mayor, Mythra, I presume to keep her out of the race (*chuckles*). Whe Trebr's father, Drab Mintr found out about their romance, he set about making jokes and teasing Blitz to no end, finding the idea of Blitz ever settling down too much to control from good hearted laughter. But Blitz wanted him to shut up, so quickly cut up some (at that time) valuable "Ranger Armor" and made a pair of boots for old Drab Mintr. The value of roleplay was held higher than mere "rares".

    Maximilian, and I usually spell the name wrong, was another great roleplayer, making you feel like you were really there, in Sosaria, with him.

    It was the spur of the monet stuff that has always been my favorite roleplay. And the one moment that always comes to memory for me was in such an incident. It was the early days, few players even had the recall spell yet. PKers were dominating the lands, and the rest of us, if we weren't in a strong guild had a real struggle with keeping any gear at all. I'd moved from Yew to Vesper, because there was a room in Covetous filled with crates that spawned stuff all the time. And anything you could sell was worth quite a bit. I spent several weeks there, mostly losing what I gathered to PKers before I could get back to Vesper, but trying all the same. I got to know some of the others who went to this room, as we were all regulars in the same boat. I don't recall the name, but onme of them was a fine roleplayer with a great sense of humor.

    One day, while we practiced our hiding skills while riffling the crates for goodies, a noted guild of PKers opened a gate in the middle of the room. I'd never even seen a gate before. In they come through the gate. They were the Shadows of Britannia, one of the most infamous PK guilds on GL. Led by Spectre (a fine roleplayer himself who turn to PKing), who led the building of the first Mage Tower on any shard in Moonglow. They immediately set about killing everybody who wasn't hidden in the room, and all but Spectre himself left in chase of those who made a break for it.

    So there I was, hidden in this room, the only way out was past this band of feared and powerful PKers out there chasing down everyone else, and standing in the middle of the room was Spectre. I knew he was "tracking" for anyone hiden in the room, like myself. I didn't know if anyone else was there, but Spectre began the casting of the Reveal spell. Was it me? No, it was this other guy, who I called "friend", and in he popped into view. He didn't run, instead he said "Oh!, Well! Hello, I didn't see you there." This started me laughing right then, but nothing like what was to come.

    Spectre then cast Explosion, followed by Paralyze, and froze him in place just after the Explosion went off. He started casting another spell to kill him, and my friend said "Lets..." the spell went off, but he was still alive so Spectre began a lightning spell to kill him. "...be reasonable". and then he died as the spell landed. I cracked up laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I was able to make a mad dash for it out of the room, and past Spectre, even as I had trouble seeing for the watery eyes I had. I actually made it away, but was later killed in the dungeon as I poked around out of curiosity of what the Shadows were doing. But I never forgot my friends sense of humor.
  6. Trebr Drab

    Trebr Drab Guest

    Ah, I saw something that reminded me of a great roleplaying incident, on a message board while UO was in Beta.

    The excitement for UO was building rapidly, growing far ahead of what any of the "experts" thought. The boards were going nut with the usual hopes, expectations, and dreams of gamers, both who had played the Ultima Games and who hadn't.

    Of course, there was that one poster who got under everyone's skin, insisting that he was going to kill everyone in UO and be feared by all. He did this all day long, carried on arguments with others who pointed out the logic of one player dominating all others, and basically was your typical immature kid looking for attention and planning on being a griefer. He called himself (what else?) "Blade".

    But then there was the opposite end of the spectrum. The Roleplayer supreme. This was the guy who posted religiously that all he wanted was to walk from shrine to shrine on a pilgrimage in the game, to visit each shrine, to simply see them in this new MMORPG thing, to see a dream come true. He called himself, appropriately, "The Pilgrim Barbasol".
    And he Roleplayed each and every one of his posts on the message board. He wished not to fight and kill anything, he was modest and compassionate to all of UO's creatures to come, he would brave the dangers and have no fear, he would be honest and straight forwards with others, he would spurn wealth and power and greed. In short, he was the ultimate virtue seeker in his quest to visit each Shrine. And the ultimate Roleplayer.

    This went on for quite a while, The Pilgrim Barbasol and his perfectly roleplayed posts of virtue leading the roleplay before the game even came out, and others led by Blade who would kill everything that walked including each and every one of the other players.

    It became a common thing to see other players promise The Pilgrim Barbasol to help him in his quest. To protect him, to walk with him at least a short ways, to support him in any way they could. While Blade kept promising everyone that "you'll see", that he would kill them all and be feared in UO.

    Now, in those days, message boards showed you IP address after your name, while you could post using any name and change it with each post. But your IP of course wouldn't change. So you could be identified by your IP no matter what name you used, if someone wanted to bother.

    While these two posters never "met" at first, it eventually came to pass that Blade threatened The Pilgrim Barbasol, who in turn meekly turned the other cheek. Other players jumped to Barbasol's defense, of course, and tried to put Blade in his place. But Blade would not back down, he would make it a point in-game to hunt down The Pilgrim Barbasol and slay him. But Barbasol continued his perfect roleplay, never faltering, never giving up.

    Then one day, one or the other posted at an unusual time for them. And the IP was for the other. It was quickly picked up on by other posters. "Blade" and "The Pilgrim Barbasol" were one and the same, one posting from work and the other from home.

    You see, "Barbasol" is a shaving cream.
  7. Merci d'Rue

    Merci d'Rue Guest

    Actually this thread touches on two things my team and I are working on. Bryelle has been working on stories that deal with skill and using them to create interesting roleplay characters. While I am working on a piece that involves creating a character in general.

    Furthermore it is my intent to start finding you guys out there and doing one on one pieces about unique and interesting characters.

    So! if you have someone to recommend for this new year, or have a character you think is very different and unique, please feel free to pm us!

    Thanks for this article it is very enlightening.

    I have to throw my two cents in as well I have highlighted in my articles a few unusual characters on many of the shards I have visited, to them I say thankyou for putting a new twist on things.

    Currently on Atlantic, one of my favorite unique characters is a normal human male, that happens to be running a movement called Humanis. Humanis is a movement that believes in human superiority over all races, they have in the past particularly hated elves but in recent times moved on to many different races. He has done in depth work on the back history of his guild and has been around since before I started roleplaying. I think one of the things I like the most about the Magnate Isk is that I have seen him (although often from the sidelines) in strong moments and weak thru-out his Roleplay career which adds a sense of realism hard to achieve.

    My hats off to Lord Isk of Magincia and his guild the Republic of Magincia.
  8. Trillin

    Trillin Guest