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(RP) Murder in Britain

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lord Lew, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Lord Lew

    Lord Lew Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 7, 2008
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    The day had been long, the fights even longer, but the outbreak it seemed was under control. What had begun as a simple flu, or so it seemed, had developed into a full blown outbreak of zombies. Governor Lew had listened to council by Dr. Hawk and enacted a quarantine zone around Trinsic. Dr. Hawk and his ERT ( Britannian Emergency Response Team) rushed to trinsic with the supplies provided by King Blackthorn. The ERT quickly examined the citizens of Trinsic, and sent them to refugee facilities set up in several Sosarian cities. The citizens that were found to be infected were quarantined on boats offshore until such time as a cure could be found. It seemed that the worst had passed as Governor Lew awoke, but as with all things, our hopes can be smashed in an instant.

    As he readied himself for what the day might bring, there was a knock on the door. Eric, one of his loyal Wardens stood at the open door with an ashen expression on his face, unable to speak, a note in his hand. Lew quickly walked over and began to read what his loyal warden could not express, and as he did so, the enormity of the letter began to sink in.

    Governor Lew,
    There has been an attack on the refugee camp in Britain, all have been lost.
    Governor Solus set fire to the camp, and all inside. He has murdered not only
    our ERT workers, but all the healthy citizens of Trinsic that were escorted to
    the city for sanctuary from the outbreak. I am at a loss for words, and do not
    know how handle this situation, as he is Governor of Britain.
    Please help us,
    Dr. Hawk [ERT}

    In a furious rage, Lew swept the lamp off the table next to him and cried out in anguish. Once he could focus again he commanded the guard to summon the city scribe to him. Something must be done, the King must be informed, this wrong must be attended.

    When the scribe arrived, Lew motioned to the chair at the table, as he slowly paced in front. Once he had been seated, Lew began to speak the letter to the king, solemnly at first, but then with conviction as the anger began anew within him.

    My Liege,
    It is with a sad heart that I write this letter to you this morning, as
    a great wrong has been committed in your kingdom. The City of Trinsic
    has received the aid promised by you at council, and the ERT has begun
    clearing citizens for relocation to refugee camps throughout the land.
    However a great wrong has been committed, a wrong that must be set right.

    Upon arrival by the ERT in Britain, a camp was set up, and the
    refugees given tents to sleep in per your orders. But this is where the real
    atrocity begins, and a great evil has taken place. Governor Solus, in defiance
    of your decree set ablaze the camp, killing all inside. He has murdered the
    citizens that were seeking refuge, and the ERT workers who brought them
    and were attending to their needs.

    I received word that you were delivered my previous letter, though
    its original rider was mysteriously cut down in the process of delivering it
    to you. The contents of that letter were enough to merit an investigation,
    but this current situation requires more. Therefore it is with a heavy heart
    that I ask you my King to issue an arrest warrant for the Governor of Britain.
    He must be held accountable for his actions, he must stand trial for the
    MURDER of our citizens, and the workers of the ERT.

    I have the Wardens of Trinsic on alert, and await your reply. I will
    ride with them and arrest Governor Solus, but per your decree, await your
    authorization to do so.

    Your Servant,
    Lord Lew
    Governor of Trinsic

    Now Lew knew well that the last message to the King was intercepted by someone along the way. That message had been held safe by the rider, tho it cost him his life, and had been delivered in time to the king. However this message, and the events leading up to it, required a more stealthy delivery.

    He sent a runner to the docks, to find the perfect person to deliver the message. A man that has become quite useful in these situations. A man that knows how to use the shadows to his advantage, who claims the silence around him. This man would be the one needed to deliver such an important message to the king.

    As he sat contemplating the current events, a hand reached out from the darkness, startling the governor. A quiet voice whispered “how may I be of assistance governor”, sending chills down his spine. He quickly gained his composure and gave the man his instructions, and handed him the letter sealed with wax. Just as quietly as the man had arrived, he was gone again, off to deliver the dire news to the King. He hated to go to such lengths, but this situation dictated the extreme measures.

    A cry rang out from the streets of Trinsic, something was happening, Lew stood and began to run towards the noise. The thoughts began in his head, not again, dear lord not again. As he reached the street, he saw Governor Norrington with a group of his fighters assisting the Wardens of Trinsic. It seems that the Zombie Apocalypse was far from over, and he yelled out, “when will it end!”
    #1 Lord Lew, Oct 29, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
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  2. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Stratics Legend
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    Dec 18, 2003
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    meees kin takes da letter to da king !! meees tiny an kin sneaks
  3. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
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    May 12, 2004
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    Usins stay where is safe Ozog. Yoos no risks it. It bees too danejerus!
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