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Murder of the Month, inaugural month.

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Grommit, Apr 22, 2003.

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  1. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Things have been pretty quiet here recently so it's time for a the initiation of a little contest. If any of you are familiar with the old Theft of the Week threads in the Thief forum, this will be similar to it. We're going to start this off as a monthly thread and if it gets popular enough, we'll make the contests more often.

    Without further delay, the guidelines:

    [*]Murders must be performed using legal gameplay techniques. No murders comitted by exploits shall be considered.
    [*]The play-by-play of the murder must adhere to the Stratics RoC.
    [*]Screenshots of the murders are strongly encouraged and will weight the contest in the favor of people who post screenshots. *
    [*]Murders will be scored based on the number of chars killed in that instance, loot picked up from the kill, screenshots and most importantly, style!
    [*]Murders must be committed during the time frame of each contest in order to be considered for that month. Murders occuring in the month of April will only be considered for the April contest, etc.
    [*]Entries will be judged by the Murderer Forum moderators and two other people from the forum of our chosing. Contestants for each month will not be considered to be judges for that month.
    [*]Winners will be posted on the Murderer's Wall of Fame. Moderators may hand out honorable mentions if the contest is especially close for a particular month.
    [*]We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want, although chances are that we won't.

    That's about it everybody! Get your weapons sharpened, regs in a row, armour suited up and get out there and KILL KILL KILL!

    *Care should be taken to make your screenshots a reasonable size to keep from lagging other users as they browse the thread. If you do not have a host to store your screenshots, PM me (Grommit) and I'll see if I can work something out with you.
  2. WOOT!!

    This will be fun. I have some hosting space people can use for this too. These would be threads that pass after a month or so or do these pics need somewhat permanent homes?

    We also need a Wall of Shame, it is only a matter of time till someone exagerates a little too much and gets busted/php-bin/shared/images/icons/biglaugh.gif
  3. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    No, the pics don't need to be perma. The winner will be listed on the wall of fame and the date they recieved their title. I am looking forward to some creative killings here people!

    Wall of shame will probably follow when we catch the ones with the "big fish" stories.
  4. ok, here is my entry for this month entitled <font color=red>The Fish Story</font color=red>

    I found this coward whom I cannot name for obvious reasons running north 8 squares at a time, an obvious landlubber if I ever saw one!!


    [no_eye_contact]Right after I took this shot I got him and looted his robe but er.. forgot, thats right forgot to take a picture of it and then it fell in the water!![/no_eye_contact]
  5. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    I agree, the pics don't need to be perma but any really good stories may be archived by us in some way. Contestants shouldn't have to worry about hosting the pics beyond the contest though.
  6. k thats me the pale guy on the horse trapped in felucca britain sewers and thats a peach i tried to pk.

  7. Marcas

    Marcas Guest

    Well, Unfortunetly i didn't take a screen shot, but ask any smith/tailor on cats who geldor laxos is. Here is the scenario. I dropped almost 50 runes marked Vendor mall- Smith bod's, Tailor bods, bones, leathers, ingots..blah blah at all the tailor and smith shops. it was marked in the corner of a hut in skara. Best loot was off SKidsnsteel. 2 spined ruinics, 1 horned ruinic, 2 bronze hammers, 1 gold hammer, a check for a mill gold, and a ton of high end smith/tailor bod's. ( all that was just listed was on his beetle).
  8. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Ah yes, I remember reading your post on the Catskills forum. Very nice. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  9. i hate to be a rule nazi here but isnt luring illegal?
  10. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    I have only killed one guy since AoS hit but I killed him with my beggar/fisherman (Salty Pete of Sonoma) so I guess it's a worthwhile entry. Here is the story (reprinted)


    As ol' Salty Pete made his rounds looking for wealthy warriors to ask for a bit of spare change he came across a fellow by the name of Elbow Mansfield. This man refused to answer ol' Salty's plea for spare change and the other warriors in the pit said he was an evil man who had previously murdered a training partner. The other warriors thought this a terribly dishonest and unhonorable act. Ol' Salty asked them, "Do ye want I should teach this fellow what it means to tackle a seasoned opponent who has the skill to end a life 'imself?"

    The warriors somberly nodded and agreed that if ol' Salty were to "accidentally" end Mansfield's life while training the man they would not call the guard to claim ol' Salty.

    With a couple of quick casts of the coldest spell that ol' Salty could think of the evil Elbow Mansfield's reign of terror upon the training fighters was ended. It was almost as if Elbow Mansfield's ghost could be heard in the pit endlessly commanding a training partner to be on guard as ol' Salty recalled to Beggar's Grotto.

  11. Fluffy G

    Fluffy G Guest

    Damn nice haul
  12. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Yeah, I'm fairly certain that it's legal in Fel. If he was putting the runes in Trammel, that may be a different story. I'll ask around though.
  13. lol People are living out of those beetles, they hold more than a boat! But what kind of fool takes a unknown rune ride with a 1 million check in a beetle?/php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Personally I think the blue is horrible and kill them on sight. They actually look really cool as ghosts, OSI should use that art for live ones.
  14. you were once blue! and you probably dont have an all red characters either..i dont believe anyone does unless you play Siiiieeeege!
  15. blue beetles guy, we're talking beetles/php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    EDIT: And I was never as blue as one of those beetles either, thank god!
  16. surfer858

    surfer858 Guest

    i want my robe back.

    have a good one
  17. Samuel

    Samuel Guest

    I have some hosting space available also. 10 Meg accounts are free. If you want something higher I will have to charge. The prices will be very low though, used to help pay for the server :)
  18. I think, by that last post, Samuel is asking to get murdered...
  19. *looks at sams post*

  20. Samuel

    Samuel Guest

    Umm...No. Was just offering a service. I will know better than to offer it in the future. Sorry I brought it up. And here a nice "Thanks but no thanks" would have been nice.

    seesh ::slinks back into the shadows::
  21. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    Guys this thread is for people submitting murders for the contest. Please keep idle chit chat and what not to different threads.
  22. Ya Samuel/php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  23. hopfull

    hopfull Guest

    Mmm sadly i am crap at stuff like screen shots)i have my sigs made/hosted for me)*smiles*
    So i dont take screenies,but hope my good name will shine thru.

    My best kill was earlier on today(could not think further back than that to yesterday,i smoke to much)
    Anyway i digress

    So my tale starts in shame,i see a Blue and attack,but he dont run away like he should he just comes straight for me.Soon it becomes obvious he has a lance hidden up his sleeve,and i find myself on foot(with my ethy in my bag)So as soon as this happens i swap to a Use Best Wep Lance,And take him off his horse(he was blessed with a ethy too)*curses*So we engage on foot(niether of us able to remount)We fight on foot for about a min on foot(which is a long time really).
    Then all of a sudden i start seeing Explo Pots going off at my feet(did not see this coming)So guessing he would have only have about 10 Explo pots i decied to blow my only Str/Dex pot to weather the storm.As i thought the wave of pots ended(along with my Str/dex advntage)But it had done what i wanted.Soon after this we both get back on our mounts,As we faced each other as we got on our ethys,could sense this fight was not going to end soon.then after the few seconds it took to remount we were back at each other.I did not stay mounted for long,as he soon Eased me off it with his lance(at this stage i swap back to my Lance and releave him of his mount.So Again we found ourselfs on foot,and again the battle raged.5 mins must of pasted since we first enganged in battle,niether was able to take the other down,then lady luck shone on me.He lost Con*winks*but just as he lost con he had had me really low on health,and i was running away from him for my life.So i never new he had lost con untill he did not chase to where i was franticly bandying myself.So once i had healed enough(and other bandie was on)I ran back to where we last met(still had no idea he had lost con)So i see him and attack again,and he was on foot while i was already mounted(mounted while putting first bandie on)So with this i new at once he had dropped(otherwise in my absence he would of mounted aswell).At the same time i realise he had lost con he reconnected(i had been outside using my bandies),and as he connected/moved i hit him with a bleed attack.Now he is bleeding with low HP and he ran two tiles then hide(Must of used a invis item).Straight away i went to cast Reveal(Just to bluff as i dont have the magery to pull it off with the low regs i take)and as i cast it he came out if hiding only to die from the effect of the earlier bleed*smileS*

    I had to rezz and credit the guy for such a good fight.And i appolagised for its ending(with him suffering a lost con).
    Anyway if he is reading he will know who he was(and if he wants to be known he can post)

    Sorry for such a long winded story,and if u were not looking for long tales i will kill my next one short*smiles*
  24. I had a really fun murder spree last night, but unfortunately didn't take pics (which is unusual for me).

    It all started nice and friendly like. I was on a blue character (a bard) and I got together with 2 other people to do a private spawn at terra sanctum. We have a system where we do these private spawns and have one person protect that doesn't actually hit the champ at the end (just, you know, protects the others by keeping them alive, and handles the collateral spawn) so that we get the full 12 scrolls which we then distribute equally among the party. I activated the spawn and it was rats, easily doable with 3 people. One of the people with me was an old and good friend, the other a fairly new acquaintance. The 'new guy' asked if he could invite "two friends" and I said sure, as long as they let us protect so that we'd get max scrolls and be fair etc etc.

    Well of course the blues show up, not 2 but 6 of them, and they are your typical trammie banksitters riding mares and wearing blaze clothing and all of that. They refuse our protection and tell us "we decided we'd protect each other (the 6 of them) so that our part of the group gets more scrolls.

    Well hmph! If they wanted a new protector, I decided I'd give him something to protect. After all, he is a badass killer of reds that earned enough justice points to protect others, right? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    My good friend and I left and logged out our blues, logged in reds, and called a couple of like-minded reds to join in the fun. The five of us sailed back to the island and started looking for targets. Anyone with a mare or any article of clothing made from fire cloth was of course given priority as target status. I *think* there were about 6 of them there at first (could have been 1 or 2 more, but can't be sure because some tried to flee), and we took them all down with relative ease.

    Sometime during the battle, the champ spawned, so we figured "what the heck" and started to kill it after the blues had all been disposed of. This is where it got kind of interesting...

    Apparently trammies have a lot of friends, because soon the shore was being invaded by boats full of blues looking for revenge. Now, this isn't the best idea to just sail up on a group of reds that way, and we defended the shore rather easily, and went back to pecking away at the champ's health (it was taking awhile, since he'd regain hps every time we had to stop to kill more blues).

    And yet, the blues kept coming. In their fire clothes, riding their pure black mares, and having their pure white wyrms attack us. Silly trammies...it's but a simple thing to lure those pretty pure pets up to the Baracoon, who is happy to make them into pure grey ghosts in no time flat. Pets taken care of, we were once again free to kill the blues and send them sailing off to town again. The blues kept returning, but we managed to send them back to their boats over and over again.

    Anyway, in the end we killed the blues and the champ, were rewarded for our efforts with a bunch of powerscrolls, and happily sailed home.

    The whole battle probably lasted for a good two hours. I must admit, that at one point or another throughout the night (not at the same time) we did have a few deaths on our side. But, we quickly resurrected them so they could jump back into battle.

    I feel we were just being helpful, seeing as how they wanted to be protectors and all. After all, you need to kill reds in order to have points to be able to protect, right? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif We simply provided the reds for them to "protect" against!
    Who says pks aren't nice and helpful???
  25. Danny Ocean

    Danny Ocean Guest

    Well, tonight, on Pacific, the Fallen Lords held Wrong for 5 hours. Not a big accomplishment u say? Well, we had also summoned the harrower and told everyone we knew about it to get people to come. We covered the floor with their corpses, I ahve a picture that has my whole journal filled with corpse names. And theses names are some of the premier PvPers on Pac. Names like Kaz the Minotaur, BeG for MeRcY, Xena, etc. If someone wants to host this pic, I will gladly display it. And then, at the end of our 5 hours, we all rushed out to confront the 20 or so blues outside, and slaughtered them all. I'm pretty sure we lost less than 10 people during the entire 5 hours, and we actually brought in blues with beetles to cart away all the loot. It was by far the most fun experience I have ever had. It'll be even more fun when we use our second set of skulls and do it again!
  26. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    A couple of excellent posts for the first month! I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from all of you. This is going to be hard for us to decide on. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I'll be making a new thread for May in a little bit and we'll announce the winner for April as soon as we figure out judges and a winner.
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