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Murderer of the Month Hall of Fame!

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Fire Song, May 15, 2003.

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  1. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    Here you will find the winners of the forums MOM contest for each month. Our contest started in April of 2003 and the winners will be listed in order.

    Thanks to all who have participated!
  2. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    Winner of April is Hopfull with this entry.

    So my tale starts in shame,i see a Blue and attack,but he dont run away like he should he just comes straight for me.Soon it becomes obvious he has a lance hidden up his sleeve,and i find myself on foot(with my ethy in my bag)So as soon as this happens i swap to a Use Best Wep Lance,And take him off his horse(he was blessed with a ethy too)*curses*So we engage on foot(niether of us able to remount)We fight on foot for about a min on foot(which is a long time really).
    Then all of a sudden i start seeing Explo Pots going off at my feet(did not see this coming)So guessing he would have only have about 10 Explo pots i decied to blow my only Str/Dex pot to weather the storm.As i thought the wave of pots ended(along with my Str/dex advntage)But it had done what i wanted.Soon after this we both get back on our mounts,As we faced each other as we got on our ethys,could sense this fight was not going to end soon.then after the few seconds it took to remount we were back at each other.I did not stay mounted for long,as he soon Eased me off it with his lance(at this stage i swap back to my Lance and releave him of his mount.So Again we found ourselfs on foot,and again the battle raged.5 mins must of pasted since we first enganged in battle,niether was able to take the other down,then lady luck shone on me.He lost Con*winks*but just as he lost con he had had me really low on health,and i was running away from him for my life.So i never new he had lost con untill he did not chase to where i was franticly bandying myself.So once i had healed enough(and other bandie was on)I ran back to where we last met(still had no idea he had lost con)So i see him and attack again,and he was on foot while i was already mounted(mounted while putting first bandie on)So with this i new at once he had dropped(otherwise in my absence he would of mounted aswell).At the same time i realise he had lost con he reconnected(i had been outside using my bandies),and as he connected/moved i hit him with a bleed attack.Now he is bleeding with low HP and he ran two tiles then hide(Must of used a invis item).Straight away i went to cast Reveal(Just to bluff as i dont have the magery to pull it off with the low regs i take)and as i cast it he came out if hiding only to die from the effect of the earlier bleed*smileS*

    I had to rezz and credit the guy for such a good fight.And i appolagised for its ending(with him suffering a lost con).
    Anyway if he is reading he will know who he was(and if he wants to be known he can post)
  3. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    When I read through the entries for this month's contest, I initially thought that it would be very hard to figure out who won. There were quite a few excellent entries.

    Well, turns out I was wrong. It seems that we have a clean sweep for the winner. Lucky Charms wowed the voters with his story and pictures!

    Interestingly enough, the voters also mentioned vili as a second choice so I'm giving him an Honorable Mention for this month. Here's the link to his entry.

    And here's Lucky Charms' entry:


    Hail to thee fellow rogues and assassins!
    Lucky Charms here, for those who were askin'.
    If you'd all be so kind,
    grab an ale and unwind,
    as I tell of my most recent passin's.

    I awoke on this morn with a notion,
    That our fair lands could use some commotion.
    Not too long after dawn,
    Cap'n Crunch came along,
    and we set out to kill with devotion.

    After trav'ling through spots worth no mention,
    The Yew woodlands did draw our convention.
    A man, John, we did spy,
    as he tried to sneak by,
    and we gave him our utmost attention.


    John was no coward, and braced for attack,
    then struck his vile blade into Crunch's back.
    Our advantage was slight,
    for this John, he could fight.
    He kept himself healed, without giving slack.


    But in good time our task was completed,
    and we hope that our message was heeded.
    If he just would have gave
    us the milk that we crave,
    then this lesson will not need repeated.


    The next man we saw, was named as Savant.
    He failed to award the milk that we want.
    So I readied a spell,
    and the Cap'n as well,
    then focused our wrath on this young gallant.


    When we thought he would run off for cover,
    he would heal himself over and over.
    All my mana was spent,
    so the Cap'n he went
    and his blade sir Savant would discover.


    Finally he fell as his wounds they did bleed.
    We rifled his pack for milk that we need.
    We found no such fortune,
    so looted a portion
    of the supplies this man used for his deeds.


    Next in our journey we noticed two gents.
    One would fight bravely, the other he went.
    The battle went quickly,
    though Kil escaped slickly.
    Thoem was revived, and then home he was sent.




    As we took a brief moment to mellow,
    A man came charging up with a bellow.
    Easy Kill, his name claimed.
    "Is this chap aptly named?",
    we wondered, as we turned to this fellow.


    Thoem Basil returned, to witness the fight
    as Easy Kill's axe slashed Cap'n with might.
    I passed him some healing
    to ease his pained feeling.
    Then charged Easy Kill, to keep him in sight.


    The battle was fierce, but hope was not lost.
    Struck with a lance, from his horse he was tossed.
    This slowed his retreating,
    we kept up the beating.
    He'd be regretting this path he had crossed.



    As we spoke for a moment with Basil.
    We were hit once again with a frazzle.
    Easy Kill had returned.
    Was the lesson not learned?
    I was struck with an axe that could dazzle.


    We noticed he lacked the milk we require,
    and chased him again, with poison and fire.
    Again he proved able,
    almost turned the table,
    but as we stood fast his outcome was dire.


    And so we would end our night of kill spree.
    If folks would comply, these deaths would not be.
    If wanting safe passage,
    then please share the message:
    Offer some milk to all C*K you see!



    Congrats Lucky Charms and vili!
  4. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Hopefully this will cut down on one or two of the template posts. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Let's try to keep the commentary on the templates to a minimum please. Also, make sure and let us know if your template is theoretical or something that you use in practice.
  5. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    4 minutes and nobody's posted a template yet? Slackers!

    Fine.. I'll go first.

    Magery: 100.4 currently
    Eval: 110
    Med: 100
    Anatomy: 105
    Alchemy: 100 (which is odd because I hardly ever use it)
    Hiding: 100
    Resist: 45 (Thing is.. I had 45 resist before AoS. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif)
    Focus: 20 (for the med)
    Tracking: 20.1

    Int: 110
    Str: 100
    Dex: 20

    Not the best template in the world but I'm too lazy to work on it much and it serves me well enough.
  6. Natalie

    120 Macing
    115 Anatomy
    115 Healing
    115 Resist
    110 Tactics
    100 Focus
    20.1 Tracking
    Rest in magery.



    115 Magery
    115 Wrestling
    115 Meditation
    110 Eval
    100 Focus
    100 Resist
    65 Parry



    110 Magery
    110 Eval
    100 Necromacy
    100 Spiritspeak
    100 Meditation
    100 Swordsmanship
    100 Resist



    105 Eval
    100 Magery
    100 Meditation
    100 Swords
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Resistance
    15 poison



    115 Fencing
    100 Stealth
    100 Hiding
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    80 Focus
    20.1 Track

    Miss Nixon

    Not trained yet, but poison dexer.
  7. Calanthe

    Calanthe Guest


    110 Eval
    105 Magery
    GM Poison
    GM Resist (90)
    GM Inscription
    GM Meditation
    GM Wrestle (95)

    New PK that I do not want to name yet.

    110 Focus
    105 Necro
    GM Magery
    GM Med
    GM Eval
    GM SS
    GM Resist
  8. Ronnus

    Ronnus Guest


    Str: 85
    Dex: 100
    Int: 40

    105 Fencing
    105 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Hiding (I find hiding to be awfully useful)
    100 Healing
    100 Magery (Mostly have magery for extra healing power)
    75 Resist (Been working on raising this forever)

    I think this template needs a little help. Anyone with suggestions, please pm me. I would really appreciate it.

    Extortion (Dread Pirate)

    Strength: 95
    Dexterity: 23
    Intelligence: 107

    Provocation 102.9
    Musicianship 100
    Meditation 100
    Magery 100
    Hiding 100
    Evaluating Intelligence 99.6
    Resisting Spells 57.6
    Tracking 23.3

    Aye, I know this is a wierd template for a RED. But hey, he's a pirate and this template gets the job done. Plus I can still wander around the Fel dungeons and have a little fun there too.
  9. StormUK

    StormUK Guest

    Fencing 110
    Anatomy 100
    Tactics 100
    Hiding 100
    Stealth 100
    Poisoning 100
    Healing 81
    Magery 14

  10. Slumber

    Slumber Guest

    110 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Poisoning
    100 Hiding
    90 Stealth
    81 Healing
    20.1 Tracking
    rest in magery

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My main PK is one of the last few Pure Mages that actively pvp and try to solo.

    Mage 115
    Med 115
    Eval 115
    Wrestle 115 (109.9 atm)
    Resist 115 ( 106 atm)
    Hiding GM
    20.1 tracking
    rest in focus.

    110 Str 25 Dex 120 Int (255 total stat)

    I wont list the skills or stats on my backup.

  12. Forsaken

    Forsaken Guest

    110 Spirit Speak
    100 necro
    90 magery
    100 eval
    100 med
    100 wrestle
    100 hiding

    100 fencing
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 hiding
    100 stealth
    100 magery
    55 poisoning(working on it)

    100 archery
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 healing
    100 hiding
    79.9 magery
    20.1 tracking
    100 focus
  13. This is the template for a Pirate Fisherman who is still a work in progress and the char is almost 4 years old. The first skill I GMed was Fishing. This just shows that template is not everything and there is plenty of room for RPing.

    Salt FoamBreaker
    GM+ Archery (wb 110)(in 2010)
    GM+ Anatomy (wb 105)
    GM+ Tactics (wb 105)
    GM Fishing
    GM- Healing (wb 100)
    65 Hiding
    40 Focus
    40 Magery
    30 Alchemy
    25 Tracking

    The ones in the 40s/30s I am still thinking about. Stats are.. somewhat balanced.

    I suppose all my victims are now going, , I got killed by a GM Fisherman?/php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  14. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Funny how lots of solo mage pks have hiding in their templates. I'd get a new one torn in me quite often if I didn't have hiding.
  15. It is murder, hiding, fleeing, easy kills, not getting killed..

    All part of it...

    Dying Honorably rather than hide or flee.

    Not part of it...

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest


    ~715 skill points~

    Magery ~ 115 (109.2)
    Eval ~ 115
    Med ~ 115
    Anat ~ GM
    Hiding ~ Gm
    Resist ~ 92.8 (gm cap, was 70 when AoS came out)
    Focus ~ 60
    Tracking ~ 20.1

    Stats = 255

    Str ~ 110
    Int ~ 125
    Dex ~ 20 (24 with armor attributes)

    I will pull from Focus as needed to further Pscroll the char.
  17. 120 Archery
    115 Tactics
    115 Anatomy
    115 Magery
    115 Eval Int
    115 Meditate

    I use fast cast/recovery jewelry with damage and hit chance and a spell channeling composite with no cast penalty.
  18. gotkookie

    gotkookie Guest

    Well mine is

    115 Spirit Speak
    115 Eval int
    115 Magery
    100 Meditation
    110 necromancy
    90 parry
    60 hiding

    Still 8x8ing him, Im stuck at 97 necromancy, been 8x8ing for a few hours, no necro gains at all
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest


    It is murder, hiding, fleeing, easy kills, not getting killed..

    All part of it...

    Dying Honorably rather than hide or flee.

    Not part of it...

    <hr></blockquote>I agree...if you are solo'ing. If its a team or group battle, I stay until the the very end...win or loose. I will not hide or flee if it means that I live and my team mate dies. No.
  20. Caps Lock

    Caps Lock Guest

    magery 115
    eval int 110
    med 110
    resist 107
    anat 108
    parry 92
    tracking 20.1
    chivlary whatevers left

    magery 110
    eval int 110
    med 110
    resist 90
    wrestle 103
    poison 100
    hiding whatevers left
  21. hehe, when I flee I take ship and crew with!!
  22. jumpgo692003

    jumpgo692003 Guest

    "Grrr....I am not a murderer!" boasts the man with the kryss in his right hand. "I am merely a collector of items." "To murder is to acknowledge taking anothers life for the thrill or satisfaction of the others misery, and that my friends is sad" "I merely relieve my friends of unnecessary burden"
    "Alas, I, unlike you cowards have purpose and regret upon every stab that makes the man cower over in what is soon to be his grave." "Do you not have remorse?" /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    *120 fencing
    115 anat
    *110 tact
    100 healing
    100 poisoning
    100 hiding
    80 stealth

    *118 dex
    *110 str
    *28 int
    *these numbers are increased with ring/bracelet*
  23. Skie

    Skie Guest

    Hmm, great to see some great templates. Unfortunately, mine is alil outdated after AoS been released. Before AoS,this template was able to take on abt 2-3 v 1 at a go. Now she'll get totally wasted even tho i equipped her with the best resist/regen suit against 2 Mages. Please do advice/enlighten, desperately need to get back in action or i'll just lock her up and play my tradesman.

    Str 100 - HP 107
    Dex 95 - Stam 98
    Int 50 - Mana 73

    Macing- 120
    Tactics- 120
    Healing- 100
    Resist- 110 ( 105.1)
    Track- (20.1)
    Focus- 100 (80.5)
    Magery- Remaining.
    Total :715pts
    She also has read a +20 Archery, dropped it after she turned red.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    115 Magery
    115 Eval
    115 Meditation
    115 Resist (currently 111.2)
    120 Wrestling (currently 116.5)
    105 focus (currently 93.2)

    685 all together, that way I can open them all up to 120's when i get the scrolls. My cap is 720. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I also have a +25 stat scroll on this char, but I've forgotten the exact stats, no biggie. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I solo as well as group fight with this char, loads of fun. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif I have another scrolled red mage, bard mage and fencer, but this is the char I mostly play.
  25. Ryuujin

    Ryuujin Guest

    Oi I guess I'll give it a go, much as I hate to blow the secret :p

    115 Magery
    115 eval
    115 med
    115 wrestle
    110 necro
    120 ss

    If you can improve this at all or offer tips, pm me.

    {Looking for roleplaying pks on Napa Valley, PM me about that as well}
  26. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    Recently, OSI held an event where Lord Blackthorne attacked Dawn and players were gated to Felucca to defend Dawn and kill Blackthorne. This event happened on every shard. Most shards had a few murderers show up to try and help Blackthorne but only one shard brought together a large enough force to stay the forces of good and keep Blackthorne from harm for a long time. That shard is Sonoma.

    You can read their story here and here.

    Those valiant murderers who risked their lives for the protection of Lord Blackthorne are the following:

    From the guild SAS:
    Pappa Smurf
    Paul Bunyon
    Randy O'Conner
    Mat Couthan
    Lady Tinsel

    From the guild A0E:
    Kali Grey
    Kaizer Soze
    Jheran D'Sarte

    From the guild LuT:
    Neutral Galad
    Brown Ninja

    And finally, the murderers who were not associated with a particular guild:
    Delicious Pain
    Grey Matter
    Ghost Face Killa
    Freddy FoxFire
    Bum King
    Jenny COCO
    Usual Maud'Dib
    Ghost Knight
    Lord Kaoru Nagisa

    Well done all of you! Your accomplishment shall live on in our great tome of history!
  27. Faeorn

    Faeorn Guest

    Eval 115 (115)
    Mage 110 (110), +11 on bracelet
    Fence 120 (110) +10 on ring
    Anat 105 (105)
    Med 100 (100)
    Resist 100 (93) +11 on bracelet
    Poisoning 80 (76)


    25 stats and a crate of spellchannel fencers for every situation.
    All scrolls apart from 110 mage off bluebies and yes tact will go down as i loot more of them /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  28. cloudmatix

    cloudmatix Guest

    im thinking about using this for a red

    115 magery
    120 meditation
    120 evalint
    110 necro
    120 spirit speaking
    120 anatomy

    if u think this is bad or got any improvements please PM me
  29. 115 Mage
    115 Eval
    115 Med
    115 Anatomy
    115 Resi (109.8 atm)
    115 Wrestling (107 atm keke)

    Rest is whatever heh, tracking is in there'n'stuff.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Magery 110
    Meditation 100
    Eval Int 100
    Necromancy 110
    Spirit Speak 100
    Fencing 110
    Hiding 100

    I use a Spell Channeling no fc penalty Lance and a Warfork with most likely the same attributes..

    Usually I go for Strangle/Dismount and then finish off with some Spells..

    with a lance I can still deliver somewhat between 14-18 Damage without Anatomy and Tactics..
  31. Lana (BoR) Drachenfells

    110 Spirit speak
    110 Necro
    90 Focus
    110 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    resist still under work..at 80
    Str 105Int65Dex65
  32. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    Congratulations to Blade Swinger for his June Story and apologies from Grommit and I both to all of you that have taken the time to submit stories. Things got a little crazy for us the past few months so we fell behind. Hoping to be back on track now. Keep the stories coming!!

    Blade Swinger
    06/18/03 09:03 AM

    Didn't get screenshots of these battles (have tons of others of us fighting out numbered though)

    Anyhow myself, Doe'ag and Buster were out searching the dungeons, looking for an active champion spawn. We arrived in Deciet and headed downstairs, we noticed 2 dead blue corpse in the bone knight room with loot still on them, we kinda thought that must mean reds were there already, anyhow we headed downstairs and was greeted by a rotting corpse. We knew then that there was a high chance it was active.

    Well in fact it had just finished, and on our arrival the black gate to the star room had also gone so it was fight on. Difference is the numbers were badly in there favour, in total there was 16 champ hunters. Well as Doe'ag and I began picking off the mages, Buster ran around dismounting, slowing anyones escape. We never stopped to loot as there was always someone else to kill, but after about 10 minutes we wiped out 15 blues. The other dude escaped. We looted up and was extremely overweight but thankfully these hunters had bags of sending so we could bank the loot

    On the way out we noticed the last dude we didnt get, his escape was blocked by a few monsters which gave Buster enough time to dismount him. As soon as he was dismounted 3vs1 he was never going to win.

    So we headed to the entry still full on loot, we were greeted by 9 pvpers. I knew now that we couldn't really take risks with us being overloaded so I called in another guildmate of mine, Sonez. As soon as he arrived and even'ed the numbers to 4vs9, we began taking them out one by one until eventually there was none left. In the end we walked away with tons of regs, lots of gold and a helluva a lot of fun. We did have one casualty in the fight, but he wasnt looted, and he died to one of thier necros but still I'd say not bad considering the numbers
  33. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    Winner for July 2003 is Aia! Congratulations, thank you for your story!

    07/25/03 12:12 PM

    Last night had been pretty much like every night so far this week... sitting on a boat macro'ing a new character into playability. Boooorrrrring!! When I get an ICQ saying 'blues!' Oh Yeah!! So I (Shadow Wisper) met up with two of my guildmates, Sangria and energy vortex, on Myth island. Both were newly res'd, which could mean only one thing, a very good fight was in store for us. *grins* I was not disappointed.

    Into the Lost Lands we rode, ready with our spells. Barracoon was up and the blues were very intent upon killing that red rat. With little to no mana to fight back and their attention elsewhere, we picked them off one by one. A couple ran and got away. But we didn't care. We had the best bait T2A offers, a living champ. So we hid near the champ and waited. Sure enough, the blues came back in ones and twos, and those that didn't run away very fast and hard, died. It didn't take long for the blues to figure out our game plan and stopped coming back. This left us a problem. We had the rare opportunity to completely take over and finish this champ, but Barracoon only had about an eighth of his life left. If we killed him, the blues would still get the scrolls since they had done the most damage and we would get nothing.

    "Let's heal Barracoon." "huh? hehe! worth a shot." So that's what we did. We healed Barracoon back up to full health, then started blasting him. By now the blues must have been wondering what we were up to. They started coming back in ones, poke their head in where we were blasting the champ and then would run run run run run away. Guess they were checking up on us or trying to draw us off. *grins*

    We were careful not to turn into a rat... but not careful enough. When Baracoon was a bit under half life, Energy turned into a rat. And wouldn't you know, that's exactly when the blues decide to show up - in force. I die. Sangria got away. Energy snuck off and hid when the blues were busy killing his mount so he lived. When the blues were busy with Barracoon, Sangria got me res'd, then pk'd a lone blue that wandered near us. It was very thoughtful of that blue to bring me my regs and pots that he had looted from me only minutes before. hehe!

    The blues eventually kill Barracoon and we got scrolls! Mine was a +10 discord. *rolls eyes* Energy and Sangria didn't get much better so we go back to pk'ing. When all was said and done, the three of us ended up with 5 out of the possible 6 scrolls, about 25k in gold and one heck of a good time. I thank those of the guild Stoney Eye of Vengence (I counted seven of them) for the great time last night!
  34. Ktan

    Ktan Guest

    ~K'tan the Shadow~

    A template not been posted on here yet. great fun to play and very effective. Use a 20% SSI dagger...

    110 Fencing
    GM Anat
    GM Tactics
    GM Poisoning
    GM Necro
    GM Spirit Speak
    GM Focus
  35. BobThePvper

    BobThePvper Guest

    I am not by far near done but this is what it will be
    gm necro
    gm ss
    gm focus
    gm resis spells
    gm swords
    gm tact
    gm anat
    a good hint for u pvpers bond with a llama first
  36. Sickert

    Sickert Guest

    Midian - Europa

    110 Eval
    110 Resist
    105 Mage
    100 Necro
    100 Spirit Speak
    100 Meditation
    85 Anatomy
  37. sniper

    sniper Guest

    115 swords (-&gt;120)
    110 anat (-&gt;120)
    110 tact (-&gt;120)
    100 healing
    100 resist (working)
    100 lumberjacking
    45 chiv
    Spare points in Focus

    (can't remember my stats exactly)
    str - 95
    dex - 85
    int - 60
  38. MythPro1

    MythPro1 Guest

    This is my current template
    Fencing- 110
    Tacts- 100
    Anatomy- 100
    Necro- 110
    Spirit Speak 120
    Resist- 80
    Focus- 90
    and stats 90/85/50 (Str/Dex/Mana)
  39. Since a lot of people are new to being red, unsure wheres safe, wheres not, heres a little guide of where to go. Every shard differs as far as player-run towns and such go, but heres my home shard, Europa. Although many of the spots are useable on other shards /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif


    Basically every and any bank is useable. I've used every bank as a red, however its extremely risky, and it doesnt work quite how it used to, so here is the slightly safer options.

    Serpants Hold


    99% safe. Its not inside Guardzone, and guards cant be called, so as longs you dont go round the front theres not a problem. If you want to check your balance however, dont bother. You need to see the NPC to do that which requires you to go inside the guardzone.

    Occlo (Haven to the trammel players)

    50% safe. Its not advisible, its risky and its often got a few passers by. Its also not 100% sucessful because the banker inside moves out of bank calling range quite often.



    99% safe. Dont let the guardzone message put you off. I've never been whacked banking here, although theres always a risk. Again you cant check your balance but its useful for quickly storing loot etc if you happen to be pking nearby.

    Bucs Den


    99% safe. No threat from the guards, but theres always a lot of activity around the area so becareful. You can happily check your balance here.

    People may also like to add runes to roofs and such, I havent added them, as they are often extremely dangerous and some have been nerfed somewhat. At least Yew Bank roof has on Europa as far as I'm aware /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif


    Serpants Hold


    As this picture shows its clearly useable, although the NPC isnt on the shot, its still possible to claim from my current location. Normally you wouldnt even have to teleport inside the stables to use it. 99% safe

    Skara Brae


    Extremely unsafe and dangerous. I'm on the tip of the Guardzone. Usually theres an NPC within range of there but again the Stablemasters are hiding from me. I wouldn't really recomend this option to anyone. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif 15% safe



    I'd consider this one quite a good stable, but its very much dependant on where the stablemaster is, like all the above stables. Your only real risk is a miner(getting there revenge? heh) or accidently wandering into guardzone in search for the stablemaster. I'd consider it 90% safe.

    Spiritwood - Player run town

    I cant confirm whether they remove it or not as this time, so I'll re-check later. Deepwater stablemaster has been deleted.

    If I've missed any out, feel free to add.
  40. Nice post.
    Spiritwood stablemaster disappeared at start of AoS, and hasn't been seen since.
    I live a couple of screens away, and check every so often.
  41. Grommit

    Grommit Guest

    *stickys post to the top of the forum*
  42. Fire Song

    Fire Song Guest

    Bah anyone can bank at those! Lets see a screenshot from WWB Tram! Showoff! (ROFLMAO! Good job! Thanks for the guide!)
  43. Blower2

    Blower2 Guest

    This is what im aiming for although currently most are 100-110 and fencing is wrestle .

    no char name as i dont wanna give away what to expect /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif - my stats are 230 cap (want much more very soon) and are 90/110/30
  44. Amplify

    Amplify Guest

    *admires his bankbox*
  45. alkaiser88

    alkaiser88 Guest

    Avalon on Baja has three Stablemasters.. it's east of Ice Dungeon..
  46. TSD

    TSD Guest

    110 Sword
    110 Eval
    100 Anat
    100 Tacs
    100 Med
    100 Mage
    100 Resist

    90 str 60 dex 100 int

    solid all around
  47. bL00D

    bL00D Guest

    nice! now i won't get killed 90% in bucs with 66 stealth
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Where does a red train necro and change their hair to a neon color?
  49. bL00D

    bL00D Guest

    well i play on cats heres my report: the serps banker hasn't come close enough to hear me yet, bucs is usually camped and i have one rune to inside the bank which isn't working. i brought my blue to mark near yew and it was camped by a ww and a tamer. didn't try the others yet

    -wondering if you can stealth in and click them to open box, then i could get serps
    -that works, gotta stealth around to the side and click the banker to open box.
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